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k1p1ssk has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in pediatrics.

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  1. k1p1ssk

    Exciting possibility...

    I think it all depends on your state's mandates; I think that its admirable that your SI wants to use nursing students. They likely would need whatever PCA/CNA/LNA certificate and you would need some kind of standing orders to be signed off by someone? Maybe reach out to another district in your state that utilizes aides and see how their pay scale, licensing, etc is structured!
  2. k1p1ssk

    Any tips for students with Motion SIckness?

    OOh, just accupressure in general... I'm going to try that with him next time. I am not sure the family is with it enough to buy and remember to put on the bands every morning. Maybe I'll get some to keep in my office! I'm so sorry!! Definitely going to try and talk to him about these things, but he has an autism spectrum disorder as well, and he has trouble following directions unless there is direct supervision. There is assigned seating on the bus and he does sit near the front, so that's already taken care of... all great tips, though! Thanks!
  3. I have a student who at least 2x per month shows up pale as a ghost and nauseous from motion sickness on the bus. We have determined that this most often happens when he doesn't eat breakfast at home. He qualifies for free breakfast at school, which he normally participates in. When he gets this way, he comes to my office, rests for a bit, then goes and gets his breakfast and eats in my office before returning to class. He's only ever *actually* vomited once. He had actually eaten breakfast at home and I'm not convinced that he wasn't sick with a GI bug that time anyway. Another time, he got off the bus and went to get breakfast, ate it super fast, and he felt very nauseous where he ran to the bathroom, but never actually puked. Does anyone have any experience with this and any tips for preventing the motion sickness in the first place that I could share with his Mom?
  4. k1p1ssk

    How to help coughing student?

    Hydration station, all the way - though, if they have their own cough drops, I let them have as many as they want, but they have to come see me to get them; If they don't, they get one from my supply and then its water water water.
  5. k1p1ssk


    I have been getting the "What do you think about my coumadin/lithium/thyroid/etc. levels?" I'm sorry. I am not your doctor. I cannot interpret lab results for the purposes of diagnosis/treatment. Also, did it not occur to you that I work in a school with CHILDREN because my specialty is PEDIATRICS?
  6. k1p1ssk

    Oh the things I am learning

    this reminded me of this recent SNL sketch: is
  7. k1p1ssk


    I don't make the call because our instructional assistants who are on thin-ice attendance-wise will use it as an excuse... "But the nurse told me to go home!"
  8. k1p1ssk


    I always tell them that I don't make that call, they're adults and responsible for themselves. There's no such thing as an "excused absence" from work. I do not bear the responsibility of making you take the day off. The only time I'd consider it is if it seems unsafe for the teacher/adult to be in school - i.e. on the verge of collapse, mental health crisis, and even then, I'd involve admin.
  9. k1p1ssk

    Oh the things I am learning

    The worse I've had is a parent who demands her child sit at the "nut free table" due to his peanut allergy, but also demands that her child be allowed to eat other nut products at this table because he "relies" on them as a source of protein. Luckily there are no other students in his lunch cohort with nut restrictions, but good Lord..... Oh, and I STILL don't have med orders for his epi-pen..................................
  10. k1p1ssk

    Incident reports

    We have two forms - accident reports (for things where a serious injury occurred or injury caused by school property which we want to track) and incident reports (for behavioral incidents where physicial or serious verbal harm came to another individual or property was damaged). I am basically in charge of all accident reports as I assess everyone with an injury and essentially am the deciding factor if one should be filled out. I won't often fill out an incident report, and only if myself or my office is involved in the "incident".
  11. k1p1ssk

    Do you keep clinic door open?

    Mine is open as well, unless there is a sensitive discussion that needs to be had or I'm doing screenings.
  12. k1p1ssk

    Common clinic visits (elementary)

    Right now I'm dealing with a student who had the occasional tantrum last year in Kindergarten, but is in a whole other realm this year. Started with refusal to do work and spending 20-30min in the bathroom "pooping" 2-3x per day. The teacher started sending him to my BR where I had to implement a visual reminder of the order of operations. When that didn't work, I would have to stand outside the door and listen for certain sounds and give verbal reminders/cues. When he was still taking 5minutes to pee, I started a timer, giving him 4 minutes total in the BR, along with the visual and verbal cues. After that, he began complaining that his pants were too hot. Ok, great, bring a pair of shorts to change into. Then the shorts were too hot, he needs another pair. When we started letting him have only the one change, he began purposefully DUNKING THE PANTS/SHORTS IN THE TOILET. So now, if he wants to change, I have to lug out my crappy privacy shade and set that up so he can change in private without having access to the toilet at the same time. Today, he showed up to school REEKING of stool. He is insistent that his bottom and underpants are clean, but there is no other explanation for the smell. I now have the lovely task of calling home to see if he has been having stool incontinence. We have him using wet wipes when he has a BM here, but I am not certain he is capable (or honestly, if he is choosing not to) of cleaning himself thoroughly. We're in the process of having him tested and I am hoping beyond everything that he qualifies for an IEP & 504 with a 1:1. I have been spending at least an hour solid supervising him every day this year between all the bathroom trips, conversations around hygiene, and tantruming in my office.
  13. k1p1ssk

    Common clinic visits (elementary)

    I have found that you just need to do your assessment and if you find nothing significant, let the child know they are going to be fine but they are more than welcome to come back should their symptoms worsen (this is key, otherwise, they'll just come back 2minutes or 2hrs later), and send them back to class AND DOCUMENT IT ALL!! There's a lot of opinions on here for various remedies or distractors if you do a search. I find that warm packs and water for tummies, ice packs and water for headaches, and deep breathing exercises for chest pain work best; For the injuries, if I don't see any swelling or redness/new bruising, and if their ROM/strength is intact, I don't offer anything. I tell them, "You walked in here just fine, you will be fine, just take it easy at recess". I'm still trying to figure out the "smelly student" piece. I think the teachers suspect neglect, but they don't want to be the bad guy that files, so they dump it on you. I have begun telling them that I will document that it was reported to me and if there is a pattern or worry beyond just hygiene, we can discuss it more. IMO BO does not equate neglect; If a student is well fed and appropriately clothed and there isn't any visible dirtiness/no health issues as a result, then what can we do? I don't even think DCF deeply investigates reports of neglect that are filed based on cleanliness anymore.
  14. k1p1ssk

    Happy Halloween!!!

    This has been my entire day. What sucks is that its been the teachers sending kids down for "looking warm". Then the kids harness the power of suggestion and all of a sudden, after having not complained in the first place, have all the symptoms under the sun. I'm not above the bribe today.
  15. k1p1ssk

    Seizures! Diastat!!

    I'm assuming you don't have a BVM or at least a mask? I would probably start by asking admin if one could be purchased, and to have at least one other staff member who is likely to be near the child a lot be CPR trained. Because, yes, absolutely at least attempt to give rescue breaths if they are not breathing while seizing. Compressions only if they have no pulse... and then of course, diastat if it lasts 3 minutes....
  16. k1p1ssk

    Happy Halloween!!!

    We do not celebrate Halloween in our school with any food, thank goodness. No costumes either. And we have a PD day tomorrow, so we really lucked out!!