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tiredstudentmom has 5 years experience and specializes in Medical Assisting.

I'm a Medical Assistant w/ an Associate's Degree looking to go to RN.

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  1. NCTC Spring 2013 LVN program

    I haven't applied yet... But I have paperwork ready! I live in Ft Worth, but at only 2 travel days per wk, I think I can handle a long commute!
  2. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    If you don't mind commuting 1000+ miles for clinicals every weekend!
  3. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    Nice. Hope it works out for ya!
  4. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    Hmmmmm...did not know about the RN program. Very interesting...
  5. AAMA and AMT offer the Certification/Registrations. There is a test you have to take, usually around $100, however, I would contact them about the qualifications needed to sit for that exam. It's been about 8 yrs since I sat for the AMT/RMA exam, tho...
  6. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    Gotcha! Well, if they take me, I think the online deal will work out best for my schedule. So many other schools don't have part-time/weekend/evening programs. I think it's a good way to allow those who have to work a way to become a nurse. The m...
  7. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    Sounds like math definitely doesn't bother you if you managed to save $700! Math only bothers me if it gets much more complicated than avg algebra problems. Did you guys form study groups of some kind (whether in person/online, etc)?
  8. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    That sounds wonderful! :) I know someone who went through the traditional program and she loved it and had no trouble getting a job. But yeah, I believe it will be rather difficult no matter where I go or what schedule I take. Discipline, I got that!...
  9. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    It's online, but only takes what, 1 yr like the traditional program? We would learn skills and do clinicals on-site, correct? Sorry, I know, loads of questions! Anything you can tell me would be so very helpful.

    A much belated congrats to you! Since you've been in for a semester now, can you tell me a bit about Hill's VN program? I'm looking at going there, already applied for general admission...
  11. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    Thanks I really appreciate it... Do you prefer open communication here, a PM through Allnurses.com, or via email?
  12. NCTC Spring 2013 LVN program

    Hi, berrynurse9, I am also looking into this very program... Looking forward to getting some information!
  13. NCTC 2012 online lvn program

    msshun1973, do you mind if I ask you about the NCTC Online LVN program as well? I work full-time and a weekend/part-time/alternate schedule nursing program really appeals to me.
  14. anyone get into fortis college (medvance)

    I would be interested in those who are attending Fortis in TX to say a little bit about their experience. If need be, I would accept a PM. Thanks. Just considering this school.
  15. Fortis Institute LPN bridge

    I wish I had info too! Gonna go meet w/ them and get some more info about their program.