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Pain Management, RN experience was in ER
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shannonFNP is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Pain Management, RN experience was in ER.

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  1. shannonFNP

    St Joseph's College of Maine FNP program students

    How did they change the program?
  2. shannonFNP

    Ipad and FNP school!

    I'm only 25 years old. Yet, when I was in nursing school, I was the "cool kid" because I had a palm pilot to load my drug books onto! A year later, out comes the first iPhone! Technology is crazy. I still have that PDA... I used my iPad in FNP school to use at clinical sites that did not have internet. I loaded up Typhon and tried to enter case notes as I went along. I bought the keyboard to go with it so that I could type faster. I didn't use it as much as I thought I would. However, the iPhone is priceless when loaded up with a paid subscription to Epocrates.
  3. shannonFNP

    NP Timeline

    Thanks for your responses! Sorry for the misunderstanding, BostonFNP. I know that the degree comes from the program :). I just meant that I've worked 2+ years for this degree... I'm ready to use it (in conjunction with my certification/license)! It seems that since the degree was conferred and certification exam has passed... nothing has changed. I guess I was expecting balloons and confetti to fall from the sky, but instead I go to work as a staff nurse, the same as always :). Alisabeth, thanks for your response as well! I have submitted everything to the Texas BON (and refresh their page daily to see if my results have been received... even though I know it's too early). They have part I and II of my application, transcripts, etc. I'm hoping that since I turned everything in... things will go much more quickly. A common roadblock to submitting applications is the response, "please contact us when you have your license."
  4. shannonFNP

    NP Timeline

    Hello all! I was wondering if you all could detail the time it took you from the date of passing your certification exam to the date you received your license. Especially for Texas NPs. I've taken (and passed!!) the AANP certification examination and am trying to figure out when I might expect to actually use this degree/cert :) Thank you!
  5. I was 11 when I made the choice to become a nurse practitioner. Seriously. My class had to do a "career fair." We applied at "jobs" with local volunteers. If we got the job, we could skip a day of school and hang out with the volunteer at their job for an entire day. I applied at ALL of ones I possibly could. Someone else got my first pick (which I think was a journalist?). Anyway, I accepted my "offer" to shadow a nurse practitioner so that I could skip a day of school. That's all that matters when you're 11 years old. The rest is history. From there, I graduated high school a year early. Earned my CNA (2006). Nurse technician (to perform IVs, Foleys, etc) in 2007. Became an LVN (2008), RN (2009). Went back for my BSN (2010). Started my MSN-FNP in 2011, and just graduated. I'm waiting to take my test. I'm 25. I do strongly recommend a few years of experience. I don't think it's anything that needs to be drug out to meet some magical quota of years of experience that other nurses deem acceptable. PA's are graduating at 24-26 years of age.
  6. shannonFNP

    Nurse Practitioner Pay in Federal BOP

    After doing some research, I found that that starting salary in Texas is around $80,000 in the prisons. I love that government salaries are open to the public... but I wasn't thrilled that each employee's full name was listed next to their salary.
  7. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Also, I'm looking for per diem agency RN jobs in corrections, but they don't have them in my area . I really am intrigued by correctional nursing. I just stumbled on the thought of it. I'm wanting to move back to my hometown, Gatesville TX, which has 5-6 prison units, including death row. There are few other jobs in the town & it's more of a commuter town. While other cities with plenty of jobs are only 20-30 minutes away, I suddenly became interested in the prison. I never considered the prison from a healthcare standpoint when I was growing up. I've always just seen the prison as a place that provides a good 70 percent of the jobs in Gatesville! Nearly everyone there wears the guard uniform! I have found a few 4-week travel assignments in Texas that I might consider. They even have a $1,000 completion bonus for such a short period of time.
  8. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Oh, thank you! I completely missed the part where you had to have the CCHP first. I would love to test for it, but I just saw how far away all of the sites are from me (Texas)! I have ordered the books though :)
  9. shannonFNP

    CCHP certification exam

    Sorry to revive an old topic! I was wondering if you all took the CCHP or CCHP-RN? I've never worked in corrections, but have been strangely drawn to applying to a few positions when I'm certified as a FNP in a few months (assuming I pass!). I see that the CCHP-RN requires 2000 hours, which I don't have. However, I would like to learn more about the regulations in prisons, so I considered the CCHP. I also thought that this may boost my resume... Is this a waste of time? Should I just hold out until I have a job in corrections and THEN apply for the CCHP-RN? If I wasn't about to be licensed as an NP soon, I would just jump into a correctional RN position. However, I don't think that they'd appreciate me leaving an RN position for an NP position in the system within only a few months :)
  10. shannonFNP

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    Wow, those salaries are fantastic! I've typically seen $80,000 to $105,000 in the ads around here (San Antonio, Texas).
  11. shannonFNP

    Nurse Practitioner Pay in Federal BOP

    I'm curious, what did your salary end up being? Did you take the job? I'm not sure why, but I'm kind of drawn to corrections when I pass my boards (waiting on that ATT). I've never worked corrections, but I'm intrigued by it. Any interview tips? Also, did you wait until you were licensed to apply?
  12. shannonFNP

    "Why didn't you go to medical school?"

    Sorry for the provocative title :) I'm mostly curious what your responses are when a patient asks you: "Why did you become an NP instead of a doctor?" & "What's the difference between a NP and a MD?" During my clinical rotations (which are now COMPLETE!! Just waiting for that diploma), I've answered these questions ad nauseum to patients who were interested in my training. After giving a clever, premeditated answer that is both thorough and informative, it is still followed up by, "so you were an RN and now will be a nurse practitioner soon: are you going to go to medical school next?" & "what's the difference?" DOH! Maybe my response isn't as clear as I'd like. Or maybe I'm just fighting the good fight against misinformation of NPs and it's just going to take more time. Either way, I'd love to hear how you respond to these questions!
  13. shannonFNP

    Preceptor Connect

    Thank you for your response! They have not responded to me whatsoever. I'm going ahead with the BBB, as well as filing a complaint on the company through Paypal.
  14. shannonFNP

    Preceptor Connect

    I would also like to share an e-mail I sent previously, as well as their response. They are artists in avoiding your questions. Notice in their response to me that they did not address providing a phone number, a person of contact, or answers to any of my questions. In the 5 months that I’ve had with them, I have found 4 preceptors. They have found ZERO. There is no evidence that this company even exists! “I have been trying to find more information about the service that you're offering, but haven't been able to find much. Also, I could not find a number to call. I was wondering: 1. What is the average amount of time that it takes your service to locate a preceptor? 2. What is your success rate in locating preceptors for students? Thank you very much, Shannon" This was their response: Hi Shannon, Preceptors work on a volunteer basis. There is no way of knowing who is going to be available until we begin your search and reach out to practitioners in your area matching your criteria needed. We are here to assist you in your search in every way possible and continue until you tell us otherwise. Sincerely, Preceptor Connect When I had to request an update, this is their response: As of today we have made several calls on your behalf to practitioners matching your criteria. We have encountered offices that are not available at this time. We are awaiting responses from other offices and will continue to search on your behalf. During this process please continue to proceed with your own search efforts and keep us updated if anything you require changes. We will notify you immediately when we secure a preceptor on your behalf. Sincerely, Preceptor Connect
  15. shannonFNP

    Preceptor Connect

    Can you please explain how you were able to get a refund? I feel that this company is preying on the vulnerable.
  16. shannonFNP

    Preceptor Connect

    Hello everyone, As a student going into my third and final clinical rotation, I have had to deal with the horrors of trying to find a preceptor in the nick of time to start the rotation. I tried calling clinics... that hardly EVER resulted in a return phone call. I tried to bum a few preceptors off of other students that I worked with. That gave me a few options, but they ended up not working out for various reasons. The way that I found every last one of my preceptors is using the internet. I logged onto the Texas Nurse Practitioner organization website and paid my dues. I searched my area and sent out a BUNCH of e-mails. I would say that at least 70 percent responded- whether it was yes, no, or maybe. Even if it was a "no," I at least HEARD from them! My first preceptor I found from www.enpnetwork.com Great site, though options were limited in my area. I was very fortunate that my preceptor said "yes" the very same day I sent the e-mail. My three other preceptors came from e-mailing members off of the TNP website. It's 2013- email is a fast, efficient way to respond to someone. It works. Which brings me to my next point: many of you have wondered whether paying $250+ to preceptorconnect.com is worth it. I had a moment of weakness (and terror!) that I was not going to find a preceptor in time. It's about time that I tell you about my experience. This company does NOT allow you to call them; there is no phone number even listed. You must e-mail them, and in a day or two you will receive a response. They are supposed to e-mail with updates, but they never do. When I ask for an update, it's "we are still working on your case, but haven't found a preceptor yet." They do not provide statistics on how many clinics they've contacted, if at all. If you ask a specific question, their responses are vague. I know that another student said that this company found them a few good preceptors. I will say that in 6 months of using this company, I have not had a single preceptor result from it. There is no money guarantee. Hope this helps! In summary: 1) Try enpnetwork.com; They do have a nominal charge, but you can search the preceptor list to see if there are even options in your area first. 2) Try your state/local nursing organization 3) E-mail is your friend.