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Pain Management, RN experience was in ER
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shannonFNP is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Pain Management, RN experience was in ER.

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  1. shannonFNP

    St Joseph's College of Maine FNP program students

    How did they change the program?
  2. I was 11 when I made the choice to become a nurse practitioner. Seriously. My class had to do a "career fair." We applied at "jobs" with local volunteers. If we got the job, we could skip a day of school and hang out with the volunteer at their job for an entire day. I applied at ALL of ones I possibly could. Someone else got my first pick (which I think was a journalist?). Anyway, I accepted my "offer" to shadow a nurse practitioner so that I could skip a day of school. That's all that matters when you're 11 years old. The rest is history. From there, I graduated high school a year early. Earned my CNA (2006). Nurse technician (to perform IVs, Foleys, etc) in 2007. Became an LVN (2008), RN (2009). Went back for my BSN (2010). Started my MSN-FNP in 2011, and just graduated. I'm waiting to take my test. I'm 25. I do strongly recommend a few years of experience. I don't think it's anything that needs to be drug out to meet some magical quota of years of experience that other nurses deem acceptable. PA's are graduating at 24-26 years of age.
  3. shannonFNP

    Nurse Practitioner Pay in Federal BOP

    After doing some research, I found that that starting salary in Texas is around $80,000 in the prisons. I love that government salaries are open to the public... but I wasn't thrilled that each employee's full name was listed next to their salary.
  4. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Also, I'm looking for per diem agency RN jobs in corrections, but they don't have them in my area . I really am intrigued by correctional nursing. I just stumbled on the thought of it. I'm wanting to move back to my hometown, Gatesville TX, which has 5-6 prison units, including death row. There are few other jobs in the town & it's more of a commuter town. While other cities with plenty of jobs are only 20-30 minutes away, I suddenly became interested in the prison. I never considered the prison from a healthcare standpoint when I was growing up. I've always just seen the prison as a place that provides a good 70 percent of the jobs in Gatesville! Nearly everyone there wears the guard uniform! I have found a few 4-week travel assignments in Texas that I might consider. They even have a $1,000 completion bonus for such a short period of time.
  5. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Oh, thank you! I completely missed the part where you had to have the CCHP first. I would love to test for it, but I just saw how far away all of the sites are from me (Texas)! I have ordered the books though :)
  6. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Sorry to revive an old topic! I was wondering if you all took the CCHP or CCHP-RN? I've never worked in corrections, but have been strangely drawn to applying to a few positions when I'm certified as a FNP in a few months (assuming I pass!). I see that the CCHP-RN requires 2000 hours, which I don't have. However, I would like to learn more about the regulations in prisons, so I considered the CCHP. I also thought that this may boost my resume... Is this a waste of time? Should I just hold out until I have a job in corrections and THEN apply for the CCHP-RN? If I wasn't about to be licensed as an NP soon, I would just jump into a correctional RN position. However, I don't think that they'd appreciate me leaving an RN position for an NP position in the system within only a few months :)
  7. shannonFNP

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    Wow, those salaries are fantastic! I've typically seen $80,000 to $105,000 in the ads around here (San Antonio, Texas).
  8. shannonFNP

    Nurse Practitioner Pay in Federal BOP

    I'm curious, what did your salary end up being? Did you take the job? I'm not sure why, but I'm kind of drawn to corrections when I pass my boards (waiting on that ATT). I've never worked corrections, but I'm intrigued by it. Any interview tips? Also, did you wait until you were licensed to apply?
  9. shannonFNP

    "Why didn't you go to medical school?"

    Sorry for the provocative title :) I'm mostly curious what your responses are when a patient asks you: "Why did you become an NP instead of a doctor?" & "What's the difference between a NP and a MD?" During my clinical rotations (which are now COMPLETE!! Just waiting for that diploma), I've answered these questions ad nauseum to patients who were interested in my training. After giving a clever, premeditated answer that is both thorough and informative, it is still followed up by, "so you were an RN and now will be a nurse practitioner soon: are you going to go to medical school next?" & "what's the difference?" DOH! Maybe my response isn't as clear as I'd like. Or maybe I'm just fighting the good fight against misinformation of NPs and it's just going to take more time. Either way, I'd love to hear how you respond to these questions!
  10. shannonFNP

    St. Joseph's College: Maine

    There is no need to go to campus, although I highly recommend going during the summer's if you can. Well worth the cost of a flight and boarding. You can finish those courses a lot faster (wish I had known that when I first started) and it's amazing to meet your instructors... its the small things :) This is exceptionally true for health assessment. I almost feel like every student should be required to go on campus for that course. Many students can finish in 2 years (although clinicals may delay this), but I've also seen many that have spanned it out to 3 years. It's up to you. I will finish in 2 yrs, 1 month as long as a clinical cohort starts on 8/31. That's after taking a few vacations that caused me to take teh full 15 weeks for 2 courses. I usually finish in 7-8 weeks and stagger my courses (I started one course every month). Clinicals take 1 year. They're taken over 16 weeks each (can't go faster) and each course starts the following month. So, I'll start 8/31 and my 16 weeks will finish in the middle of December, but I'll start the 2nd round in January.
  11. shannonFNP

    References for clinicals??

    I use Epocrates. Not just the Rx part. You can purchase their disease database/labs/etc for 159/yr. It's amazing... differential diagnoses, treatment plans (specific plans), follow-up/monitoring, etc
  12. shannonFNP

    St Joseph's College of Maine FNP program students

    Hello! I just finished all courses up to 603... will be starting clinicals in September! Just lined up two preceptors (one is just for additional hours). My primary preceptor is AMAZING... I couldn't be more excited to start clinicals with her! In case anyone doesn't know yet, they changed the line-up of the courses for clinicals. We'll be doing young adults first (18-60), and then pediatrics & OB/Gyn, and then geriatrics. This is definitely to our benefit, since before it was pediatrics & gynecology. I know that while many of you are still in the core courses and feeling frustrated, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are hiccups along the way. It gets better. If you have the chance to go on campus for a course, you'll meet a lot of the instructors, clinical coordinator, and many other students. It definitely changed my experience with SJCME, even in the online courses. It's nice to put a face to the people that you're submitting your assignments to. Hang in there!
  13. shannonFNP

    St Joseph's College of Maine FNP program students

    Does anyone know who the clinical coordinator is now? And I've heard that SJCME rearranged clinicals to where adults are now first, and Peds/OB are later. Does anyone know this for sure?
  14. shannonFNP

    St Joseph's College of Maine FNP program students

    Hello! Yes, like canchaser said, I'm going in July (11-21) for the skills workshop and health assessment. I'll be staying on campus though. I looked at hotels in the area and they are expensive d/t touring season. I think a week there is like $400 on campus, but at least it includes food and internet... plus they'll pick me up at the hotel, I don't need a rental car, etc. They're having a lobster back on Thursdays (score, I get two of those!). I'm overwhelmingly excited about July! I also have spoken to a girl in my class that is going as well.
  15. shannonFNP

    St Joseph College of Maine Reviews

    I just noticed that SJCME is not accepting new students for the rest of 2012, effective 3/2012. They'll start reviewing applications in 01/2013. I found that interesting... I wonder why this is? Noticed that for about 5 minutes they required GRE, but it's not up there anymore. I guess they're changing some things in admissions.
  16. I'm in Advanced Pathophysiology with Saint Joseph's College of Maine. I'm really interested to see how the other students are studying/have studied while in the course. The assignments are usually related to a few selected disease processes, but I'm trying to read as much as possible. The book is 2000+ pages and I'm pretty sure our reading assignment is going to include the entire book before the course is over. What are y'all doing? Are you reading all the pages? Are you using supplemental texts (I do have Rapid Review, which has been great). I just feel when I'm reading so many pages, I'm forgetting concepts that I've already learned. All the enzymes, genes, etc.... their names get pushed out of my brain by the time I read over the next one. I can't just read in short spurts either... or I would never finish the course. Just curious, how are y'all studying? I'm okay with whatever grade I get, but I guess I'm putting too much pressure on myself to remember every detail of the book for future practice.

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