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  1. MissChloe

    Is anyone confident about getting into Nursing School?

    I'm fairly confident. I have been accepted to the school as a pre-nursing student, and I have a good academic background. I'm not SO confident that I just KNOW I will get in, but I am also not constantly biting my nails over it.
  2. MissChloe

    Anything that can help get in?

    Some nursing schools do require a current CNA certification. The one I'll be applying to does. It's going to be a race against the clock to finish pre-reqs before the CNA certification expires, as I hope to be working a more regularly-scheduled 8-5 lab job until and throughout school, to cut down on stress. I do have several months work under my belt, though.
  3. MissChloe

    anyone? micro and/or physio spring 2011?

    I'm taking Micro starting in March (we're on trimesters). I'm a little nervous but I've done really well in most of my bio classes (I'm a bio major, graduating in the spring), so I hope it goes really well. I'd love to get an A, but we'll see, since I am taking other classes, too.
  4. MissChloe

    Anyone else having second thoughts?

    Yes, I'm turning 22 on Friday.
  5. MissChloe

    Anyone else having second thoughts?

    Yes, that's what I'm interested in doing. A lot of my classes do count, but there are a few that I haven't taken that aren't offered at my school or that I wasn't able to take (ex. I've taken physiology but we don't have anatomy, we don't have nutrition, I couldn't get into developmental psych, etc.). If I were going to school full time (not working in a lab), I would be able to complete the pre-reqs in 1 or 2 semesters. The jobs that I am applying for are part of a program at the U of Minnesota called the Junior Scientist jobs, and they require only a bachelors. The jobs are part being a lab lackey, and part actually working on experiments. They are designed to get your feet wet in the science field without a ton of extra schooling. There are also several positions for things like research associates that don't need anything beyond a bachelors. As to whether I'm interested in pursuing a higher biology degree, the answer to that is, unfortunately, I have no idea. I feel so torn between two things that I am very interested in. It's a little scary.
  6. MissChloe

    Seemingly pointless classes

    I'd honestly rather write papers than take tests. Papers allow you to really show your breadth of knowledge. If you choke on a test, that's it.
  7. I am about to graduate with a bachelor's in biology in June, and I have been accepted a pre-nursing student in preparation for my ADN to start in the fall. While I know that I eventually do want to get to nursing, I've decided to apply for laboratory jobs with 2 year contracts. I could do pre-reqs part time (rather than full time) while working, but it would delay my graduation by at least a year and a half. I just had this realization that going into nursing without ever trying to work as a scientist would make me very sad. Now, I've been applying for jobs, but I'm feeling really torn about what to do. Do I want to just get done with nursing school, or do I want to try this other path. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I just feel so confused!
  8. The University of Minnesota has this program.
  9. MissChloe

    U of M's MN Degree

    I had originally planned to attend St. Kate's starting this fall for prereqs and then the ADN program, but I've recently had a bit of a quarter-life crisis and decided to take some time to work in a lab before nursing school (I love lab science!). I'm hoping to get a job at the U, take some discounted classes while I'm working there, and make myself a better applicant to this program. I'd love to hear people's experiences with this program, both applying and after you start the actual program. Good luck to those of you starting this coming fall!
  10. MissChloe

    Considering ttc while in school - advice pls

    This thread is really interesting to me. I will be starting a three-year nursing program in the fall, and my drive to have a baby and be a mother is HUGE. My partner and I are planning children young, and I also have a similar health problem (though mine doesn't seem to be as serious as yours is--you have my sincere sympathy). I'm currently on Depo Provera to keep the symptoms at bay, but it isn't recommended for extended periods of time (my ob/gyn told me 2 years max, especially since I already have weak bones, and I'm already approaching a year...). I'm also considering becoming pregnant/having a baby sometime during nursing school. I think that, in your situation, since you are used to dealing with pain and sickness in nursing school, even if you had a pregnancy that wasn't textbook "easy," you might be more able to function in school with the sickness. Of course, some pregnancy complications can be much more serious, but in your case I would think it would make sense to go ahead and try. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, and please keep us (me!) posted with how things work out for you.
  11. MissChloe

    Email resignation?

    I did this recently. I attached a PDF copy to an email, and stated in the email that a paper copy would be following my US Mail. It seemed to work fine.
  12. MissChloe

    College Credits Question

    This fall, I will be starting pre-nursing courses at a University. I will take them for 1 or 2 semesters (depending on what I can get into right away), and then apply for the nursing program. I will be graduating this June with a Biology BA. The thing is, my current school runs on trimesters, and our credit system is unique (a full load is 3 classes of 6 credits each, so 18 credits). I'm looking at my potential courses for next year, and I have no idea what a full load is at a regular university. I want to take as many of my prerequisites before nursing classes start as possible, but I just don't know what is realistic. I'm used to having a lot of work (our courses only run 10 weeks, so we have a lot to fit in!), but I also want to work at least part-time. I haven't yet been assigned an adviser or anything like that at the new University, though I will be contacting someone there to try to get specific answers. I basically was just wondering what sort of course loads other people have taken, what is a typical "full load," and how many credits people were able to take while working part-time. This is all COMPLETELY foreign to me after being in the bubble of an isolated school that is completely different from many other schools. Help!
  13. MissChloe

    What do you have to wear???

    I recently left a job a nursing home where techs wore turquoise tops with black bottoms and the nurses wore prints. We could wear whatever we wanted on Fridays.
  14. MissChloe

    Would you marry a Doctor?

    Because ALL doctors MUST have been divorced twice, have spoiled children, and fancy cars. I think this hang up on profession is ridiculous. Marry whoever you love.
  15. MissChloe

    Being forced to work while sick

    I am a CNA in a nursing home and we have a similar policy. I had a doctor's note to not come in until I was on abx for 24 hours for an infection, and when I called to tell them, they told me if I didn't come in, I would most likely be fired. Way to make the residents sick...