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mkblakley07 has 6 years experience and specializes in Telemetry/IMC.

I've lived in Texas all my life, Graduated with my associates of science in nursing and currently working on my bachelor's degree. I currently work in critical care in a large hospital in central Texas.

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  1. mkblakley07

    A Sleep Deprived Nurse's Musings on Motherhood

    This was beautiful. You made me tear up a bit. Thank you for posting this. :)
  2. mkblakley07

    Good reading material for new ER GN

    I looked it up online, and the ultrascope has a whole lot of great reviews and it's way cheaper than my littmann was. Kind of makes me wish I'd looked around a little more before buying. I'm going to stick with my littman till it dies though, I think. I'm rather attached to it. :) So is the Sheehy's Emergency nursing in an easy to read format? It's not cheap, and I'd like to know before I buy because I have a short attention span when it comes to the textbook format books. I :redbeathe farside! badphish- I just ordered The House of God and look forward to reading it. :) Thanks for all your good advice!
  3. mkblakley07

    Good reading material for new ER GN

    Thank you for all the great advice. I agree that littman makes a great stethoscope. I bought one after the one I got with my lab kit disappeared during clinicals one day. I've never had Nubalance shoes before, are they good but expensive or are they cost effective too? I remember when I rotated through the ER during clinicals and I said that it was awfully quiet: the staff just about had kittens! At first I didn't think I was interested in working in the Emergency Department at all, I wanted to work in peds, but after rotating through both I found that I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the ER. I feel really blessed to have the opportunity to get to start out there. :)
  4. mkblakley07

    Good reading material for new ER GN

    Thank you. I'm really excited about this job. I looked at the ENA website, and I saw that they have some online learning opportunities that I might take advantage of. I thought the triage one looked especially beneficial.
  5. Wow, that is great. I didn't have to take the maternity HESI, but I didn't do wonderfully on the one for the ERI, so I can only imagine how difficult that was. Congrats!
  6. mkblakley07

    Good reading material for new ER GN

    Hi, I just graduated with my ADN and have been hired in the ER at my local hospital and I was wondering if y'all had any suggestions on any books that might be helpful for the new ER nurse or any equipment that you think I will really need. I haven't started yet, but I would like to be prepared. (I'm kind of anxious so if you have any advice that would also be greatly appreciated) Thanks, TexanSN
  7. mkblakley07

    Easy and Fast Meals

    http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Artichoke-Chicken/Detail.aspx http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/White-Chili-with-Ground-Turkey/Detail.aspx Tacos and nachos are always easy to make. Chicken and gravy: 1 package of chicken breasts or tenders 1 can of golden mushroom soup 1 can of cream of chicken soup 1/2 chopped onion 1 container of mushrooms (Chopped) 1 tbsp of minced garlic Salt and pepper to taste Preheat the oven to 425. Put the chicken in a casserole dish. Then you can either put the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and then distribute it over the chicken breasts. You can also top it with cheese if you prefer. Cook it for an hour or until chicken is fully cooked.
  8. mkblakley07

    Classmates using you as a pincushion?

    Woops! I phrased that wrong. I mean I don't know why we don't practice on each other like others do in their classes. I know it's a bad idea to practice on people unsupervised (though I know people who've done it on their spouses...o.o) lol. That's just asking for trouble.
  9. mkblakley07

    Classmates using you as a pincushion?

    We were told not to practice on each other and if we did or if we practiced on family/friends, that that was grounds for expulsion from the program. I don't know exactly why though...
  10. mkblakley07

    Good templates for Head to Toe Assessment

    do you mean something like this? Assessment Form.doc
  11. mkblakley07

    Fast Meal Ideas

    I must agree with the other posters in that a crock pot is fantastic :redbeathe. You can just stick the ingredients in and run. As for recipe ideas, allrecipes.com has a lot of good quick, easy meals, you can even just look for quick meals (there's a link on the left somewhere...) :)
  12. mkblakley07

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas! :reindeer:
  13. mkblakley07

    How much is school costing you?

    This semester's about $700 for tuition, and I spent $128 on books, but i only had to buy one this time because we'd already had to buy our Med Surg text last semester. I spent $612 on books last semester, and $500 ish the semester before... Our college charges about $50 for resident out of district tuition (plus lab fees and what have you) , so the credit hours aren't too bad. The books are horrible though. Until this semester, I bought my all my books from the campus bookstore, which was a big gigantic rip off... I've discovered a new love for amazon.com :loveya:
  14. mkblakley07

    Free Concept Map Template

    I attached a blank care map.. is this what you need? Blank_Care_map.doc
  15. mkblakley07

    Lecture question

    Many students benefit from viewing pictures and diagrams, and I know that the students in my class liked to hear the real life examples of what we were being taught. We also liked to be able to play with models and such (I don't know what you might use for the endocrine system, but it was nice for mother/baby, etc.). Some people benefit from seeing and touching things... I don't know how much help this is, but good luck! :)
  16. mkblakley07

    Age you will/were graduated?

    I'm gonna be 21 when I get my ADN. But I plan on going further.