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  1. shay

    for smilin'..the details.

    So I hatched a young 'un. :) He's 4mos. old now, just as adorable as they come. I of course had a c/s for FTP/CPD/fetal intolerance (he had a nice 6 minute decel after the epidural and was getting caput when I was only 4cms and -2 station).... :chuckle ...and post op complications...duh, OB nurse. He was 8#15 at birth, which I have no idea where THAT came from...neither myself nor dh were big babies. Anyhoo, I decided to quit and only work PRN once he came. I had planned to go back to work 2 days a week before he was born but after that little baby came into this world there just was no way I could leave him with a stranger. I'm such a sucker :chuckle. So he's wonderful and beautiful and perfect and I love being a mama.
  2. Honey I think there are days (weeks? years? ) that we all fantasize about being a greeter at Wal-Mart. My personal fantasy on I-hate-my-job days is to work with plants. When plants die, no one sues. ((WW))
  3. shay

    can you really tell the difference?

    I had me a young 'un. Can I just say, epidurals are a gift from God when your hips are splitting in two in labor? :chuckle
  4. shay

    Natural Childbirth and L/D nurse-do they mix?

    One of the CNM's I work with is uber crunchy and had all HB's w/her children. A few of the nurses get freaked out with her style, but for the most part, I think yeah, it's possible to be an L&D nurse with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude toward childbirth.
  5. shay

    can you really tell the difference?

    Yep. L&D is a lot more than most people realize. You need to learn to be the nurse before you become the midwife, IMO.
  6. shay


    Yeah, I agree with Mark. I seriously doubt GBS could do such a thing. It sounds like vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis to me. She needs to skip the GP and go to a GYN. Oh, and everyone who is positive for GBS is always positive.
  7. shay

    Checking FHT's?

    Those little 16-19 week buggers are usually hanging out near the middle of the pubic bone. Sneaky little critters.
  8. shay

    Ethical Debate: Organ Transplants

    Well, my dh refuses to be an organ donor because he doesn't want his organs going to criminals and illegal aliens instead of law-abiding citizens. Just a little food for thought. I myself, while I understand a parent's drive to do anything and everything for their kid, do not agree with giving illegal aliens organ transplants unless they pay for them out of pocket. ITA with whomever said we help out other countries way too much. No doubt.
  9. shay

    National Nurses Week--Your Opinion

    A lot of hot air. Sorry. I'm a pessimist and am unusually crabby today.
  10. Less paperwork. Bleah.
  11. shay

    Unethical Practices?

    I just wanted to pop in and say to Susy, go ahead wit' yo' bad self, girlfriend!! ^5 I see you're still stirring the pot. Rock on sister. :chuckle I highly doubt he's a REAL PhD student. If he is, heaven help us all.
  12. shay

    IUFD policy?

    My hospital's policy is like Indy nurse's. I have baptized a 13 week demise, though. It was at the parents' request. You know what they always say, "a person's a person, no matter how small." I try to practice with that in mind when it comes to IUFD's, kwim?
  13. shay

    BPD? what is it?

    :chuckle I was just about to say the same thing. Some ED nurse posted something here about a pt. with CP once, I immediately thought cerebral palsy. He of course meant chest pain. He said, "what are you, a new grad?" I said, "no, I'm an OB NURSE. What does ROM mean to you? Range of motion, right?" He said yes. I said, "well it means RUPTURE OF MEMBRANES to me!!" LOL
  14. shay

    Need Help NOW!!

    Uh, didn't you get that stuff in nursing 101? Seriously...Potter and Perry...I thought everyone learned basic sterile technique before starting clinical.
  15. shay

    Did I miss something in FM class?

    OMFG, I just have to say I am sooooo thankful to be working where I am. My nm's are great, my coworkers are great, my unit is great. No f-ing way any of that abovementioned negligence would happen on my unit. Somebody's ass would be in a sling. Geez. Is it just something about L&D nursing in Cali? I notice a lot of Cali nurses have problems in general. Get outta there. Don't even give them the courtesy of 2 weeks' notice. They don't deserve it and you don't need to hang around there for 2 more weeks. Too risky.
  16. shay

    APB....Lost mucous plug

    No!!!!! OMG, I would have paid good money to be a witness to that phone call. :roll Lawd. Someone tell all the preggos out there WE DON'T GIVE A FLYING *#@!! WHEN THE STUPID MUCOUS PLUG FALLS OUT!!