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  1. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Autistic students

    Kids on the spectrum often share certain traits, but they are very distinct individuals. Their teachers are your best partner as they do know them best and their unique needs. Always ask the child before you touch them or try to apply ice or a bandaid. You will get to know each kiddo.
  2. GmaPearl BSN RN

    New School Nurse

    Join NASN and your state's school nursing association. Hopefully there are other school nurses in your district who will guide and support you. Best wishes!
  3. GmaPearl BSN RN

    UF accelerated BSN 2021

    You might find the answer on a student nurse group. This group is School Nurses. You might consider this amazing job after you graduate and get some clinical experience!
  4. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Hand dermatitis a seeking away from bedside job.

    I estimated washing my hands at least 60 times a day. Between seeing kids, taking a temp, before pouring meds, after using any door knob... and this was long before any of the current viral stuff.
  5. GmaPearl BSN RN

    1 wk into School Nursing ready to quit!! Is this normal?

    Dear Stressed, I am so sorry your introduction to school nursing has been such a disaster. I would suggest you try subbing for awhile with different age groups and see if you find this unique job a good fit. There are toxic admins in schools as well as hospitals, but there are far more wonderful educators than the few bad apples. As stated above, the existing nurse is the really sad and potentially dangerous issue here. I think you are wise to save your sanity. Wishing you all the best!
  6. GmaPearl BSN RN

    rant Bulletin Board...ugh!

    Bring her some roses!
  7. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Epipen for classroom teaching?

    Seems like this is a valuable, potentially life saving skill worth teaching.
  8. GmaPearl BSN RN

    "Heating Pads"

    No use of heat in the last 20 years. Ice cubes in a plastic bag only.
  9. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Parent wants to stay all day

    One time had a very immature 3rd grader diagnosed mid-year. Mom announced her plan to spend the first month with him at school. It took her 2 days to see that we had it. Communication, education and reassurance were the keys. Every situations is different, however.
  10. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Parent wants to stay all day

    I'll keep you in my prayers!
  11. GmaPearl BSN RN


    WA State is up to 51 cases now. Center is in a hot bed area of anti-vaxers... go figure.
  12. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Frequent Students

    If you can, pull a report from the offending teacher's class that shows the frequency of health room visits and time spent out of class. Present this to the teacher and if this does not help the situation, give a copy to admin. I think you can be more direct with the older kids, but in this day and age of rampant snowflakeitis, you just never know...
  13. GmaPearl BSN RN

    C'Mon Now!

    Guess he did not want to have to wash his hands after he went...
  14. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Do You Have Down Time?

    Preach, Old Dude. Paperwork and data entry up the wazoo...
  15. GmaPearl BSN RN

    Asthma and Field Trips

    If your field trip is not until spring, you and the parent have plenty of time to plan (parent could make plans to be off work and accompany their student on that field trip and lug along the nebulizer if they have not gotten an inhaler yet…) just sayin
  16. GmaPearl BSN RN

    A new one for me

    Me too. Warm salt water gargle for sore throats from childhood. I use it at school and sometimes it has been declared a miracle cure. I have taught kids (kinder thru 6th) how to gargle for 25+ years, just like Jedr, by example. Love the kid's smiles when they get it!