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  1. mkblakley07

    A Sleep Deprived Nurse's Musings on Motherhood

    This was beautiful. You made me tear up a bit. Thank you for posting this. :)
  2. mkblakley07

    Anyone else freak out their first day without a preceptor?

    Just make sure you're organized. No one is going to expect you to be perfect on your first day, but it's nice if you have a routine to follow to get things done. I usually get my assignment, take report and look at my charts then get my morning meds out. This keeps me from having to wait in a long line at the pyxis. Then I go and introduce myself to each patient and lay eyes on each one, just so I know what their status is and I let them know I'll be back with their morning meds in a bit. Then I go give my meds and do my physical assessments while I'm in the room so that I can go chart them when I'm done. Then I go do my chart checks again to make sure there are no new orders to implement. From then on I'm usually pretty busy making sure everything gets done. (My full time job is on a tele monitored adult obs unit, so patients are constantly going to and from procedures and getting consults and new meds and new orders. The max stay is about 48 hours, so we have a high turnover rate. For instance, I started out with three, discharged one and admitted two today and that's completely normal.) I just make sure that every hour or so I make time to sit down and document on my patients. I like to be thorough and it's hard for me to remember exactly when things happened hours after they occurred. Was that helpful?
  3. I just wondered if I was the only one who felt really anxious the first day working as a nurse on their own. I was supposed to go orient to the ICU in a little hospital in the area, but when I got there I was told to go to the ER to be the other RN there for the day. I was so terrified that I would do something crazy/stupid, but the day seemed to go well. I'm really proud of how well I did on my first day on my own, but I really did freak out when I realized that there wasn't going to be someone with me to help me out.
  4. mkblakley07

    What do TX RNs make?

    I am making 24 an hour as a new grad in Temple. I don't think they care about where you're from. My coworkers are from all over the US, some come from even further.
  5. mkblakley07

    calling ALL newly licensed NURSES.......[3yrs<]

    Central Texas Graduated- 12/2010 Passed Boards- 2/2011 Started 1st Job- 1/2011 Started 2nd Job- 2/2011 I work PRN at the 1st job because it's in an area that I have a genuine interest in. I work full time at the other one. The pay is better and there's more opportunity for advancement within the hospital. I filled out numerous applications before landing the 2nd job. The first job was immediately available to me upon graduation because that is where I'd done my clinicals during the last semester of school.
  6. mkblakley07

    Scott & White

    We get a lot of patients that are there to r/o cardiac problems, but they get all different kinds of patients. They told me that they don't generally get post ops or anything like that, but when the hospital was full to capacity I know we got a couple of post ops that had to stay for further testing. The people on the floor are great, it's fairly fast paced too. The average patient load is 5 per nurse, we aren't supposed to get more than six, but since the average patient stay on the floor is so short, those 5 patients you started with may all leave to home or whatever floor they need to go to and you get 5 admits or something like that. So far I've gotten to fiddle with J-tubes, drains, and colostomies, but I haven't been on the floor all that long either. They will tell you that if you want a floor where you get to practice all of the skills you learned in school, this might not be the best floor for you, but they also have you float to other floors when there's low census. All of the beds are tele monitored and the majority of patients are on telemetry while they're on our floor.
  7. mkblakley07

    Scott & White

    I completed the packet and turned it in first, then I applied for the positions that I wanted on the website.
  8. mkblakley07

    Scott & White

    Thanks! I'm working on STC-2
  9. mkblakley07

    IV Gauge for CT

    In the facility I work at now, they prefer an 18g to the AC, but will accept a 20g. They don't really bend on the placement either, which makes sense because of the need for a large vein. Plus I've always been told that part of CP protocol is to insert a large bore IV (once again 18g preferred) so if they need to push fluids or (what have you) they can. Just my little contribution to this topic
  10. mkblakley07

    What your mind does when you let it wander.

    Time management and the ability to get things done quickly, learning how to work different hopital computer systems efficiently, how to chart thoroughly, learning to differentiate between emergent and non-emergent patients and protocols for dealing with each...The ability to think on your feet and be confident about what you do, great people skills including the ability do deal with the especially difficult patients without blowing a fuse... Maybe mention any special certs that you have?
  11. mkblakley07

    new RN - income questions

    Where are you working? I just got hired on at S&W in temple and base pay is $24.47 for grad nurses in their internship program. I'm also working out in another smaller hospital where base pay for new grads is $20, which is not too shabby, but I'm having a little wage envy here.
  12. mkblakley07

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I took the test on Wednesday during the rolling blackouts in Texas... The power went out for thirty minutes during my exam (I was on question 65) then I got the blue screen of death not even ten minutes after the power came back on. I panicked because I thought I'd done so badly on the test. (It's not every day that you wish a test had more questions...) After I ran some errands I came home and did the pearson view trick, but it said my test was on hold (because they had to file an occurance report bc of the blackout during the test.) but a couple of hours later I got the good pop up. :) I checked TBON this morning, but my license still isn't posted, so I paid $7.95 and did the 'quick result' and I PASSED! Just thought I might share.
  13. mkblakley07

    New grad job in Temple texas

    I think there were a couple of more new grad positions available on 5 South too. They were older postings (still from 2011) though. I don't know if they've been filled...
  14. mkblakley07

    Scott & White

    I just recieved my job offer yesterday and the new grad pay is a little over 24 dollars an hour. I don't know if you were still wondering... Just thought I'd let you know. :)