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k1p1ssk has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in pediatrics, school nursing.

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  1. k1p1ssk

    Parental Bill of Rights

    At this point, it looks like there are only a handful of states who have passed PBOR laws. There is a federal bill that passed through the House in March, but that doesn't mean anything yet. https://www.npr.org/2023/03/24/1165592471/what-a-hous...
  2. k1p1ssk

    Advice for nurse wanting to stay at same school

    Congratulations! It is no small feat to work while obtaining your RN degree & license. Do you know for sure your assignment would change once you have your RN license? Is the acuity in other buildings higher? Without knowing the structure o...
  3. k1p1ssk

    Excused or Unexcused absence

    Seriously - the parents who are mad about having to keep their kid home are just not thinking about the fact that their kid got sick likely because someone else decided to send their sick kid back too soon. I also love it when teachers like to ...
  4. k1p1ssk

    Entitled Staff

    We have standing orders from our school physician, so it is expected that we provide the ibuprofen. And yes on the PPE - I have started telling them that we can use the masks we have, but once we get down to a certain stock, it will be at the nurse's...
  5. k1p1ssk

    Entitled Staff

    Just venting here - I am just appalled by the entitlement some of our staff have. I know I've said this before, but just because you have a nurse in your building, with access to OTC meds and (minimal) medical supplies, if you are an adult, you reall...
  6. k1p1ssk

    When to administer Epi-Pen?

    Adding on to the above, wonderfully stated comment, if you have stock epi (which it sounds like you do), you should have standing orders that guide how you use it - this would come from your district/school physician. Try and locate these orders and ...
  7. k1p1ssk

    School Nursing: Everything You Need to Know

    The Work-Life balance with school nursing (Pandemic-era aside) is phenomenal. I am always talking up being a school nurse because you cannot find a better full time job as a nurse that allows you to have so much time for life outside of work. I worke...
  8. k1p1ssk


    You're seeing live lice every time the kiddo comes back to school? Is this family struggling financially? Do they have health insurance? How many children are in the family? Are you sure they have running hot water? Negative circumstances in an...
  9. k1p1ssk

    Bulletin Board ideas

    Something with a skeleton! "Protect your Bones from Boo!Boos by keeping a healthy diet!" or something like that!
  10. k1p1ssk

    Excused or Unexcused absence

    I don't know your situation, but I don't know a single school/district who would take legal action after 10 days of absence. In our state, you can't do anything other than send a letter unless the student exceeds 15 absences in a term. In fact, you h...
  11. k1p1ssk

    Second guess itis

    I went from subbing in schools to a peds office to a peds inpatient unit to outpatient peds specialty and then to school nursing. The office and specialty (plus the subbing experience) were, by far, the most valuable to my practice in the school. On ...
  12. k1p1ssk

    School Nurse Advice

    Also, don't forget, you are not spending 15minutes with each kid. These are "what is your immediate need" assessments and treatments for the vast majority of visits. For example: A sore throat with no other symptoms? Should be 2-3 minutes tops, ...
  13. k1p1ssk

    School Nurse Advice

    I also think that that volume of kids may have to do with the culture of the health office, but I honestly don't think that ratio seems insane at all. I used to sub at a technical/trade high school that had less than 700 kids (I don't recall the exac...
  14. k1p1ssk

    Gluten Free OTCs?

    For your Celiac students, do you keep certified GF OTCs on hand? Or would you expect the parent to provide them for that student's use only? For reference, we are talking about one student in the entire district of over 600 students. I don't believe ...
  15. k1p1ssk

    School Nurse Leader Pay?

    I'm curious if anyone knows what the nursing admin in their schools/districts make and what their hours are, particularly in the Summer. Doing some research and I'm curious to know what people are making in the schools vs. hospital/LTC settings! ...

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