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Elementary, Middle or High School?


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Just curious - mine are Elementary, PK through 5th grade.



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Jr high. 6/7/8


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The whole she-bang! PreK-12.


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PK - 5

The whole she-bang! PreK-12.

Me too . . . except I retired from school nursing last October.

Today, two teachers who go to my church hugged me and said they missed me.

I preferred the elementary school kids. But I had two high schools, two jr. highs, two elementary, 4 continuation, 4 special ed.

And I worked 3 days a week. I still get a bit nauseous when I drive by the D.O. where my "real" office was . . . :wacky:

(edited to add - yesterday in Safeway, a young woman stopped me and said "I remember you. You were the nurse when I had my first baby." and she went on to talk about how I made her get out of bed and walk so she could be discharged home sooner with her baby and she thanked me.)

Gotta travel to them all but I WAY prefer high school. Little kids give me the creeps with their snotty noses, whiny voices and pee pants.

Cattz, ADN

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Early Childhood Special Ed. to High School. Each are unique and pick my nurse brain in a different way. My favorites are our Early Childhood Special Ed. sweethearts. They are simply amazing!! :inlove:


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Right now 4 elementary schools Pre-k through 5th, but have done all grades.

High school. But sometimes it feels like elementary school.

Keepstanding, ASN, RN

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PK - 5 here. Have a great day SN Peeps ! :yes:


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High school 9-12 for me.

SnugglePuggle, MSN, RN

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As a former sub I've had a taste of all grades, especially Elementary. However, I like working with my 7th and 8th graders best!

K-5th here. I'll take boo-boos and bumped heads over drug use and pregnancy any day!

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

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7th - 12th grade. I get to see then get through those very tough MS years and become functioning little almost adults.

K-5th here. I'll take boo-boos and bumped heads over drug use and pregnancy any day!

See, I'm the opposite. Bring on the drug and sex questions/issues.