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Lennonninja MSN, APRN

MICU - CCRN, IR, Vascular Surgery
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Lennonninja has 9 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in MICU - CCRN, IR, Vascular Surgery.


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  1. Not everywhere has a pediatric ED. The closest one to me is over an hour away, and I'm not in a rural area. Should you pass and become a nurse, you'll realize how important your psych nursing class was, no matter what the rest of your classmates said. Surprise surprise, nursing students don't know what real life nursing is like! Your 1% statistic means nothing. If the board of nursing wants you to have the education, there's no way around it. If you're upset about the cost of a textbook, try to borrow one. It would serve you well to try and calm down your defensive attitude before you finish school, because you sound like a chore to precept.
  2. Lennonninja

    Can med surg nurse go into ICU?

    I went from med/surg straight to the ICU. It all depends on your hospital. Give it a shot!
  3. Lennonninja

    If you could build your own radiology department

    I've been in IR for 7 months now, and we do radiology nursing as well. Decide what you can be called in for. Should you be called in for an inpatient ICU para or thora? Should you be called in for an inpatient lumbar puncture? Are you on call for both IR and radiology? Do you get a callback minimum if you're called in and aren't working for at least 3 hours (that's our callback minimum).
  4. Lennonninja

    Three 12s vs Five 8s

    I work four 9s per week and take call (Interventional Radiology) and it's been a great change. I miss the extra day off from three 12s, but being able to do things on a work day is so nice!
  5. Lennonninja

    Specialty for introvert?

    I second this, IR is a good place for introverts. Short term interactions with people, and in the 5 months I've been in IR, I've only had 3 grumpy patients/families!
  6. Lennonninja

    How late after your shift do you stay at work?

    Rarely later than 15 minutes. It depends on who I'm giving report to, and if I have to wait for them to get done with their other patient. We do bedside report in the MICU, and always do the first turn with the oncoming nurse, so if there's a poop situation that will delay things too. But for charting, almost never, unless it's been an astronomically bad day.
  7. Thanks to you I'm now googling cerebral microdialysis and it's both fascinating and horrifying!
  8. Lennonninja

    Bachelor degree for ADN

    I had a previous bachelors degree before considering going into nursing. I chose the community college route for my ASN as my entry point to nursing because of cost.
  9. Lennonninja

    Am I too small to be a nurse?

    One of the most amazing nurses I know is 4'11". Being short doesn't matter!
  10. Love your videos! I'm in my first semester of grad school and found your vlog right before the start of the semester. Keep up the great work!
  11. Not in my hospital. I work in a very conservative area and I'm as blue as they come. I just don't talk about it at work.
  12. I've heard it used with "when was our last round of epi?" so that we know when we can give the next one.
  13. Subscribed!
  14. Lennonninja

    Longer commute for less pay. Worth it?

    The extra wear and tear and gas for that long of a commute for less money doesn't seem worth it. I got a raise when I took a job that's a 100 mile a day round trip and the commute still kills me.
  15. Lennonninja

    Calling in for no sleep

    I called out for a lack of sleep one time ever. I already had trouble sleeping for night shift and it was getting to panic levels. One day I had a 4 hour long panic attack & couldn't sleep even with Benadryl, melatonin, and tequila. I literally didn't sleep a single minute. I then spoke with my manager & moved to days a few months later.
  16. Lennonninja

    ICU Patient Ratios

    How does an RN have a cvvh assignment and not a patient assignment in your unit? If my patient is on cvvh I'm 1:1 with them, and doing all of their care, assessments, and running the machine as well. Dialysis RNs never touch anything r/t cvvh in my hospital.

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