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k1p1ssk has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in pediatrics, school nursing.

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  1. k1p1ssk

    field day

    Our field day is at the school, and the whole school is out at the same time, so I set up a chair and bring the essentials down - a cooler with ice packs, antiseptic wipes and bandaids, gloves, and tissues, and then my emergency bag with epi-pens, sp...
  2. k1p1ssk

    Adults Taking Advantage....

    Unfortunately, we don't have all-staff meetings and a majority of the offenders are classroom aides, so they wouldn't hear the messaging... The faculty are actually really good about boundaries, for the most part... and their questions are less about...
  3. k1p1ssk

    Adults Taking Advantage....

    I have probably complained about this here before, but I am yet again at the end of my rope with the adults in my building taking advantage of having a nurse at their disposal night and day; There are the daily "What do you think about this rash?" or...
  4. k1p1ssk

    Summer School School nursing

    Webinars! Brainstorming/creating bulletin boards (you could get materials for several boards ready and file them away until you're ready to put them up over the course of the year!)! Think about office flow and try to imagine how to fix any common pr...
  5. k1p1ssk

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Me too! I wore a dusty rose t-shirt; I'm on a scrubs strike right now - too hot!! After today, we've only got 5.5 days left!!
  6. k1p1ssk

    New Nurse

    The general consensus here is that it is best to hone your assessment skills in some other sort of pediatric care setting before jumping in to school nursing. It is an incredibly autonomous position and while it is possible to do well jumping right i...
  7. k1p1ssk

    Who's almost done???

    We're out 6/16 - a half day as well. These last 23 days can't finish up soon enough!!
  8. k1p1ssk

    C'Mon Now!

    In the middle of a medical shelter in place (called over the intercom to all classrooms - only done during a medical emergency when EMS is called) a teacher emailed me, the Admin asst, and principal, asking if we "had a minute" to cover her classroom...
  9. k1p1ssk

    Happy School Nurses Day!

    Came in to some belated goodies from my Principal and Admin Asst. - a plant, cards, and some pastries! A former school nurse (whom I've never even met!) also dropped off some very nice lotion for me and a card, too!
  10. k1p1ssk

    Happy School Nurses Day!

    💗 I am also wearing pink; I just received some new floral KN95s and felt like it was the perfect day to start wearing them! From my school, I got some fresh picked flowers from a colleague and 2 positive pools. Happy School Nurse's Day...
  11. k1p1ssk

    Back Up for Insulin Injections

    OK, while his diagnosis is still relatively new, he is of an age where he does need to start taking responsibility. He is an adolescent who (if he hasn't already) will be wanting to be more and more independent - are the parents going to follow him e...
  12. k1p1ssk

    School RN through agency or district?

    In my area, schools typically only use agencies to staff 1:1 nurses and for temp & per-diem positions. All of the full and part time school nurses are generally hired by the district and the FTs make a salary rather than an hourly rate. Most offe...
  13. k1p1ssk

    Back Up for Insulin Injections

    Insulin admin cannot be delegated in my state and it is so tightly regulated in my state, that we had a policy on the inpatient pedi unit I worked on where all insulin doses had to be double checked by another RN on the unit and co-signed in the eMAR...
  14. k1p1ssk

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    I skipped my usual all-pink today because it's Star Wars Day and as an avid Star Wars Fan, I am decked out in merch - tshirt, sweatshirt, and socks, all SW themed! I even put my hair in mini space buns! BUT, my socks are hot pink with the Rebel insig...
  15. k1p1ssk

    Elementary/Middle School Lunch Guidance

    I agree; I have always felt very uncomfortable with this plan - I myself have (self-diagnosed) trauma surrounding being forced to eat when I didn't like the food or when I just wasn't hungry... It's seriously given me lifelong, lasting difficulties s...