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Happy Halloween All!!

I want to let everyone know that I am leaving my school nurse job 😞 .   I started 10 years ago when my youngest son was in 2nd grade and he is graduating this year.   This job has been perfect for being able to be where my kids are and being able to see them and help them so much along the way.   But they are all adults now and it is no longer worth the low pay and taking 2nd and 3rd jobs just to makes ends meet.   I'm going to step away from nursing all together (at least for now) and take a local job in a county office.   I will make more money there and have the same hours, except for Summer (which was really only important when my kids were little).   It's been great being here for all the support that you fellow nurses give to one another!!  I'll stop by now and again 🙂 


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Best wishes to you in your new adventure! I am so happy that you have been able to be there for your kiddos. It is definitely one of the best things ever. 

Take care! 😉


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Hate to see you go! Good luck with all your future endeavors. 😊

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Best wishes to you! I completely understand because I just did the same thing! 😁It worked out great for me while I had kids at home but now that they've all moved on it was time for me to move on as well. I spent most of my career in school nursing and was getting pretty burned out. I have returned to bedside in L&D because I didn't want to work five days in a row anymore and I'm really enjoying the extra time off, learning new things, and using skills I haven't used in years. And the pay. I almost doubled my salary. So far it's been LESS stressful which is crazy to me esp because L&D can be super stressful at times but it's nice to have just one or two patients a day and not 25-30 like I was used to! 😂Another perk is I haven't gotten sick several times this fall like I usually do. I know if I get tired of this, at least it will open up more doors for something else in the future or I can travel or go part-time. Lots of options!

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