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Eleven011 has 20+ years experience and specializes in Home Health,Dialysis, MDS, School Nurse.

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  1. Eleven011

    Time tracking spreadsheet/comp time

    I get it now. I think there are some apps for your phone that would work for this too.
  2. Eleven011

    OTC meds for Staff

    I don't budget for it, so no, I don't. Most of the staff I'm friendly enough with that if they are having a horrible headache and forgot to bring any pain relievers with them, I'll just give them a couple from my purse like any friend at work would. It doesn't happen very often. I do have staff ask off and on if I have cough drops/tums for them to use and I just tell them I don't stock anything.
  3. Eleven011

    Time tracking spreadsheet/comp time

    How do you track hours to be paid? Do you have a timecard or such, or are you salaried? We clock in and out on our computers, and then use that system to keep track of our time.
  4. Eleven011

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    I have already had a yummy roll from our secretary, ordered lunch with staff from our local restaurant, and my desk is full of candy, cookies and valentine cheezits (who knew??). How's your "thank God it's Friday" Valentine's Day going??
  5. Eleven011

    School Nurse Pay

    I am paid hourly, but it is put into contract form - X number of school days x 7.5 hours a day = yearly pay and then divided up x 12 monthly paychecks. If I would be required to work extra or take of time without pay, they would factor that into each paycheck. I get 9 sick days and 2 personal days a year. I also pay into our state retirement system.
  6. Eleven011

    Attendance Overboard

    I am lucky to have admin that understand the balance of me trying to keep healthy kids in school vs. the sick ones at home.
  7. Eleven011

    Got my P & G stuff today!

    Same as last year - box of pads for girls, tiny deodorants for boys. But at least they came quickly and I can set a date now!
  8. Eleven011

    Almost couldn't keep it together....

    Ok, so I have two 4th grade boys that come in at the same time after lunch. One is a diabetic and does his calculation and shot, the other gets his meds. Jokers, good boys. So first kid comes in (diabetic) and starts doing his thing, I see second kid is trying to hide/sneak in - Me: I see you! K2: (jumping around like a ninja) No you dont! K1: You can't see him. He's a bush! K2: (Jumps out and stands tall, arms outstretched like a "t"). Ya, I'm a bush! Me: (a little giggle inside because that word always sounds dirty to me) But you're not wearing anything green.. K2: I'm a NAKED BUSH! Me: (OMG) Ok, come get your pill. K2 takes pill and goes and stands by K1 in his "t" form. New kid walks in for med K2: I'M A NAKED BUSH I'm think I'm going to faint now! Happy Friday!!
  9. Eleven011

    How? Just, HOW?!

    I have had three separate "stapled my finger" incidents! (middle school teachers are starting to hide their staplers!) Never stapled together though. One, the student had already removed themselves and I just cleaned and bandaged. The second was in but barely, so I did pull that out and bandage. The third was full on buried in the pad of the finger. Kid was also squeamish about me messing with it, so I ended up calling mom, she came to the school( shaking her head in disbelief at her kid the whole time) and yanked it out herself. I loved every minute of that one! LOL
  10. Eleven011

    pg site

    Thank you!! Just got my order in!
  11. Eleven011

    How to help coughing student?

    I've had them gargle with warm salt water for both coughs and sore throats. Also push the hydration. But that's about all I got.
  12. Eleven011

    Do you keep clinic door open?

    I have a newly built office this year and its a similar set up. I have my main door into the hallway which I keep open except when I'm on lunch. Then there is a door that opens into the staff workroom and beyond that, the office. I usually keep this open too as it helps with the flow of traffic, but have shut it on occasion when I have someone resting and its busy in there.
  13. Eleven011

    Donors Choose - Have You Done One?

    Here is a pic of the goodies I got from Donor's Chose!
  14. Eleven011


    At first, I was thinking - Yes, I get asked all the time. But then I realized you were talking about being asked because you were STAFF. We have a very active PTSA (and other organizations too) and they put out calls for help a lot for fundraisers, meals, carnivals, book fairs, you name it. But they are asking me as a parent and community member, not specifically as staff. I'm in a small community and I'd say over half of our staff have students in school. So sometimes the lines are blurred. But I would say for a staff member that doesn't have kids in the school and doesn't live in our town - there aren't many occasions they are expected to donate time/money.
  15. Eleven011

    How long was your training for school nursing?

    I was hired over summer break, so the outgoing nurse came in for 3 hours and showed me the behind the scenes stuff. I had been a sub for her previously, so I knew the day to day stuff. Still had to figure out quite a bit on my own.
  16. Eleven011

    How many?

    1 school, (PreK - 12), 600 students, I'm the only nurse, no aides.

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