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Hi all! I'm currently a student at Johns Hopkins SON, just starting, and I'm wondering how hard it will be to meet and date some of the male med students here to seek out future husbands. Don't... Read More

  1. by   fab4fan
    Anyone who thinks of another person in terms of "scoring" him/her is more shallow than a puddle.

    This person has the privilege of going to Hopkins for her education, yet she seems to be primarily concerned with her social life...this is such a waste. There are so many people who would love to have the opportunity to study in such a challenging and stimulating enviroment; how sad that it seems to be wasted on someone who obviously has little appreciation for it.

    JHUstudent: I have had the misfortune of working with nurses who had your mind set. Sometimes, the only way I stayed sane was to remind myself that no one is immune to the effects of aging and gravity.
  2. by   fab4fan
    Oh, and BTW, would anyone make apologies/excuses for a male who posted the following: "I'm a medical student a Johns Hopkins Univertiy, and I am wondering what is the best way to go about meeting and scoring female nursing students."
  3. by   shay
    Originally posted by mattsmom81
    they like to latch onto one to 'help them through' school
    Hee hee....made me think of nothing but breastfeeding....hee hee. Okay, that being said.........

    I offer my humble opinion. One of my very dear friends (who is a nurse) is married to *gasp!* a surgeon. Yes, the devil himself in medicine. HOWEVER, before he was a doc, he was a cop and an EMT, and paid his own way through med school. He is a real live grown-up and a real live man, not just in the anatomical sense. Both my friend and I agree, HE IS THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. Plus, when she married him, she did so with her eyes open, knowing she will do the child-rearing alone, the housekeeping alone, and spend a lot of time...well...alone. They are ttc now, and it is very difficult, mind you, as HE IS NEVER HOME.

    Now....a couple of posters mentioned the fact that JHU docs leave LOTS to be desired in the ego arena, and BOY are they right. Oh, man, give me ANYTHING but a JHU or God forbid Harvard educated doc. They think they poop gold bricks and are infallible. The ones that I have worked with were major 'anal openings' if you get my drift.

    JHUnurse, I just think you are still quite young. You may not feel like it, but you have your whole life ahead of you. You may find as you pursue your nursing career that you want to travel, go to new and exotic locales, and that you can live anywhere in the world you want to if you are smart with your money. Don't rely on anyone but you to take care of you. Men die and salaries decline, but if you learn to rely on yourself first you know you will always be okay no matter what.

    Welcome to the board, I hope you have more than 2 posts.
  4. by   ceecel.dee
    A couple of our docs married nurses they met at our hospital. The nurses worked up until engagement, I'm told, and then were 'encouraged' by dear fiance to be 'kept'. Appearances, you know.

    That was years before my time there, and they are actually still happily together, although wife's still non-working even after kids gone (volunteer work only). Both very nice ladies actually.
  5. by   sbic56
    OK...last post on this thread for me. Seems no one seems to agree with my live and let live perspective on this. Part of my position on this is based on my experience. I have known probably half a dozen nurses who have "scored" doctors and have still managed to be excellent nurses. Not saying it is for me, but that doesn't matter. Was money a factor? Sure. So what! JHUstudent didn't ask for anyones opinion in the first place...that came free And of course med students are looking for student nurses. So that's bad, too? I think the issue here is that she came right out and stated her intentions and it offended alot of people. Personally, I hope she acheives all of her goals. Of course, that wish goes for the rest of you all, too!:kiss
  6. by   mattsmom81
    When we were young and gorgeous we all probably had 'offers' of one kind or another from docs, so our young enquirer should not be disappointed...heheh.

    How about storytime now...what kinds of offers did ya'll get?

    I was proposed marriage in a very businesslike fashion while assisting a resident with a circumcision (now Freud would have a field day with THAT young man's mind...hehe)

    I was offered a gold bracelet by a doc....with the understanding I would'date' him. He was very married and so was I.

    Several 'shy'(or should I say sly) docs sent word through another doc (whom I worked for) that they would be very interested in a relationship with me. My boss was quite miffed when I found this humorous but insulting and told him I was happily married, and did not consider these' little hints' from him to be helpful. He felt I should feel honored I was considered a 'good catch' by his friends. He also told me it was a shame I 'married without ambition.' My next salary eval he told me I needed to 'watch my mouth'. No wonder my hubby didn't like him...altho I never told him about the above, guess he had a sixth sense.

    OK gals...share YOUR amorous and/or horny doc stories now.
    Originally posted by sbic56
    It's a little thing called tact.
    Yeah, I know what it's called. I just don't have any.

    Besides, she could used a little more tact when choosing the subject matter for her first post.

  8. by   jayna
    Will never date a doctor again nor marry one . Damn them , they thought they know more than me.

    I know more about my patients than the doctors.
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Tact is NOT called for; an AWAKENING is. I was insulted for the nursing profession in general at this post. Still shows how far we have to go in the public eye (CCRN was so right), in the way of respect for ourselves as PROFESSIONALS! This really is dismaying because it means there are others out there with the same mindset regarding what a Nurse "does". I was naive and had thought we all got past that.

    sorry, JHU, but by expressing such things really does seems to set us back about 40 years and THAT I did NOT sign on FOR when I became a "mature" nurse at 34! Please, mature a bit before pursuing an LPN or RN education...cause you will need it! If this is tactless, I am sorry, but I am being HONEST.
  10. by   mattsmom81
    Let's take the opportunity to educate ie warn the young nurses out there.

    Just my motherly urges coming out.
  11. by   sandstormsdust
    I know that some professions carry higher divorce rates... but truly doesn't a marriage only work between TWO people who are willing to put the effort and commitment into it.... arn't you suppose to marry out of trust and respect...

    I think all of you should re vision yourselves... maybe doctors arn't for you...

    I am not a shallow person and when I do decide to become a wife... I WILL marry out of trust and respect.... weather it be a doctor, enginer, machanic... whatever.... maybe even a 'simple' dairy farmer... all jobs are nesacary and I do hope that you just don't see this as shollow...

  12. by   Rustyhammer
    uh...did I miss something here?
  13. by   trueblue
    This is getting heated up fast.

    Why not cool out on the "marrying a doc bit."

    Since you've heard alot of honest advice on the matter, are you still in pursuit of those med/residents or whatever it was you are interested in?

    I'd like to know.