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  1. tiredstudentmom

    Top 8 things I hate about being a nurse

    What an awesome article indeed! I just loved it!
  2. tiredstudentmom


    It's been a very long time since any story made me teary eyed... There really are no words. I can't imagine going through that and how very difficult it must've been for her and her little family.
  3. tiredstudentmom

    North 14 - The room where the patient died.

    This story gave me goosebumps and chills through and through! LOVED it! ( Tragic, yet sad as well... What kind of person does that, states that they want a divorce while someone is in the hospital? Guess they needed the other party to be in a vulnerable state... )
  4. tiredstudentmom

    LPN student on 2nd day of hospital clinicals

    Be straight forward with the Tech and RN. Let them know exactly what you can do and make it clear that you do want to help as well as learn. You can do this! Speak with your clinical instructor if need be or the clinical Team Leader if you guys do that sort of thing. Good luck to you! (I am about to embark on hospital clinicals as a SVN! Yikes! I commiserate with ya!) :hug: You got this!
  5. tiredstudentmom

    GVN gets paid more than me!!

    I wonder how someone could even get a job in that manner, not even being able to obtain licensing. Seems like it could be dangerous... Just my two cents. Doesn't sound like a situation I'd want to be in. I really hope a solution is found...
  6. tiredstudentmom

    What was the lowest diastolic bp you have seen?

    Lowest I've seen thus far was my own: 88/55. I was in labor w/ my daughter post sleeping pill amd labor inducement. I was hypertensive w/ all my pregnancies so when I woke up w/ a contraction despite sleeping meds and saw that bp, I couldn't believe it! My nurse had a very disconcerted/worried look on her face! ( I had BPs in the 160's/90-100's and was on strict bed rest).
  7. tiredstudentmom

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    Lmbo!!! I almost spit my drink @ my phone reading the "balls" story!
  8. tiredstudentmom

    New Grad- ER Position

    First of all: congrats! As a nursing student, I am truly inspired! Take the position, learn, get your experience! Woo hoo! You made it!
  9. tiredstudentmom

    My PhD Journey - Part 1

    What an inspiring article! I look forward to reading more about your journey into PhD.
  10. tiredstudentmom

    Accepted to ADN program!!

    Congrats! Way to rise above and persevere!
  11. I wish you the very best... Don't feel so bad. I am in an LVN program, full-time, living off of financial aid and my most awesome and generous parents and I'm 33 yrs old! What courage it took to move that far from anything that you knew...despite the risks. Please keep us informed of your progress through your job search. Best wishes to you.
  12. After reading this particular topic, I feel very grateful for the LVN program I am in right now. We just finished our 1st semester and we have already learned vital signs, basic assessments, take care of incontinent patients, document, and blood sugars. Also have been learning the nursing process and just started doing basic care plans. Not saying it's the best or anything but rather stating how thankful I am for the program I chose. Good luck to you all.
  13. tiredstudentmom

    Lvn to rn Weatherford college 2011

    I am currently in the LVN program at WC and am looking into the LVN bridge to RN program at WC as well. I have heard though that due to budget cuts that the program won't be starting another class (after 2011 start) until late 2012...? Any news on that? What advice would current applicants/students in the program give? I really have enjoyed the hands on experience thus far in the LVN program.
  14. tiredstudentmom

    how much do you make a month? new LPN

    Anyone have any info on LVN salaries in the DFW metroplex? Inquiring mind wants to know. I have done some research via job sites, careerbuilder, etc, and gleaned some info, but not anything definitive.
  15. tiredstudentmom

    Assisted living LPN position for new grad-2nd interview help!!

    First of all, congrats on landing a 2nd interview! Don't have any advice, but wish you all the best!