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Tenebrae has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Mental Health, Gerontology, Palliative.

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  1. Tenebrae

    Does being addressed as “Nurse” annoy anyone?

    Doesnt bother me. I also get called 'Miss' they are usually the ones who have a forensic mental health history and its a requirement that corrections officers are called either 'sir' or 'miss" I do say 'please call me Tenebrae'. The patien...
  2. Tenebrae

    How do I fix my attitude?

    I'm driven by the personal motto "learn to tell people to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip" Things that help me include having an outside outlet that is completely unrelated to nursing. I work to indulge my craftin...
  3. Tenebrae

    The Nurse's Role in Providing Spiritual Care - Is It OK to Pray?

    There is a massive power imbalance between nurse and patient. To offer prayer when the person may or may not believe in your god is wrong on every level. Not to mention, what if the person is muslim, hindu, Sikh, Wiccan, Pagan, you going to be able t...
  4. Great article. One thing I would add to it. for every 9 agitated patients that these skills work well with, there will be always 1 who is an enigma and you have to do the complete oppisate Says the nurse who had to walk out on a patient wr...
  5. Tenebrae

    The Nurse's Role in Providing Spiritual Care - Is It OK to Pray?

    I have had situations where a patient asks me to pray with them. I will usually say something along the lines of "thank you for that privlidge, I am an agnositic and probably not the best person to be praying with you. Would you like me to call...
  6. No doubt some dimwitted politican will ask why the child couldnt have surgery to fix the birth defect in the wound or after birth.😡 Much like the assumption a sitting US politican asked about why an ectopic pregnancy cant be removed from the fal...
  7. what is America like for encouraging pregnant patients to take prenatal vitamins?I'm in NZ, one of the big ones encouraged is folic acid to prevent neural tube defects as well as prenatal multi.
  8. Absolutely no. I wear a garmin watch which records my steps, the only one who has access to that info.
  9. This week Kansas voted to maintain access to abortion care. Yay for a small victory, because bear in mind opponents of abortion. Restricting access to abortion doesn't stop it, it just means more people die from it. Not to mention the clu...
  10. Tenebrae

    New Grad with 2 offers

    Which one do you have a more positive feeling about?
  11. Tenebrae

    IV Push Ativan

    OP I once gave a patient four drops of clonazepam and they died 10 minutes later. I know that the clonazepam was what relaxed her enough to let go., I was a bit nervous the next time. Working in hospice, I often gave ativan as a subq push or we...
  12. Tenebrae

    Texas Abortion Law

    That has to be the biggest pile of horse excrement I've read in a while. 😡 Closely followed by the fact that she had to go to another state because she was 2 or 3 days over the 6 week limit.
  13. Tenebrae

    Texas Abortion Law

    Thats the ironic thing. The same people outlawing abortion are now trying to make birth control illegal
  14. Tenebrae

    Unions - Yay or Nay?

    I'm a union gal We have NZNO which is a nationwide union. The DHB meca is incrediblty strong, including time and a half on weekends. Penal rates for afternoons and night shifts. Public holidays double time plus a day in lieu. Have just changed j...
  15. Tenebrae

    Offensive Badge

    I'd complain about your trump badge as well As its been said, keep your politics out of your work place. Also if you value your oline privacy I'd consider changing your name to something that is not your actual name.