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ceecel.dee is a MSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, ER, L&D, ICU, OR, Educator.

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  1. An allergy to Benedryl/antihistamines is a real thing (not the dye), but what are the treatment options if an allergic reaction occurs? Anything other than Epi?
  2. ceecel.dee

    Can an instructor do this???

    Technical difficulties never happen at opportune times. I feel for the instructor and the students! Ever have to request more time to post a discussion or hand in a paper d/t slow computer or down services? Happens all the time. Sorry for your frus...
  3. ceecel.dee

    I cant take it!~!!!

    Really...it's not unusual for 1 nurse to be responsible for 53 patients?
  4. ceecel.dee

    Need an opinion...

    No, I don't think you're wrong. I think that it was good of you to realize that your nurse wanted to wrap up her shift, but she should have come to you immediately after report to do your d/c if the oncoming nurse was not willing to d/c you immediat...
  5. ceecel.dee

    Please MAJOR TROUBLE!!

    Another nursing instructor here...you have no obligation to share your good news with the school. Enjoy your pregnancy! It's done all the time.
  6. ceecel.dee

    corrective action for smoking

    I find it slightly comical (sorry to suffering smokers) when the students on our campus are "busted" by my dear office-mate smoking just outside of the doors with our office window just a few feet away. The campus was in the preliminary movement tow...
  7. ceecel.dee

    Doctor's office and "nurses"

    Oh yes...this has annoyed (read infuriated) actual nurses forever! Many of them have very active telephone practices barely with even physician oversight (oh, the doctors are sooo busy)!
  8. ceecel.dee

    Need advices before changing career to nurse

    OK...married to an engineer. I don't think there is any person more polor opposite in occupations than a nurse and an engineer. Why nursing?
  9. Well, what's your program schedule for Monday mornings? Students rushing in late only to doze on their fist in the back row do not impress instructors.
  10. ceecel.dee

    Seeking Advice

    I do not know your work environment or the type of floor you work on. That said, I would tell the charge nurse that you must leave tonight by (exactly change of shift time), and then DO IT. If the oncoming relief nurse keeps her (the charge nurse) w...
  11. ceecel.dee

    Last-minute clinical instructor: Is this usual??

    No, not unusual, but very stressful/frusterating! There may be computer training and/or general hospital orientation and/or training modules and/or background checks that the facility might require; if so, could you at least get your sessions schedul...
  12. ceecel.dee


    Our school uses Desire2Learn (D2L) as its management/communication tool for students/faculty. Each course has it's own home on D2L and content can be added, student discussions can be held, on-line quizes...you get the idea. It also contains a grad...
  13. ceecel.dee

    What to wear to clinical?

    I wear comfortable casual-dress pants, a simple top, a white lab coat, and comfortable shoes.
  14. ceecel.dee

    Newly Admitted Nursing Student - Is there no hope??

    Schools don't require vaccines and/or titers to disqualify students. They do it so that they know you will not BECOME infected (or that you've consciously waived the protection). Proper use of universal precautions will protect patients from anythi...
  15. ceecel.dee

    Are you afraid of blood?

    I am not freaked by blood at all, but I killed a mosquito that was attempting to taste mine in a store yesterday and splatted blood on my sleeve. It wasn't my blood....that grossed me out and I couldn't wait to get home to change!