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Pain Management, RN experience was in ER
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shannonFNP is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Pain Management, RN experience was in ER.

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  1. shannonFNP

    St Joseph's College of Maine FNP program students

    How did they change the program?
  2. shannonFNP

    Ipad and FNP school!

    I'm only 25 years old. Yet, when I was in nursing school, I was the "cool kid" because I had a palm pilot to load my drug books onto! A year later, out comes the first iPhone! Technology is crazy. I still have that PDA... I used my iPad in FNP sc...
  3. shannonFNP

    NP Timeline

    Thanks for your responses! Sorry for the misunderstanding, BostonFNP. I know that the degree comes from the program :). I just meant that I've worked 2+ years for this degree... I'm ready to use it (in conjunction with my certification/license)! ...
  4. shannonFNP

    NP Timeline

    Hello all! I was wondering if you all could detail the time it took you from the date of passing your certification exam to the date you received your license. Especially for Texas NPs. I've taken (and passed!!) the AANP certification examination an...
  5. I was 11 when I made the choice to become a nurse practitioner. Seriously. My class had to do a "career fair." We applied at "jobs" with local volunteers. If we got the job, we could skip a day of school and hang out with the volunteer at their j...
  6. shannonFNP

    Nurse Practitioner Pay in Federal BOP

    After doing some research, I found that that starting salary in Texas is around $80,000 in the prisons. I love that government salaries are open to the public... but I wasn't thrilled that each employee's full name was listed next to their salary.
  7. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Also, I'm looking for per diem agency RN jobs in corrections, but they don't have them in my area . I really am intrigued by correctional nursing. I just stumbled on the thought of it. I'm wanting to move back to my hometown, Gatesville TX, which ...
  8. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Oh, thank you! I completely missed the part where you had to have the CCHP first. I would love to test for it, but I just saw how far away all of the sites are from me (Texas)! I have ordered the books though :)
  9. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Sorry to revive an old topic! I was wondering if you all took the CCHP or CCHP-RN? I've never worked in corrections, but have been strangely drawn to applying to a few positions when I'm certified as a FNP in a few months (assuming I pass!). I see...
  10. shannonFNP

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    Wow, those salaries are fantastic! I've typically seen $80,000 to $105,000 in the ads around here (San Antonio, Texas).
  11. shannonFNP

    Nurse Practitioner Pay in Federal BOP

    I'm curious, what did your salary end up being? Did you take the job? I'm not sure why, but I'm kind of drawn to corrections when I pass my boards (waiting on that ATT). I've never worked corrections, but I'm intrigued by it. Any interview tips? ...
  12. shannonFNP

    "Why didn't you go to medical school?"

    Sorry for the provocative title :) I'm mostly curious what your responses are when a patient asks you: "Why did you become an NP instead of a doctor?" & "What's the difference between a NP and a MD?" During my clinical rotations (which are now ...
  13. shannonFNP

    Preceptor Connect

    Thank you for your response! They have not responded to me whatsoever. I'm going ahead with the BBB, as well as filing a complaint on the company through Paypal.
  14. shannonFNP

    Preceptor Connect

    I would also like to share an e-mail I sent previously, as well as their response. They are artists in avoiding your questions. Notice in their response to me that they did not address providing a phone number, a person of contact, or answers to an...
  15. shannonFNP

    Preceptor Connect

    Can you please explain how you were able to get a refund? I feel that this company is preying on the vulnerable.