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  1. field day

    Are you talking a field trip - where a class goes to the park for lunch and to play? Or something different? My school has 5th/6th and 3rd/4th grade track and field day where students do running events, shot put, football throw, long jump, ect...
  2. Who's almost done???

    This is our last week.....Kids are done Thursday at Noon, we have inservice Thursday afternoon and Friday. One more week......... 🤪
  3. Extra Duties??

    The only extra duties I am doing post Covid are Rapid testing of staff and students (with parent permission) and distributing the weekly sentinel testing kits that our state is offering to staff and parents. Our secretaries and/or admins do all th...
  4. What does everyone wear?

    I'm the only nurse in a PK - 12 building. I was told I could wear anything as long as it was professional. I do mostly wear scrubs, due to the ease of cleaning, its what I had available, and makes mornings easier than trying to put together a dr...
  5. OVER IT.

    I would try to stick it out. Covid has done a number on all of us. Its not always like this! Principals come and go, I've had good and bad. There will always be jerk parents, but there are awesome ones too. And ya, the pay sucks, but nights/hol...
  6. Puberty Education

    I don't see an option to order their free samples/materials anymore either. I wonder if they've stopped doing that?
  7. Power point?

    I have never used power point, but I have used the other Office tools frequently and more recently, the Google suite of tools (Docs/Sheets). I'm sure it would be beneficial to have a basic working knowledge of these computer programs or at least th...
  8. Returning After Starting Antibiotics

    We have the 24 hour rule also, but If asked I always say if they can get a full days worth of antibiotics in, they can come back the next day. So if they have a 9am appointment, get started right away and get their full daily course in, they can ret...
  9. Halloween in school

    We had a no school day Friday for conferences, so our parties were on Thursday. We do the whole thing - costumes for students and staff, parade trick or treating around the school, ect. And yes, true to form, magically, very few kids were sick! T...
  10. Cute, but cleanable...

    I have emoji pillows. They are fuzzy, but washable. Whenever a student uses one, I just throw it in my basket to wash. I have 3 of them and that seems to work fine.
  11. Any nurses NOT responsible for contact tracing?

    I can't speak for the original poster - but not every school district has multiple buildings. I am the nurse for our entire school district also, ECIP/PreK/JK/K-12 grades. But, we are all in one building, about 600 students total. So it is very...
  12. Any nurses NOT responsible for contact tracing?

    In my school, the Principals and Secretaries work together to contact trace. They are the ones who know what classes the students have, who they sit by, what sports they are in, if they ride the bus, what daycare they go to, and on and on... I do...
  13. Test to Stay

    We only do this with staff. Staff who are close contacts are tested on day 1, 5 and 10. They are asked to mask for those 10 days. Students who are close contacts are asked to mask for 10 days and get tested if any symptoms develop.
  14. SY 2021-2022 Roll Call

    I'm back. This is my 7th year as a school nurse. Covid has definitely made the job harder and much less enjoyable these last couple years, but I remind my self daily that this job is still better than anything else!!
  15. School Nurses: When is everyone back?

    Staff are back 8/17, kids are back 8/25. We are starting school as normal with no Covid precautions other than enhanced cleaning that was put in place last year. Hope you heal quickly, Nutmegge!!