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Happily married to hubby for 20 years. Have 2 awesome sons who are attending college this fall as well. My youngest is going for his RN too! I'm a Christian and feel that God is leading me into nursing after 20yrs of caring for the elderly.

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  1. tishirajan

    Having a hard time w/ the elderly lately

    Speaking of underwear hanging out....I have on very good authority that for some reason that ignorant trend began in prisons and it is an indication that the person wearing the low hanging pants is letting the other prisoners know he is "available"...if you catch my drift. As soon as my youngest teen-aged son found this out he quit wearing the really baggy jeans and his friends did as well. I'm certain if these noobs knew the significance of this they would cease to keep following this trend.:lol_hitti Just my
  2. tishirajan

    OMG! A&P!

    Hey all! Hope you all are doing well. Well, my problem is I'm doing horrible on my lab practicals! I have done great on the quizzes and I can name all the required body parts. However, when it comes to test time I'm a total nimrod:banghead:!!!!! WTH??! I have no idea why I'm having this problem. All other classes are going smoothly and I really love my A&P class! I could talk all day long about cellular metabolism. It's something that just fascinates me and always has since I knew I wanted to enter nursing. What gives?!? What could possibly make me flub up so badly?!? Are there any techniques that any of you have that might help me improve my test taking skills? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!!!:kiss Thank you in advance! Tish:redbeathe
  3. tishirajan

    Words you never dreamed you would say as a nurse...

    I was taking care of this little lady that only weighed 80lbs soaking wet. She was totally bed ridden but she could flail her arms like a windmill. She had really long fingernails that she kept painted bright red and she was also reallllllly hard of hearing. Well, this little lady had a habit of using her her really long fingernails to literally dig the poo out of her bum. She would have it from one end of the bed to the other and all over herself. I had already been in there twice to clean her up, getting the poo out from under her fingernails and was getting a bit frustrated. I happen to walk past her room and caught her doing the deed and I went in and leaned over the bed and told her to quit doing that. She didn't hear me the first 5 times I told her and finally I said rather loudly, "Ocie!!! Please stop digging yourself out!!!!!!" She looked at me and just grinned that gummy grin and held up her hands and said, "I rather like the brown color of the fingernail polish, don't you?" I just busted out laughing. The nurses at the desk were doubled over when I went to inform the nurse to chart the BM. Never in a zillion years would I have thought I would have to tell someone to not do that!!!!
  4. tishirajan

    tattoos and Nursing

    Great info about the Dermablend. I'll be in nursing school next year and was wondering what to do about the 4 little stars I have on the inside of my wrist. LOL Lacie, you are so right on!
  5. tishirajan

    Cussed out and disprespected by CNA

    As a former CNA I can honestly say that you were certainly in the right. I seems to me that this CNA is the type of person that has issues with just about anyone that doesn't see eye to eye with her or anything that she feels is undeserving towards her. These people can find just about anything to argue with and perpetuate the situation with anything they can pull out of their a$$. I've known people like that. They would argue and gripe about anything. Policy is policy and you were right on by telling her so. I've worked with nurses that were several years younger than myself and I never had a problem with the age thing. As far as I'm concerned, they earned their degree and title of nurse and deserve the respect that is due. You are much more mature than this person because you handled the situation in a professional manner. The DON probably knows that this CNA has an attitude problem and takes what she says with a grain of salt. Let her stir the pot! As my grandad used to say, "If you stir in s***, you're gonna get all over you." :wink2: You are the nurse and she's the CNA, she needs to know her place and get over herself IMHO. This will blow over and she'll still be a pain in the butt, but probably somewhere else...hopefully. As I've said before, it don't take all kinds, you just got 'em.
  6. tishirajan

    Is it ok to call CNA's nurses?

    I think one has to earn the title of "nurse". I'm a former CNA going for my ADN. I always told my residents I was their aide if they called me nurse. The nurse gives the meds, I wipe the hiney
  7. tishirajan

    Occurrence In Idaho

    This is one of the most asinine thing I've ever heard of!! She will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that these idiots who are hellbent on prosecuting her have to deal with the same situation. Wouldn't they want their loved ones to be comfortable in their last days? Wouldn't they, themselves want to be comfortable in THEIR last days? This is just insanity in politics. Maybe someone is coming up for election and this would be just the ticket they need. Who knows the logic behind all this. I hope she keeps her head held high and counter sues the bejebus out of them all! God bless her!
  8. tishirajan


    YEAH! That's awesome! :ancong!: Good luck and keep us posted on how you're doing!
  9. tishirajan

    It's Official...I'm in for Spring 2010!

    That's just great!!!! :w00t:Congrats and the best of luck!
  10. tishirajan

    Been nursing for half a century!

    Thanks for sharing! You are so awesome! :w00t: Very uplifting and just what I needed to hear.
  11. tishirajan

    AHH! I don't know how to study!

    Here's a great link my A&P professor suggested we used to find out our personal style of study. It's been really helpful to me. http://www.vark-learn.com/english/index.asp Best of luck!
  12. tishirajan

    A&P 1 lab help

    Here's something I used. Hope it helps! http://virtualurchin.stanford.edu/microscope.htm
  13. tishirajan

    Happy Thoughts Please!

    Best wishes to you! :w00t::yelclap::w00t:
  14. tishirajan

    Say What??????!!!!!!!!!!

    I had a little lady in LTC who insisted on her daily "prude" juice rather than prune juice. It was really funny because she was a real stickler about EVERYTHING, especially her "prude" juice because it kept her "insides regulated". Kinda like taking care of Granny Clampet. :roll
  15. tishirajan

    Taking A&P I Fall 2009?

    I have a great instructor as well. We are using Hole's and it just so happens she is one of the co-authors! Her teaching style is great and I love having her for both the lecture and the lab. Here's a great website that gives you an idea on what your learning style is. My instructor had us do this and it really does help. It gives you study guides for each type of learning style you may use. http://www.vark-learn.com/english/index.asp
  16. tishirajan

    What is being a nurse?

    You did what nurses are supposed to do. Nurses not only treat the physical but at times they have to treat the psychological and emotional as well. The extra time you spent was the right thing to do. I would want you as my nurse over one that was too involved in her time management to give me a few words of encouragement. Well done.