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  1. His "reasonable" restrictions are the same ones Kaci Hickox is refusing to abide by.
  2. kids

    Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    CDC policy is CDC policy, it doesn't matter if you agree or not. Healthcare professionals don't get to pick and choose what public health or infection control policies they follow.
  3. kids

    Help me bring this into the public!

    The CDC and her state health department are hardly "non-healthcare" people. I agree, MSF has lots of experience. They've also had at least 1 volunteer who became ill. They also don't write CDC policy. As a healthcare professional you don't get to pick and choose what public health or infection control policies you follow. She's firmly in the "Some Risk" category whether she chooses to acknowledge it or not. http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/exposure/monitoring-and-movement-of-persons-with-exposure.html#table-monitoring-movement Since I'm sure her local Board of Nursing is following this closely any White House petition is pointless. If she really cares about her future ability to do good works she'd be wise to not jeopardize her license.
  4. Considering the OP's location I think CNA is referring to the California Nurse's Asociation. Upper management usually blames all they can on unions.
  5. kids

    Michigan License?

    on their main page: lara - nursing near the top of the page is the sub-section "nurse licensing forms and applications" the 8th thing on the list is the lpn & rn endorsement packet. that is all the forms and everything you need to know about getting a license in mi if you're already licensed in another state. from the looks of it it's not as simple as paying your $54 and submitting an application, mi also requires finger printing. from their website: lara - how long does it take to process my application?
  6. kids

    Background checks for parents

    Most of your points of concern would be discovered in a routine background check. And it's doubtful at least in my area of experience that a RSO would be in a household with a child, Level 2 & 3 offenders aren't even allowed to live with their own minor children.
  7. kids


    Changing a leaky cath isn't life or death, it can wait 10 minutes. I'd have finished pulling the last couple of meds, given them, then changed the cath.
  8. kids

    BSN program for $18,000... does it exist??

    Assuming he already has his RN: Linfield is a brick & mortar school with an online RN to BSN, it cost me around $12,000. It's located 140 miles from Madigan Army Med Center. (If it matters/helps Linfield is based in Portland, OR where there is a huge VA Med Center) https://www.linfield.edu/dce/rn-to-bsn.html Western Carolina is another brick & mortar school with an online RN to BSN and costs under $5000. Western Carolina University - RN to BSN Program No clue about Army hospitals being located within 100 miles but I assume so. If he's starting from scratch, keeping it under $18,000 you're looking at doing pre-reqs at a community college and transferring. It's going to be very difficult to do the whole package for that price. Your best bet is going to be to pick a state, find out if/where there is an Army Hospital and contact all the Universities within 100 miles to check their tuition rates and admission requirements then tailor the pre-reqs at a community college to fit them. Each State's Board of Nursing typically publishes the pass rates of the schools in their state on their website.
  9. kids

    Least painful injection site

    And from this patient's perspective I'd rather have a more painful injection in a safer site. I've experienced nerve irritation from a DG injection, the pain can last for weeks, I'll never go through it again if it can be avoided. VG site really should be less painful because it has a lower concentration of nerves. To the OP, I realize you've been giving the injections on a regular basis for a while but I'd encourage you to review your landmarks and really think about needle placement. I know that in my own practice I've developed habits over time that stray from from the optimal technique and have to take a step back and remember how to do it the 'right' way. The antibiotics you're giving on a regular basis can be painful (even using Lido in rocephen). Just because you can inject >2cc in a site doesn't mean you have to, you might consider splitting the injection over two sites to give it more comfortably in the optimal location.
  10. If you were not actually diagnosed as having bipolar disorder then you do not have to fill out the declaration stating you were. If the person you spoke with truly believed you needed follow up with the psych dept NP they would have referred you and possibly followed up, telling you to call the psych dept if you want to talk to them is not a referral.
  11. kids

    Why did/are you getting your BSN?

    I did it purely to buff my resume.
  12. kids

    repetitive injury due to compression wraps

    Receptive injury to who, a patient or the nurse applying them?
  13. kids

    NM jinxing my job referrals??!

    It may have nothing to do with the reference from your former employer and everything to do with a terrible job market. In the last eight months I've had a dozen very positive interviews that left me with a clear impression an offer would probably be coming and nada. I have 20 years experience in the areas I'm applying and know without a doubt my references are stellar. My most recent two if I moved back home today I could be working tomorrow.
  14. kids

    HR lied to Unemployment!!

    It's going to be very difficult to prove you didn't just up and decide to resign and worked out a typical 2 week notice. If you never saw actual termination papers from HR it's very possible that one was never forthcoming, that the manager just told you that. In that case HR is telling the truth, you quit with 2 weeks notice. Why would you up and just voluntarily quit in your situation? Who knows, people do it every day because they don't feel like working that job anymore and think it will be easy to get another one, when that doesn't happen they try to get UE. Sometimes people up and quit because they don't feel like working at all for a while and are under the mistaken belief they can draw UE. (I'm not in any way implying they you may have done this, just pointing out that it does happen.)
  15. In situation 1 there is nothing wrong with the nurse not calling. The patients blood sugar was 400 not greater than 400. The patient very likely got her 10 units and had eatten something just before the blood sugar check or ate more after the insulin was given. Yes, you probably should have called the doctor not just because her CBG was 591 but also because she was feeling unwell and had an (I assume) abnormal BP. A liability to who? She's a competent adult who is choosing to be non-compliant. As long as she's not being enabled in her non-compliance by the facility (staff giving her foods and fluids outside her restrictions) and has been throughly educated on the risks she's only a liability to her self. She's a grown up, grown ups get to choose to kill themselves slowly. 2) It was a screw up that neuro checks weren't started. You most certainly can call a doctor in the middle of the night for orders if the patient condition warrants it. 3) Not ok at all, report it to management but expect that you're either ignored of experience fallout from the staff you reported.
  16. kids

    Maybe I Shouldn't Have Asked This...

    Many if not most facilities have a policy that bars employees from discussing their wages with other employees. In a round about way you asked her what she makes (or made as a new hired) it's not something she could discuss "in general" as her only knowledge is likely personal. And really. it is rude to ask anyone how much money they make. This is a question that you should ask of the facility HR department, they may be willing to give you an approximate salary range for the position. Something you'll want to keep in mind is that any number they disclose to you is not guarantee that they would pay you that amount. I'd take let the LPN know that you realize you put her in an uncomfortable position with your question and apologize.

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