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    Returning MD from Treating Ebola on Modified Isolation

    His "reasonable" restrictions are the same ones Kaci Hickox is refusing to abide by.
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    Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    CDC policy is CDC policy, it doesn't matter if you agree or not. Healthcare professionals don't get to pick and choose what public health or infection control policies they follow.
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    Help me bring this into the public!

    The CDC and her state health department are hardly "non-healthcare" people. I agree, MSF has lots of experience. They've also had at least 1 volunteer who became ill. They also don't write CDC policy. As a healthcare professional you don't get to pic...
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    Uncomfortable waistline

    You can also buy the appropriate width elastic and feed it through the drawstring casing with a safety pin, stitch the ends to gether and you're good. If you're careful you can thread it behind the drawstring so you can still tie it and no one knows ...
  5. Considering the OP's location I think CNA is referring to the California Nurse's Asociation. Upper management usually blames all they can on unions.
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    Michigan License?

    on their main page: lara - nursing near the top of the page is the sub-section "nurse licensing forms and applications" the 8th thing on the list is the lpn & rn endorsement packet. that is all the forms and everything you need to know about gett...
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    Background checks for parents

    Most of your points of concern would be discovered in a routine background check. And it's doubtful at least in my area of experience that a RSO would be in a household with a child, Level 2 & 3 offenders aren't even allowed to live with their o...
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    Changing a leaky cath isn't life or death, it can wait 10 minutes. I'd have finished pulling the last couple of meds, given them, then changed the cath.
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    BSN program for $18,000... does it exist??

    Assuming he already has his RN: Linfield is a brick & mortar school with an online RN to BSN, it cost me around $12,000. It's located 140 miles from Madigan Army Med Center. (If it matters/helps Linfield is based in Portland, OR where there is a ...
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    Least painful injection site

    And from this patient's perspective I'd rather have a more painful injection in a safer site. I've experienced nerve irritation from a DG injection, the pain can last for weeks, I'll never go through it again if it can be avoided. VG site really shou...
  11. If you were not actually diagnosed as having bipolar disorder then you do not have to fill out the declaration stating you were. If the person you spoke with truly believed you needed follow up with the psych dept NP they would have referred you and ...
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    Why did/are you getting your BSN?

    I did it purely to buff my resume.
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    NM jinxing my job referrals??!

    It may have nothing to do with the reference from your former employer and everything to do with a terrible job market. In the last eight months I've had a dozen very positive interviews that left me with a clear impression an offer would probably be...
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    HR lied to Unemployment!!

    It's going to be very difficult to prove you didn't just up and decide to resign and worked out a typical 2 week notice. If you never saw actual termination papers from HR it's very possible that one was never forthcoming, that the manager just told...
  15. In situation 1 there is nothing wrong with the nurse not calling. The patients blood sugar was 400 not greater than 400. The patient very likely got her 10 units and had eatten something just before the blood sugar check or ate more after the insulin...