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  1. Eleven011

    C'Mon Now!

    Our Middle Schoolers don't get a party - but for $1 they can get a list of students a computer has "matched" them with . I asked my 7th grader if he was going to get his matches. He disgustingly informed me "No!". Good boy!
  2. Eleven011

    Privacy when calling parent about sick child

    Thats not right. Like Daisy said, wipe the phone down with a sani wipe when a child is done if you are that scared of germs! I would definately bring it up to someone higher up. You have a right to talk to your child privately or at least away from the ears of random students/teachers.
  3. Eleven011

    ODD WEEK!!

    Last week I had two SPED staff come in with a middle school down syndrome girl (well known to me as she takes daily meds) and tell me she has been rubbing and itching her privates today and the SPED director told them to bring her to me for an "exam". Umm...Nope, nope and more nope.
  4. Eleven011

    Life outside of school

    I'm so sorry for your loss! I've worked in Home Health and in Nursing Homes most of my career and its very hard to lose our favorite people!
  5. Eleven011

    We're back!!!

    How is this measured exactly? I'm feeling a little bit judged right now
  6. Eleven011


    It is happening here quite a bit too, and has consequences the same as smoking or drugs. Lots of suspensions given for vaping on school grounds or having a pen in there possession. I haven't been asked to put any programs together, but I know our local SADD chapter has done some things and the local officers have been in to speak to kids. I hope this is one fad that goes away soon!!
  7. Eleven011

    Vision and Hearing

    We have a screening day held usually in March for the upcoming kinders. Most is acedemic, but our SLP's screen hearing and our local Lion's club does the SPOT vision screen. So not much for me to do there. I do a health screen on all the elementary kids sometime in the fall (or spring if I get behind like I am now).
  8. Eleven011

    We're back!!!

    First thing I checked this morning when I booted my computer up!!! So glad to have things up and running again!!