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  1. Cattz

    Food Intolerance Parent Questionnaire

    Thank you for all your insight. Happy Thursday!
  2. Do any of you have a Parent Questionnaire for students who have a Food Intolerance (not Allergy) that you would be willing to share? Thank you and Happy Monday Friends- a.
  3. Cattz


    Certification is NOT required in Missouri. I hope you have been able to access the Missouri School Nurse website, it has great resources. Here is the link to that website https://health.mo.gov/living/families/schoolhealth/index.php If you click on the guidelines and publications, there is a wealth of knowledge. Good luck and welcome to school nursing in the our good ole Show-Me State. Go Chiefs!
  4. Cattz


    OD. Thank you so much for checking in and giving us some encouragement. We miss you dearly. I sure hope you are doing quite well with Sweet Petunia's honey-do list!
  5. Cattz

    High School Sports Physicals

    Can you get a hold of a copy the Manual of the State High School Athletic Association in the state you are in? Let the powers the be in your school know, for sure, that you know the rules and requirements of students who play sports in your state? Can you have a meeting at get the powers that be at the table to discuss the possible repercussions for all involved ? As the school lawyer to get in on the discussion?
  6. Cattz

    High School Sports Physicals

    I am so thankful that this year at the high school I go to, this has been completely handed over to the AD. The secretary and I both threw away our blank copies away. YaaaaYesssss! It just got more complicated since in Missouri it got changed to now the Sports Physicals are good for 2 years instead of just one. What a nightmare to track. I am so glad to be done with them.
  7. Cattz

    High School Sports Physicals

    Go up the chain of command and document every conversation. This will take valuable time, but will be worth it. You may need to get put on the agenda to express your concerns to the Board of Education if nothing is resolved before then. This is a cut and dried issue. I am so sorry that you are in such a no-win situation. Unfortunately, I agree, you will be thrown under the bus if an issue arises. Hang in there.
  8. Cattz

    Any Contract Nurses?

    Hi all. I have missed you all and hope you are enjoying your summer. I have to ask if there are any nurses that contract with your school(s) for your school nurse services? My job has been completely restructured due to budgets. I am being offered to Contract 1 day a week with 2 of my schools. I love my job and do not want to leave it, but I don't know if I can afford to stay or if the legalities are too scary. I have been a School Nurse for 23 years and am really at a loss. My heart is broken at the thought of leaving, but I don't want to do something stupid either. If there is anyone that can give me some talking/negotiating points...I would so appreciate it. One of my biggest questions are- Since I will be working somewhere the other 3 days a week, how is this normally handled when something comes up that I can't come to school for ?(because I am working at something completely different on my days that I am not at school). Thank you.
  9. Cattz

    Happy Nurses' Week, my loves!

    Happy Nurses Week to all of you! We are an amazing bunch...I Love Us!
  10. Cattz

    Multiple schools

    I have covered 4 different rural schools- 5 buildings. It can work very nicely, as I have been so fortunate. It takes A LOT of training and thinking 10 steps ahead for the 'what ifs". How many students are in each building? Who will be taking care of kids' basics when you are not in a building?
  11. Cattz

    The way things should be

    YAAAAY! What a victory!!
  12. I think there was on a thread here that someone had posted a nifty trick to get a reluctant preschooler to wear an eye patch. Anyone recall the trick or have one they will share? Thanks Friends.
  13. Cattz

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    YES! THIS!! I use this approach with my teachers that STILL ask too many questions about information that is not "need to know" where lice is concerned. I kind of get a kick out of playing the game with them! and I (and the student) wins...every time!
  14. Cattz

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    I hope you taped them to your Bulletin Board for anyone to who needs to see a "real" specimen! It is kind of a right of passage for us here.
  15. Cattz

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    I think we are going to survive. It is slowly warming starting tomorrow. Over the weekend, it is supposed to be in the 50's. We may break out the shorts and flip flops! Think extra happy thoughts. One of my schools is hosting a Basketball Tournament and my daughter and I are in charge of the Hospitality Room. Hope the bad weather is behind us and that she and I are feeling extra hospitable!
  16. Cattz

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    Not far from the Iowa line in Missouri. No school tomorrow and probably a late start on Thursday. But, thankfully after that it is supposed to warm up...at least a little! To top that off, we didn't have school all last week because of icy roads.

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