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  1. Love your videos! I'm in my first semester of grad school and found your vlog right before the start of the semester. Keep up the great work!
  2. Lennonninja

    Think Before You Speak: The Last Words Your Patient May Hear

    I like playing the relaxation music channel on our hospital's tv system for my incubated and sedated patients because I'd prefer to hear music over all of the hospital beeps if I were the one in the bed. We were taught that hearing is the last sense to go during nursing school and I too like to talk to my patients just in case, and play music & sing to them during bath time.
  3. Lennonninja

    Left Speechless

    So many tears
  4. Lennonninja

    "What I Really Do" meme

    Can you link a bigger picture of the all nurses one?
  5. Lennonninja

    Small talk with patients, what to say?

    Depending on their mood, if they seem like they might like to chat, I usually ask about their families and what sort of work they did before they retired. Both of those are usually well received.
  6. Lennonninja

    Does your school have preceptorships?

    My ASN program didn't have preceptorships d/t lack of space in the hospital. I did a nurse internship between years though that was 12 weeks of 3 12s per week and worked as a tech the whole second year. It's not technically a preceptorship, but an excellent experience regardless. I was offered a job on the floor I work on as a tech two months before graduation.
  7. Lennonninja

    Raise your hand if you're about to graduate!!!

    I'm finally graduating this Friday!! Just sent off my paperwork to state boards and paid to register for the nclex. This is incredibly surreal right now! I registered for allnurses before I started my very first pre-req and now I'm almost a new grad!! I didn't make my goal of graduating with a 4.0 but a 3.9 isn't too shabby, especially for working all through school! Hoping to take the nclex about a month from now and then start my RN job!!
  8. Lennonninja

    12 hour shift clinicals

    I liked the 12 hour clinicals personally. If we're going to be working 12 hour shifts, why not get used to them?
  9. Lennonninja

    I made it!!!! I am a nursing Graduate!!!

    Congratulations!! I have my finals on Monday and then graduation the following week. I can't believe how fast it's gone by!
  10. Lennonninja

    BSN after ASN

    Nope, it's the same exam. You only need to pass it once.
  11. Lennonninja

    Why is it everyone's favorite?

    I hate Peds/OB. I don't feel comfortable around kids or pregnant women, so I'll just leave those areas to the people who love them. My dream is the cardiac ICU. I realized this summer that I LOVE cardiac, and that I'm an adrenaline junkie. I like how our ED works at my hospital too, you get assigned to different sections of the dept every 4 hours, and I think that might work well with my semi-ADD brain. I'll be starting out in Med Surg though. I'm hoping to get some good skills under my belt and then move on to one of my dream units :)
  12. I go and play World of Warcraft. One of the best stress relievers for me!
  13. My medical experience before starting nursing school was about 3.5-4 years working for a veterinarian (which actually ended up being really helpful, more than I would have thought) and working in a medical office for 2 years before my actual nursing classes started. I got a PCT job in the hospital during the summer before my 2nd year of classes and that helped SO MUCH. Most of my classmates didn't have any experience at all, and they've all done just fine. If you start to worry about not having had experience just remember, at least you don't have bad habits to break! Some of us do, I know I got yelled at for the way I took off non-sterile gloves because it wasn't how the teachers would have liked!
  14. Lennonninja

    Advice, summer internship vs summer ob/peds

    Internship all the way. You'll learn more than your classmates who didn't do an internship, you can add it to your resume as real life experience, and it'll set you apart from people graduating at the same time as you who didn't do internships.