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  1. Cattz

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    YES! THIS!! I use this approach with my teachers that STILL ask too many questions about information that is not "need to know" where lice is concerned. I kind of get a kick out of playing the game with them! and I (and the student) wins...every time!
  2. Cattz

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    I hope you taped them to your Bulletin Board for anyone to who needs to see a "real" specimen! It is kind of a right of passage for us here.
  3. Cattz

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    I think we are going to survive. It is slowly warming starting tomorrow. Over the weekend, it is supposed to be in the 50's. We may break out the shorts and flip flops! Think extra happy thoughts. One of my schools is hosting a Basketball Tournament and my daughter and I are in charge of the Hospitality Room. Hope the bad weather is behind us and that she and I are feeling extra hospitable!
  4. Cattz

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    Not far from the Iowa line in Missouri. No school tomorrow and probably a late start on Thursday. But, thankfully after that it is supposed to warm up...at least a little! To top that off, we didn't have school all last week because of icy roads.
  5. Cattz

    C'Mon Now!

    OK. This one cracked me up, because anyone who has seen my posts about those dang "Oils" knows how I feel about them. So, I got a referral from a teacher to re-screen a 1st graders vision. I screen the little one, and she doesn't pass. So, I am asking questions about if she has trouble seeing things at home or if she has mentioned this to mom. Sweetest little thing- she told me that she has told mom. Then...she said it..."my mom rubs Peppermint Oil on my eyelid. Do you do that??!! I say- No sweetie I don't. You need to take this note home and give it to mom. She needs to make you an eye appointment.":woot:
  6. Cattz

    C'Mon Now!

    Haha. My just turned 2 year old grandsweetie can blow the tissue right out of my hand. I think that 2nd grader needs my daughter to help him/her to learn (and many others) how to take care of snot.
  7. Cattz

    Family Protective Services

    I know the script nearly as well as the Hotline workers that I have talked to as well. I have made up a form that covers pretty much all they ask. I still fill it out so I make sure I have all the information before I make the call. I have had a lot of teachers that have asked for it, as it helped calm some of their fears of making those first few calls. I am going to attach it here. It is for Missouri calls, so feel free to adapt it to your state if it would be helpful. Happy Happy Tuesday Friends! :) HOTLINE REPORT FORM.docx
  8. Cattz

    I'm over the nonsense...

    I like the wording of our vomit policy. If a student vomits 2 times in 24 hours, they go home/stay home.
  9. Cattz

    I'm over the nonsense...

    This whole thread make me so proud to be a School Nurse with the rest of you! Many, Many pearls of wisdom from many years of being in the trenches day in and day out. Happy Monday friends. ChristmasBreakIsRightAroundTheCorner. Everyone- let's tie a knot in the end of our ropes and HANG ON TIGHT!!!
  10. Cattz

    This makes me laugh everytime

    HaHa. YESSS! When I saw it, I thought of you all and what a great laugh we would all have about it!
  11. Cattz

    LOL - from the mouths of babes...

    This just happened last week. My grandson is in 1st grade, and one of his little friends in his class is allergic to peanut butter. He was riding home with me after school and we ran into the grocery store. His little peanut allergic friend was in there. After we left, in the THE most serious and concerned way... This was our conversation- My little: Granny, do they have peanut butter in the grocery store???????! Me: Yes, bud, it is a grocery store. My little: Still, very very concerned and serious. "But, Granny, they can't because (he called his friend by name) is in there!! Me: Well that is so nice of you to be so concerned and looking out for your friend. My little: BUT GRANNY>>> !!!!!!!!!! I praised him again for looking out for friend. Then, he was pretty quiet as he pondered all of that all the way home. To make this even funnier, the people that own the store are his little friends family members. But, he still didn't feel comfortable with the situation. Happy Tuesday Friends!!
  12. Cattz

    horrible immunization compliance rate

    Does your state have an Immunization Registry?
  13. Cattz


    Monday-itis. One of my Secretaries calls it "Whinitis". Not always a lot of fun. Bring on Tuesday.
  14. Cattz

    When Teachers Try to Throw You Under the Bus

    YippppEEEE! I love this! Good words Biscuit!
  15. Cattz

    Student/School Nurse Confidentiality

    I am just getting back to this thread. It is precisely what I needed to get through the dreaded day after Halloween. Oh what Fun!!