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People frequently ask why did you become a nurse? It's like the daytime talk shows calling an unsuspecting person and playing everyone has a story. They call the unsuspecting person and hear their story. Well, this is my why I became a nurse story.


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wel, my view so far, i think the story is highly fascinating. i like al post to d thread. this is tremendously encouraging and interesting as wel. i'm highly impressed! keep it up! luvly! :yeah:


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How touching and so very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Now I need to find a hankie:(


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Yes, me too!!! ...and it's the same reason I want to be a nurse. I have two Aunts and a cousin that were very caring duty is the only way I knew them, but they always talked about their careers in such a way that I knew it was something much better than just "a career". It has taken me awhile, but I am so happy to be following in their footsteps. I just know it's right for me. Thanks for the story!

This is a really great and inspiring story, even though it has tears streaming down my cheeks! :cry:


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:cry:I'm very touched by your story. I told myself not to cry because tears just always made me down.

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Oh I remember getting my tonsils out too! How I cried and cried. The nurses were very patient and made a bunny on my thumb with tape so I could not suck it. They definitely made a terrifying experience more tolerable.

Hope that little girl holds the memory of you helping her to cope with her all her days, as I have held the memory of my nurses and you have too.


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thanks for sharing. what an inspiring story.


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Remembering that nurse who gave you a popsicle and comforted gratitude. Becoming like her and sharing the an HONOR to both of you. Thank you....


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I have to admit, that made my eyes well over.


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i hope you know you made me cry! i was getting cold feet about starting school, and this article just reaffirmed why i'm choosing this path.


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Very sweet, may God bless your family and hers.:wshgrt:


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i teared up reading this. i don't know if i am overly emotional & sensitive, but this is something out of the're a true miracle worker.

god bless.