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  1. peacockblue

    Down time (HA, sure...)

    My. Ingest problem with down time is that I could do nothing for hours (n the second I leave the office, someone needs toileted. Or they are paging me on the walkie asking where I am. I think there is a senser on my chair!
  2. peacockblue

    Holiday Decor

    I don’t do a ton. I do have my “The Witch is In” sign on my door. Come to think of it, I could leave that up all year!😁plus, I’m in a high school so I have a cool ceramic pumpkin and ghost a couple of the kids made me. I like lots of twinkle lights a...
  3. peacockblue


    Always appreciated your wisdom. Glad you are well.
  4. peacockblue

    ? for those paid on teacher scale

    In Pennsylvania, none of my experience counted. Seventeen hospital years and I started on step 1. It was worth it though.
  5. peacockblue

    Clinical Assistant

    That’s great! You were often so worried about the responsibility in your old position. This sounds like a place where you can use your skills and shine! Best to you.
  6. peacockblue

    504 plan

    To the best of my knowledge, we have never declined a 504 plan that was requested. Perhaps that is why we have so many😁
  7. peacockblue

    New School Nurse Feeling Overwhelmed...

    Your job is to keep the kids safe. That is first. All the other things are important too, but that will come in time. You are not qualified to write IEPs and you should have input on 504s but not write. Make sure you are following your medication pol...
  8. peacockblue

    School Nurse or Health Aide

    Our district has 2 Certified School Nurses as is required by Pennsylvania state law. (1:1500) all of our other nurses are RNs who are listed as nurse aids. It is a way to keep them in the support union and pay them way less and give them lesser benef...
  9. peacockblue

    504 plans

    I don’t write any of them. I don’t even have input anymore, our director of special ed does that. The problem is, they are not kept up with. I am in high school and have some that have not been reviewed since elementary school. Yet, I am responsible ...
  10. peacockblue

    504 plans

    Who is responsible for getting the 504 plan info to teachers? Who writes and updates them? This process seems to get more overwhelming every year. I have a small high school of less than 700 but I have 38 plans and getting it all organized is hard. I...
  11. peacockblue

    Nurses on anti-depressants

    Congratulations on getting the help you need. I take antidepressants. It has never come up or been an issue. In fact, if they got rid of all the nurses on antidepressants, there would be a huge nurse shortage 😆. Antidepressants such as SSRI’s do not ...
  12. I have been in school nursing for 17 years. When i started, K kids were potty trained. This is less and less the case. In my schools these kids get sent to the nurse. We have tried to change things but without luck.
  13. peacockblue

    Lots of questions!

    1. What State are you in? Pennsylvania 2. Do you have a nursing supervisor, or a non-nursing supervisor?non nursing. Super is my principal 2a. If you do NOT have a nursing supervisor, where do you go for direction when questions such as legali...
  14. peacockblue

    La la la la... I can't hear you

    It varies from state to state. We cannot give in Pennsylvania without a doctors order and we also cannot delegate to a UAP. Makes field trips interesting.
  15. peacockblue

    La la la la... I can't hear you

    The big deal is that it violates our nurse parctice act. We can not prescribe or dispense medicine. Just like a nurse could not give an OTC med to a hospital patient, we cannot give meds without MD orders.