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For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

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Today my nursing instructor told me that she was very impressed with my ability to turn a boring topic into an interesting paper and flat-out said that I'm a very good writer. Then she said she hopes I work on publications in the future!!! This means so much to me because although I do enjoy writing and editing, I honestly thought that this paper was the worst and most boring paper I'd ever written and I kept thinking she was going to make me re-write the whole thing. That scenario was reversed and definitely relieves me, because if I can get complimented at my worst, I think that's a good sign! :yeah:

Trilldayz,RN BSN specializes in Critical Care (ICU/CVICU).

Took our class practice Med-Surg Hesi today and made a 93% (conversion score) An A!!!! (and one of the few A's might I add) Wooohooo!!! And I only spent 45 minutes taking it!!!!

tiredstudentmom specializes in Medical Assisting.

Hi all, I have come to toot my own horn! lol! I made my way into an LVN program (with a plan to bridge almost immediately after!) and am pleased as punch that I'm making 3 A's and 1 B for the 4 classes I'm taking right now! Start nursing school in 6 1/2 wks! yippee! Hooray for everybody!

noyesno has 10 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP.

Put in my first foley! FINALLY.

I didn't tell the patient it was my first time and acted liked I had done it a million times.

The patient said, "you did as good of a job as the doctor did." Can't tell if that is a compliment or not? HA.

sandyfeet specializes in Emergency Nursing.

I was asked to be a peer mentor! I am so blown away because I feel like I am still a beginner, how could I teach anyone else, but one of my clinical instructors recommended me for the position. It makes me feel like all of my hard work over the semester was recognized. I am really excited about the opportunity to help new students, and even more excited about being able to put this on my resume!!! :yeah:

~Mi Vida Loca~RN specializes in Emergency Dept. Trauma. Pediatrics.

Now that I finally got clarity from my instructor on this and know it's legit I can post a new one.

Got a Conversion Score: 99.99% Percentile: 98.07 on my Pharm Hesi, was done in 23 mins. Totally rocked it (didn't do that good in the actual class LOL)

~Mi Vida Loca~RN specializes in Emergency Dept. Trauma. Pediatrics.

Some for clinicals, been doing lots of new stuff in Clinicals (and outside) Did my first Foley, now 3 female successful ones, one male, finally did a good IV (on my son) LOL and 3 successful blood draws, 1 a class mate and 2 on my kids. HAHA I have had awesome co-nurses and gotten a lot of positive and great feedback. I was on cloud 9 on Wednesday from compliments I got from my co nurse. Has been a good semester outside of one little hiccup and it's almost DONE!!!!

Lennonninja specializes in MICU - CCRN, IR, Vascular Surgery.

Got a level 3 on the Meg Surg ATI that we took this week :D Pretty excited!

Mandychelle79 specializes in Psych.

Walking into the final with a solid B.

Scored a 988 on the Hesi I took yesterday. Class Average was 852.


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