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  1. LasVegasRN

    ROLL CALL - Case Managers!!!

    Welcome all!!
  2. LasVegasRN

    Las Vegas nursing info?

    Hey man, I'm not the only Vegas nurse on this board!! :chuckle These are some really helpful websites: http://www.reviewjournal.com our local paper, check the Sunday listings for nursing positions, they are under "medical" and "nursing". http://www.vegasvalley.com great website for people considering relocation, as is http://www.lasvegas.com There are all kinds of links on the school system, apartments, homes, etc. I recommend these sites because I use them myself sometimes and find them very helpful. See what you think, if you have any specific questions, let me know, I'll be glad to help!
  3. LasVegasRN

    Nursing is pathetic...

    When will you be EX-nursedude?
  4. LasVegasRN

    Glad to have this forum

    Welcome to the board and glad you are enjoying it, Disabled!
  5. LasVegasRN

    Dealing with the Prejudiced (long post:sorry)...

    I like the way you think!
  6. LasVegasRN

    Dealing with the Prejudiced (long post:sorry)...

    Hmmm. My young rebellious self used to think I would take the assignment of the blatant racist and enjoy watching them squirm because I was all they were gonna get. My old mellowed out self is getting to the point where I don't care anymore. Too many scars from being young and rebellious. Too many patients who had no problem saying, "I don't accept n-ggers in my home" or, "I prefer not to have a colored nurse - nothing against YOU personally, ya know" kinda BS. To answer another question, yes, it's mostly the elderly with these attitudes. I found from working both in the southern states and northern states that southerners have a much easier time callling you a n-gger to your face. The northerners will whisper or go around you to ask for another assignment. The good thing is most of these people will die soon. The bad thing is a lot of their children were raised the same way. And so it goes.
  7. LasVegasRN


    No, I should have clarified a little bit. We have had some really bad argumentative closed threads on breastfeeding in the past, believe it or not. I know some of us are trying to be good and not post faces and "oh no!!" kind of things, because it would seem silly to those who weren't around when the two big controversial breastfeeding threads were here. Sorry. Carry on. :)
  8. LasVegasRN


    :roll Laughing because I know sunny is holding back. :chuckle
  9. LasVegasRN

    Guess what I did today??

    This sounds wonderful. I am not a foot person at all, hate to say. I love getting a pedicure and getting my summer feet on, but do it to someone else? ick!! I can play with baby toes, even little kids toes but after they start looking like full adult feet, ewww! I admire anyone working with the elderly, diabetics, and those with PVD - this is a much needed service. Way to go, Hoolahan!!
  10. LasVegasRN

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    I'm sorry, I thought I mentioned they made her a medical code only - we won't call a code, no CPR, no cardioversion, compressions or defib, no intubation. Thank you, everyone, for your support and good wishes. I'll give an update tomorrow.
  11. LasVegasRN

    I feel like a real DIRTBAG!

    Heyyyyyy now. Don't beat up on yourself, it happens to the best of us. :kiss
  12. LasVegasRN

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Update: Got the approval for air ambulance and transfer to the special facility. Don't know if/when we can transfer, patient is too unstable today and the accepting physician can't take the patient until the blood counts are at a certain level (?), but, at least we're ready if something turns around. Going to the cyber bar for awhile. Thanks, everyone.
  13. LasVegasRN

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Unfortunately I can't give the total picture of this patient and have to leave out some key points since this is a public site. But the HBOC is not an option. I apologize for not being able to give more info, there is a lot more to this case (so very sad) I wish I could share - I could really use some input, but..... House legal, nurse ethicist, attending doc are now here. A lot going on.
  14. LasVegasRN

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Today has been very, very difficult. I had to go back to my office and cry, pull myself together and come back to work on the other patients in the unit. I can't interact with the family anymore, and my social worker is picking up the interactions so I can work on the insurance aspect. The patient is getting progressively short of breath, anxious, tearful. The attending is detaching and having a hard time with his anger. The other specialist confided that she is "this close" to embarrassing herself. I had to commend her because she is handling this case SO well out of all the other docs. But, she is human and is a mother also. The crash cart has been moved near the room.
  15. LasVegasRN

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Update today: Hgb 2.9, Hct 8.1. Platelets 8.
  16. LasVegasRN

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Interesting question, Sue. Talked to the DON at my facility today about this case. She said our JW liason did an inservice about 2 years ago to the medical staff and it was poorly received. The physicians were not receptive to learning about bloodless treatments at ALL. The only protocol I know of is that when we have a case where ethics are involved (which not everyone knows to contact the ethics committee in cases such as this one) the ethics committee contacts the JW liason. The JW liason is under the same confidentiality and HIPPA rules for privacy as all hospital employees. In this case, the JW liason has been EXTREMELY helpful in locating a hematologist and hospital nearby that specialize in bloodless treatments for this patient and getting local support from JW members for this family. Upon further discussion in the DON's office, a lot of the house supervisors didn't even know we had a JW liason as a resource! Currently when a patient states they are JW, they have to sign a medical release of liability. Some physicians have them complete a partial DNR which just states no blood/blood products. Court orders are automatically obtained for neonates/preemies. It's just amazing what I have learned over this week. At our next staff meeting, I'm going to present the case so the other case managers know.

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