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  1. coffeeaftermidnight

    dissecting cats

    Some A&P classes disect fetal pigs and not cats. My A&P professor didn't have us dissect a cat or a pig. We dissected different body parts typically from cows and sheep, but he felt dissecting the cat or pig was a waste of time and a waste of the animal's life, so we just didn't do it. :) Shop around for professors as each one does it a bit differently.
  2. coffeeaftermidnight

    Cheap textbook sites?

    I buy and sell on half.com and have great experiences there.
  3. coffeeaftermidnight

    How to make A&P reading less boring

    I highlight and I also write down some notes as I read the text (I'm keeping my book so it's in the margins). I also find it helps me to read chapters in sections, try to break, answer a few questions, get a cup of coffee (whatever) and come back to it. These breaks are only a few minutes but they combat the lulls I feel when I'm trying to just do straight reading on the muscular system (yeah that chapter was tough to get through, lol).
  4. How strong is your science background? I took biology for science majors the term before my A&PI class (taking now) and it has really helped so much! My professor was just speaking about how the pre-req's for A&P have dropped for our college and unfortunately it's increasing the amount of students that struggle in the class. He wholeheartedly feels that there need to be requirements for stronger science classes prior to taking A&P since it is one of those "power" college courses. As for study tips, I'm putting in 15-18 hours per week in just A&P studying. On test weeks, I study about 30 hours just for tests. Our professor recommends 15 hours of study time AFTER the study guide is complete (just to give you an idea). One thing I do is I tape all the lectures. Then I come home, re-write my notes as I listen to the lecture again. This helps fill in the blanks I may have missed AND just repeat the information. I also pre-read all my chapters prior to going to class. He gives us our homework at the beginning of the term, so I try to complete that prior to the lecture on the content. Then I have a lot of the basics down and have a better understanding of what he is lecturing on. My A&P book also has mp3's available on their website for download. I download them on to my iPod. A lot of it is just the main topics of the chapters with some quiz questions that you can answer (it gives a pause and then gives you the correct answer). I listen to these in the car driving to and from work and school. It's just more exposure to the material, which can't hurt. It's a tough course!
  5. coffeeaftermidnight

    Why the HURRY to Get into Nursing?

    I couldn't agree with you more. I'm currently still working my "first career" as management in a corporation - 8-5 job BUT once I'm accepted to nursing school I'll have to quit that job and give up an income. I don't plan to work while in nursing school, so we will feel my loss of income for a few years until I have my degree and am back in the workforce.
  6. coffeeaftermidnight

    Why the HURRY to Get into Nursing?

    I'm 32 years old. I have four children. Nursing will be my second career. Currently, my life is on hold for school. I work 40-50 hours per week, I go to school full time in the evenings, my weekends are consumed with studying. I'm in a hurry because I want to get my life back to "normal" as quickly as possible, and hopefully have my education nearly complete by the time our oldest hits college (three years - probably not possible but maybe). :) Each term I'm in school, I'm giving up time with my children. Our oldest is 15 (my stepson) and our youngest is 18 months. You bet I want to get through my schooling as quickly as possible, I'm missing out on memories! I know it's worth it in the end and it's in the best interest of my family; but i don't want to draw it out any longer than necessary. (BTW, my hurry isn't affecting my grades, I've been able to maintain a 4.0 carrying a full-time course load - 19 hours last term - so I figure why not?)
  7. coffeeaftermidnight

    Associates in Nursing vs Bachelors?

    Many universities offer a "fast track" BSN for individuals already holding a Bachelors in another field. It's often the same number of terms as the Associates. It might be an option to check out. :)
  8. coffeeaftermidnight

    To all the moms out there: How did you do it?

    Well, I'm in the middle of doing it. My children are 15 (stepson), 8 year old son, 3 year old daughter and 18 month old. I work full time, 8-5 in a corporate job and I go to school at night and do online classes at a local community college. Right now, I'm finishing pre-reqs (I only have two left after this term, microbiology and A&PII) and then I apply for nursing school. Once I'm accepted, I have to quit my day job. Currently, my husband works as an independent contractor - so his work is either hot and heavy or colder than ice. This is obviously a bit of a fear, as when it's time for me to quit my job he needs to be our only income. I'm holding out hope that he will be full time again (he was a full time ride designer at a major amusement park for many years prior to being a consultant). He has great earning potential, if he can land a full time job. Anyway, I'll give you the good and the bad. The good is once you're in school the terms really do go by quickly. I've been back in school for a year and it feels like I just started back yesterday. I've also found that I'm so much more devoted as an adult attending school than when I was fresh out of high school. My GPA is much higher, I have extremely high expectations for myself, etc. The bad news is I MISS MY KIDS!!! I get very little time with them right now and I have two wee-ones. I know this is time that I'll never get back and if I think about that aspect too much I get extremely sad. I sometimes feel selfish for seeking out this dream while they are so small. But, I also know that they will also experience the many benefits once I'm finished. I also know, even at their tender ages, they are learning how important hard work is, just by my example. If this is important to you, go for it. All the details will work themselves out. You will find a way. Things change in lives from one day to the next and I honestly believe if you are meant to do something - there will be a way. Stick your toe in the water, work at some pre-reqs and see where it takes you.
  9. coffeeaftermidnight

    Is Regular Biology a Pre-Req for A&P?

    I took Bio1010 (biology for science majors) prior to taking A&P1 and I'm soooo glad I did! It wasn't required but it gave me such a great foundation for the first part of A&P. I noticed others in the class have struggled with diffusion, active transport, enzymes, molecular structure, etc. and I already have that knowledge from my biology last term. If you have the extra term to devote to biology, I highly recommend it. The extra time is paying off (I currently have a 100% A in A&P 1)
  10. coffeeaftermidnight

    I feel so hopeless ! :(

    I know the last thing you want to hear is you have time - but at 19-20 years old, honey, you have time! Cherish the time you have while you are young to go to school. Work hard, keep up a can-do attitude and you will reach your goals. I'm 32 years old with four children. I work a professional 8-5 job where I make slightly over $70k per year. I'm currently finishing my pre-reqs for nursing and as soon as I get into a program I'm quitting my job. It's a gamble and I have a lot on the line (husband, children, car payments, mortgage, etc.) but sometimes you just have to take chances. I take anywhere from 10-19 credit hours per term (this term is 10 but that's with A&P 1 and Statistics). Last term I took 19 credit hours. I have a 4.0. Now, if I can maintain all that with work, children, husband - (not saying that to pat myself on the back) - you can do this! You can! Keep focused, set your mind to it and you can do anything! :)
  11. coffeeaftermidnight

    A&P 1: Need Some Help

    The Molecular Transfer Lab was dealing with Diffision, Osmosis and Active Transport.
  12. coffeeaftermidnight

    Challenging Classes

    So far I have to say my most challenging class was Biology 1010. I earned an A but it was tough! I'm in A&P I right now. I'm so, so thankful I took Biology 1010 last term. Many of the concepts covered this first week were in that class which gives me a little bit of a head start. I know this is going to be a tough class though.
  13. coffeeaftermidnight

    Paying for Childcare while in school

    My tuition and books for full time enrollment at a community college is slightly less than $2000 per term. My student loan is for over $5000 per term, leaving $3000 to use as I wish. Considering a term is only a few months, so that would cover most childcare costs. (I have four children, two of which are in daycare. They are under 3 years of age and their daycare costs right around $1000 per month.)
  14. coffeeaftermidnight

    Challenging Classes

    What class has been your most challenging out of all your pre-nursing classes? :)
  15. coffeeaftermidnight

    mom of 3 starting mid-quarter Feb.

    It is doable but you have to prioritize. My house isn't nearly as clean as it used to be. :) I'm also married, have four children (14 year old step son, 8 year old son, 3 year old daughter and 16 month old son) and I work full-time in a corporate management type job. I also am going to school full-time. Last term I took 19 credit hours which included Biology 1010, Renaissance & Baroque, College Algebra, US Government, Speech and World Religions. I made a 4.0 - granted I did spend most anytime outside of my 8-5 work day studying, I did it! So yes, it can be done. (This term is a lighter load, I'm taking A&P I, Statistics and Intro to Healthcare). If you put your mind to it, you will do well. But yes, considerable study time is required.