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  1. fab4fan

    My bp is 160/120, go to the ER?

    How are you an SRNA if you're only 20y? In any event, this site is not for giving out medical advice. And if you have an MI or a stroke, that's gonna cost you a whole lot more than a trip to the ED.
  2. NO! NO! NO! Never, under any circumstances leave meds at a patient's bedside. It doesn't matter what the med is. Any nurse who does this is setting herself/himself up for major league trouble.
  3. fab4fan

    S/P I&D - what's this mean?

    My understanding was it usually meant "status post incision and drainage," usually done with a wound that may have closed but has underlying infection.
  4. Talk about perpetuating the myth of the nurse as a sainted, angelic figure.
  5. fab4fan

    pain management for bone ca

    Bone cancer ususally responds best to a multi-drug approach; opioids alone are not usually enough to control the pain. I've found that using a combo of an NSAID (usually Trilisate, since it's less irritating to the stomach and comes in elixer if swallowing becomes an issue), a long acting opioid like MS Contin/OxyContin (in an appropriate dose, not just a small dose), as well as dexamethasone gives pts. better relief. Can someone from your hospice depart./a local hospice come and give an inservice on pain mgmt? Do you have a pain mgmt. team in your hosp? Are these nurses aware that by denying this pt. adequate relief they are operating below the standard of care? Ask them if this pt were their mother/wife/sister...would they want her to suffer? Good luck; sometimes it takes a maverick to get things going!
  6. fab4fan

    My Teacher Says Nurses Eat Their Young

    Shame on your instructor for perpetuating a misconception that has caused a great deal of division and mistrust in nursing. Very unprofessional of her, that.
  7. fab4fan

    Overbearing pt family

    It probably wouldn't hurt, but my understanding was the ombudsman is more for concerns re: services/facilities, etc. I can't believe admin. is just allowing this to happen. And while documentation is crucial, to me spending a lot of time writing wordy careplans that conform to NANDA is like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. To heck with whether the sister gets upset; someone needs to get the ball rolling on this situation. If anything happens to this pt. and staff were aware of this sister's bizarre behavior, there could be serious liability issues. Speaking of legal issues, I'd be very careful what you post here. You've already given very specific info. which could easily ID your facility, not to mention the pt. and her sister. People have gotten into trouble before posting work-related issues; in one situation, someone printed out and posted comments made by member here. That person found what she had posted here tacked up on a BB at work, and she wound up getting reprimanded. (And no, she did not use her real name or ID her facility.)
  8. fab4fan

    Overbearing pt family

    Not funny. Not funny at all.
  9. fab4fan

    Overbearing pt family

    Why is this being allowed to happen??? Someone needs to stand up for this pt! Good grief, either that woman is a wingnut, or she's a sexual abuser! Why isn't anyone advocating for this defenseless patient? :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire Someone needs to call the local Office of Aging, like stat! Until the situation can be investigated, that woman should be barred from entering the patient's room. She is a clear and present danger to that pt's welfare.
  10. fab4fan

    Define: Nurses Eating Their Young

    Horizontal violence is inappropriate, no matter the age of the perpetrator. I'm just tired of the whole expression, and as I said, there are penty of new nurses out there who are just as bad. I've seen older nurses run off units who were staffed with a majority of new nurses.
  11. fab4fan

    Define: Nurses Eating Their Young

    Comments like this: are just as inappropriate. Horizontal violence is not caused solely by older nurses toward new nurses. There are plenty of nasty newbies out there, too.
  12. fab4fan

    Charting for physician

    1. You're a nurse, not the physician's personal secretary. You do not take dictation. 2. Check with your BON; this may jeopardize your license. (Just when you think the "handmaiden" image has died...)
  13. fab4fan

    Hating RN life...Is life as an NP really better?

    There probably are programs out there. But as much as you dislike working right now, you are getting solid experience in assesment and working with a variety of diseases which will only make you a better NP. Five months isn't a lot of time, FWIW. It takes at least a year to get your bearings, sometimes longer depending on the type of unit where you're working. I'm not saying you shouldn't look at being an NP, but you'll have a lot more credibility with your patients and colleagues if you have some experience behind you. I've known a few people who've gone straight through without actually working for a while as an RN. Would I go to any of them? No way.
  14. fab4fan

    Smoking among Nurses is hypocritical.

    This topic has been beaten to death so many times. Since the OP hasn't returned, it looks more like someone trying to stir things up. I vote for the thread to be closed. The points have been made.
  15. fab4fan

    Judgements about big families

    I live in an area with a lot of Amish, too, but what bothers me is the way those kids are used like field hands and put in extremely dangerous situations. We just had yet another child killed in a farming accident; because it occured at another family member's home, the state is investigating. Both families feel little, if any, regret. It's more or less an attitude of "Yes well, these things happen." They're upset that the state is looking into the situation and feel it's none of anyone's business what they do with their kids. I took care of a three year old girl who was torn from her pubic area to her sternum by a piece of farm equipment. The parents couldn't even be bothered to stay with her. At least one parent could have stayed, but no... Almost every day I see these kids in extremely dangerous situations, purely because they're being used to keep the farm going. As far as the women, it was great fun getting 40-something women in the ED who were hemorrhaging because it was their 14th or 15th pregnancy...at some point the body just can't handle any more pregnancies. My friend in OB had one father, right after the woman delivered, ask the doctor, "When can I breed her again?" Or the ones who were in full-blown eclampsia or going into labor at 29 weeks. So I wouldn't use the Amish as a terrific example, at least in my area. People tend to romanticize that lifestyle; let me tell you, it ain't "Witness." (A movie that was filmed, incidentally, in my county.) In any event, it was totally inappropriate for that anesthesiologist to say that.
  16. fab4fan

    Unreasonable expectations/bandaid care

    It's not going particularly well, that's for sure.