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FranEMTnurse CNA, LPN, EMT-I

LTC, CPR instructor, First aid instructor.

I have always loved to help people feel better, and is why I became an EMT and an LPN in 1997

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FranEMTnurse has 23 years experience as a CNA, LPN, EMT-I and specializes in LTC, CPR instructor, First aid instructor..

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nurse since 1997 at age 55.                                          





Unfortunately, I became disabled soon after that, so I made a second choice by joining the Allnurses website in 2002, and it has been my home away from home since then.

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  1. FranEMTnurse

    Mayo New Grad Nurse Residency - February 2020

  2. Hlo Fran I have a ques I have done gnm from India can I work as lvn in in usa

  3. FranEMTnurse

    Welcome to allnurses.com

    Thanks Joe, you're a very knowledgeable guy.
  4. FranEMTnurse

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    So would I.That story was like a slapstick one.
  5. FranEMTnurse

    Shhhh...Quiet Time in the ICU

    That's the way it should be in all ICU units. The patients are not in there because they chose to be, they're critically ill and need the rest. I was not going to go back to our local hospital at first, because I was so traumatized by her very LOUD and tragic story. I hope she got fired.
  6. FranEMTnurse

    Shhhh...Quiet Time in the ICU

    A 9yo boy was admitted to the ER as the result of a head on collision with a motorcycle. He was patched up, hooked up to an IV prior to being admitted to the ICU around 11 PM. He was in very critical condition, and a charge nurse began hooking him up to a ventilator, hooked him up to IV fluids, and administered the necessary meds. I have been in an ICU several times, but there was only one time that I remember that I decided to tell my doctor I wanted to be placed in Hospice care, and not go back to the hospital. At the time, I was in an assisted living place that was also a hospice care home, so my decision was easy to request. The reason was due to the very LOUDLY spoken head nurse who was caring for him. I was in a room several rooms down from the trauma room when she began,telling her staff the history of the incident, and I heard every single word she said. She said; 'He had been thrown from a car that collided with a motorcycle. He was the only individual of the family of 7 that survived. None of the occupants was wearing a seatbelt.' Soon after she told her staff the story, she pronounced him dead, and asked her staff if they were alright. Then after they answered in the affirmative, she asked two of them to take him down to the morgue. No matter how hard I tried, I could NOT get back to sleep, . I was way too traumatized from hearing the very LOUD nurse relate her story. Thankfully, I survived the hospice incident, and have been living independently in a senior housing complex for 10 years so far. So you see, even a head nurse who speaks loudly can traumatize a patient and not even realize she has done it.
  7. FranEMTnurse

    Death's Perfect Timing

    A huge AMEN to your story. His death was truly a perfect one, and not creepy at all; It was beautiful and yes, truly perfect. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  8. FranEMTnurse

    MD vs DO

    Thank you Half B. Now my curiosity has been satisfied.
  9. FranEMTnurse

    MD vs DO

    i never could either. That's why I'm curious about the difference between them.
  10. I think we can store all the treasures in this room. Nobody comes in here anyway. We'll never get caught.
  11. FranEMTnurse

    MD vs DO

    Thank you for the informative input.
  12. FranEMTnurse

    MD vs DO

    Thank you.
  13. FranEMTnurse

    MD vs DO

    What's the difference between an MD and a DO? I have always wondered if one requires more study and more time than the other? Does anyone know?
  14. I believe it's haunted by old nurses now.
  15. That room was once used by nurses. Why don't they turn it into a supply room?
  16. I knew the day was coming when the Nurses Break Room wouldn't be used anymore. There's barely any time left to even go pee, and then the supervisor tells us we need to take a lunch break. Yeah, right.

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