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Eleven011 has 20+ years experience and specializes in Home Health,Dialysis, MDS, School Nurse.

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  1. Eleven011

    Do You Work at Your Kid's School?

    I have been in my kids school for 6 years now (k-12) and my kids have always been good with it. Its a small town, so their friends already knew who I was. My oldest son who graduated 2 years ago loved to come in my office and nap, grab snacks, basically blow off whatever class he was trying to avoid, LOL. My daughter, who just graduated this last weekend, was always stopping in also for snacks, bringing her friends around for chats, tampons, lotion, need a sweatshirt, you name it. My youngest doesn't come in much, but he is only a Freshmen and hasn't learned he has a bit more freedom to do those things now. He does like that he can come in for a headache or stomach ache though, and get some pretty quick relief.
  2. Eleven011

    Weirdest Thing About School Nursing...

    In no other setting have I felt so strangely visible as a job (especially during COVID), but invisible as a person. I really feel this sentence. The only staff I feel very close to, or those that have taken any interest in me as a person, are those that I see outside of work (kids same age, in same sports, ect).
  3. Eleven011

    Happy Nurse's week.... I guess

    That's why I loved the banner so much. It was just a big piece of paper they took from the copy room, but I know as all the kids stopped to sign it, they thought of someway I had helped them, or how I was there to help them if they should need it. That means more than any gifts I could get.
  4. Eleven011

    40 days left!!

    Today my white board is "O is for Outside to Play and Orange to wear" with 12 days of school left!! (Tomorrow is P for Pajamas - woo!!) Plus, I am taking two days off for my daughters graduation, AND our last day is a half day....SO.....I'm under 10 days left!!!! But I'm not excited or anything LOL
  5. Eleven011

    Happy Nurse's week.... I guess

    One year (out of my 6 years here), the SPED department hung a banner outside my office that said "We love our school nurse" and then a bunch of kids signed it. I really enjoyed that, because it wasn't alot of "in person" attention and I hung the banner up in my office the whole next year. Other years its been one or two people popping in saying "oh ya, happy nurses day' or some such thing. Maybe a candy bar and pop treat from admin. I never know.
  6. Eleven011

    School Nurse Software System

    I use the one that is built into Infinite Campus. I've never used anything else to compare, but I like it well enough.
  7. Eleven011

    Summer Summer Summer!

    I plan to increase my hours at the nursing home I PRN at. I currently do one weekend a month, but I'll probably do 1-2 shifts a week throughout the Summer. We are having Summer school here for the first time to catch up kids that fell behind due to the whole covid situation. They are still deciding if they want me at that or not....if so its only one week each month - so 3 weeks total.
  8. Eleven011

    40 days left!!

    Good idea - but No, C will be for Chalk! And I am counting school days with students. There are a few days I'll have to be here for inservice without kids, but those aren't in the count.
  9. Eleven011

    40 days left!!

    Someone in Elementary discovered that yesterday (Monday) marked the 26th day left of school. So they started the "Alphabet Countdown"! I have joined in by decorating my white board on my office door in accordance with the day. Yesterday was "A is for Airplanes and Animals - 26 days left". Today we are doing "B is for Blue - wear blue to school -25 days left". Fun will now commence!
  10. Eleven011

    2021-22 contracts?

    Our contracts usually come out sometime in April. They are very simple, one pagers, that simply offer you the job at x rate of pay, for x amount of days, for total of x amount of money. Only thing ever different is if we get a raise. I plan on signing it, because nothing fantastic has miraculously appeared thats better.
  11. Eleven011

    40 days left!!

    We have also been in person all year!
  12. Eleven011

    40 days left!!

    I have 40 school days left of this Sh#t Show of a year - anyone else counting down???
  13. Eleven011

    Staying or Going?

    I'll be back unless something else fantastic shows up miraculously. My school handled Covid very well, we have been in person since the beginning, and I would say I had more of a "change" in duties, rather than a drastic increase. I think next year will be back to more "normal" (I hope). I have always been aware that this will not be the highest paying job I could have, but the perks are better than most.
  14. This has been one of our mitigation strategies all year so that we can have in person school. Each class has to turn in a seating chart to the office, and they keep it the same unless absolutely necessary! There are video cameras for lunch time. It's made contact tracing much easier!
  15. Hello All, I would like to know if you are a salaried School Nurse, how is your pay figured??? Right now I am paid 25.78/hr, working 180 days a year.

    No Summer, or holiday or other pay included. Sick days, 7 a year and 3 personal days...

    Your input!???

  16. Eleven011

    If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    I got the Moderna. First shot was 12/ 29 - only symptom was a very sore arm the next day. Felt like I was punched HARD! I got my second shot yesterday, 1/27, at 4pm. Arm was getting sore by the time I went to bed. I slept OK, but was aware that my arm was hurting pretty bad. By the time I arrived at work, I had the chills, body aches and headache. My temp reached 100.8 at its highest. I put on layers and am sticking it out. Its 1:30, my temp has lowered to where I can take off my coat, LOL, and my body aches are better. I still have a headache. I'm off at 2 pm today. Yay!