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SharonH, RN has 20 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, Geriatrics.

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  1. SharonH, RN

    Brian Short News

    No words.....
  2. SharonH, RN

    African American Hair Problems in Nursing

    I would never relax my hair for a job interview. Get the braids and wear them in a professional looking bun. If that is offensive to your potential employer, it is probably best you find out ahead of time. Also, I speak from experience; I have been n...
  3. SharonH, RN

    Unexpected kindness from a nurse

    Oh geeeeeeeeeez...................
  4. SharonH, RN

    Nurses fired for refusing flu vaccine

    From the article: Personally I don't usually get the flu shot because I question its value for young, healthy people. Most years I don't take it, but one year I did and became ill within a couple of weeks. While I know I didn't get sick from the va...
  5. SharonH, RN

    The "Differently Abled" Nurse Speaks

    The intent of this post is honorable but I don't think of being overweight or older as a disability or being "differently abled". Also, I have met some overweight nurses who were lazy and unkind just like I have met some who worked circles around me...
  6. SharonH, RN

    Would you be insulted if.....

    I wouldn't be insulted; I'd be embarassed that they had to ask me to do so in the first place.
  7. SharonH, RN

    Got a promotion because of my big...

    I agree with you Leslie, but I would go so far as to say that even in a non-management position a professional person should wear their teeth. It is the societal norm. I have never worked with a nurse who did not have teeth. The only time I have enco...
  8. SharonH, RN

    Got a promotion because of my big...

    I'm frankly surprised that you were able to get hired at all without any teeth. Lack of teeth is not something I associate with a professional appearance, nothin personal. You should get your dentures re-fitted.
  9. SharonH, RN

    Saline flush without a physician order?

    Thank you! A physician order to flush an INT, good grief, never heard of such a thing.
  10. SharonH, RN

    "We want a nurse who speaks CLEAR English"

    I've worked with many, many professionals from other countries and I can count on one hand the number of them I have had difficulty understanding. It happens but it's rare. The fact that they have had a string of nurses they could not understand is.....
  11. SharonH, RN

    Shhhh! ---It's all a crock!

    They didn't dumb it down, they told him what it was about but he tuned them out. See the OP: I bet he wasn't the only one rolling his eyes at the boring details so they reduced it to a corny mnemonic. Oh well..........
  12. SharonH, RN

    Implement a RADICAL IDEA! "Medical plan of care."

    You're welcome. It's funny but when I responded, neither you nor your opinion was even considered. Go figure. I was sharing MY opinion of the tone around her and I will continue to call it as I see it. And I cheerfully remain available when you ne...
  13. SharonH, RN

    Hope for people with a felony

  14. SharonH, RN

    Implement a RADICAL IDEA! "Medical plan of care."

    Heh-heh, of course there are. I have argued that very point many times on this board. buuuuuuuttttt, many of our colleagues simply do not concur. I was merely trying to save OP some trouble and letting him/her know how it is around here.......
  15. SharonH, RN

    Implement a RADICAL IDEA! "Medical plan of care."

    It'll never work, nurses on this board are vehemently opposed to creating their own plan and following through, they only want to follow doctor's orders. Sorry.........