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DreamyEyes specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. DreamyEyes

    When did you figure out your specialty?

    I'm working in Geriatrics currently, but I know eventually I want to be in Psych. I LOVE psych!
  2. DreamyEyes

    Do you have a PASSION for nursing?

    No, nursing is not my passion. Although I do get fulfillment from it, and I love helping people, as cliche as that sounds. I like nursing because I get a good paycheck, I have flexible hours, and there are a million different areas to choose in nursing if you get burnt out in one area. If I had to say what my "passion" is, then I would have to say psychology. Who knows, maybe I'll be a psych nurse one day.
  3. DreamyEyes

    If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become?

    Editor, crime scene investigator, food critic, personal shopper. All of the above would be my dream job. But on a more serious note.. Photographer. Photography right now for me is just a hobby, but I would love to make it into a career or even just a side job one day.
  4. DreamyEyes

    Are there any LPN's not going for RN?

    I have only been an LPN for 5 months now, but I really have no plans on going back right now, either. I just tell people "Oh I'll be going back eventually" just to get them off my back. But really, I'm perfectly content being an LPN, and I have no desire to work in a hospital anyway - unless it's a psychiatric hospital. My favorite clinical rotation was on a geri-psych floor, but unfortunately they only hire RN's. After working in LTC for awhile now, I think I'm more suited for home health or a clinic anyway.
  5. DreamyEyes

    LPN's: What was your first job like?

    Hello to my fellow LPN's :) I'm just curious: For your first job, where did you work? What were your hours like? How long did you work there? I'll go first: I currently work at an ALF/LTC facility on a lock-down dementia unit. I work 11p-730a, 32 hours a week.. sometimes I will do 40 hours a week, depending. I have been at this facility for 5 years now - I previously worked as a CNA, and have been an LPN for 5 months now.
  6. DreamyEyes

    Do you have a set schedule?

    I work 11p-730a. 32 hours a week, occasionally I'll do 40 hours, and I have to work every other weekend. My work days usually vary, but lately it's been: Week 1: work Mon Tues Wed -- Thurs & Fri off -- work Sat & Sun Week 2: Mon & Tues off -- work Wed Thurs & Fri night -- off Sat & Sun
  7. DreamyEyes

    How long did it take to find your niche?

    I have worked in LTC/assisted living for 5 years (4 1/2 as a CNA, 6 mos as a nurse), and I work primarily on a dementia unit. Is it my dream job? No. Is it my passion? I used to think so. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love working with the elderly; However, I'm starting to realize I may not be cut out for this area of nursing, as way too many things bother me about LTC that it would be impossible to list them all. So really, I'm still searching for my 'niche'. I have a feeling that I would love working in either psych or an adult day care center, but there's not many openings around here for those areas, unfortunately. I'm thinking eventually I might just work in a clinic.
  8. DreamyEyes

    Am I being take advantage of?

    The title says it all. I've been working at a LTC facility for 5 years now. I started as a CNA, and I've been working as a nurse there for a little over 3 months now. When I was hired as a nurse, they kept going back and forth on whether the position would be full-time or part-time. I made it clear to them that I obviously wanted full-time, but would take any hours that I could get. Basically, I was told that I would be part-time but they would try to schedule me for as many hours as they could, and it would eventually go to full-time. Well, since then, I've been getting 32-40 hours a week consistently, with maybe ONE week a 24 hr/work week (our schedule is monthly). I talked to our HR lady today, and she said that to be elegible (sp?) for full time benefits or pay in lieu, you need to have an average of 30 hours a week quarterly. So as long as the average is at least 30 hours a week per quarter, then you can get benefits. She still has my status at part time, and says that the DON needs to hand over the status change over to her. I'm going to talk to my DON and ADON about this, but I feel like I'm getting taking advantage of, and they are known for beating around the bush when it comes to talking about issues. Has anyone been in this kind of situation? I don't want to leave my job, but if, after talking to my boss I'm still not getting benefits, I may have to leave..
  9. DreamyEyes

    How long did it take....

    2 hours after I took the exam. This is not the norm, though. Most of my friends that took the exam around the same time I did, said it took 1-2 days for their license to show up. I'm still not sure why it was posted so fast, but I'm def. not complaining! I was a nervous wreck that day.
  10. DreamyEyes

    Working evening (3-11) shift - what do you do with your day?

    Unfortunately, I could NEVER get into a routine when I worked 3-11. Unless you would call waking up at noon, being lazy on the couch, then finally jumping in the shower a routine. A nurse at my work who works 3-11 makes herself go to bed right after work and then wakes up at 8 am so she has the whole day to enjoy before going in.
  11. DreamyEyes

    Entry Level Salaries for LPN's

    It depends on where you live. Where I live, LPN's start out anywhere from $16-$24 an hour depending on what setting you work in. I'm a new grad LPN working in assisted living/LTC on night shift, and making $22 an hour to start.
  12. DreamyEyes

    8 hrs night shift, x5/week

    I did it one summer as a CNA, and I'll never do the 40 hours on nights again (unless it was 7p-7a, but my facility doesn't really give us the option of doing this). I now work as a nurse on 11p-7a, but I normally work 32 hours (4 nights/wk). For some reason having that extra night off makes a huge difference for me. When I did it 5 nights/wk, I felt like I had NO time off.
  13. DreamyEyes

    does LPN stand for Last Person Needed?

    Sorry to hear of your job search difficulties. From my own experience in LPN school, the girls in my class who graduated and were already working as CNA's, had a more easier time obtaining employment. Whether at the facility they had already been working at, or at a new one. I was lucky enough to be offered a position at the facility I was already working in as a CNA. What types of places are you applying to? Are you applying to every nursing home, asssisted living, etc. in your area? Even if a place is not advertised as hiring, it never hurts to walk in and introduce yourself, and leave your resume so they have it on file if a position should open up. Also, many staffing agencies do NOT hire new grads. In my area, you have to have at least 6 mo-1 year experience before applying to agency. I wouldn't feel comfortable working as a new nurse in agency, anyway. You really need the proper orientation. Good luck and don't give up!
  14. DreamyEyes

    How Long to Wait After School to Take NCLEX

    Good luck! It's definitely smart not to wait forever to take them. I graduated May 6th, took my boards May 18th, and passed. As long as you've been practicing questions and reviewed infection control, lab values, prioritization, and going over areas you feel weak in, you will be fine.
  15. DreamyEyes

    LPN pay

    Not sure about Ohio, but where I live, *starting* pay for an LPN is anywhere from $16-$24 an hour, depending if you work in a doctor's office, home health, long term care setting, etc.