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  1. StormyRN95

    Things have hit rock bottom, please help!

    How do I reach the legal nurse? BTW I live in AZ, which I believe is an "at will" state...
  2. Hi, I’m back. An update from my last post... So my engagement ended earlier in the month during the second week of school and my ex has moved out of the apartment we shared. He has family on this side of town so he moved back in with his parents and I have been struggling to come up with the money to pay all my bills and the total rent, where I used to just pay half. I’m already responsible for a car payment, medical bills, and vet bills from the past year and I’m just drowning in financial issues. I realize that it’s early in the school year but I can no longer afford my bills with what I’m making. I accepted this job because I wanted to leave the bedside and my (then) fiancée and I were planning on getting married and having children. My plan now is to go back to the hospital to work until my lease is up and then I’ll at least be able to breathe a little easier, but it’s not until March 2020. So I spoke with HR yesterday to give them my two week notice and let them know that I am having financial difficulties (I didn’t get into the personal aspects) and he was very condescending saying that I shouldn’t have accepted this job if I was having money problems but I wasn’t when I applied. I was okay with making less then because me and my fiancée shared financial responsibility but now he’s out of the picture. The guy with HR also told me that I have to be released by the governing board, which might not be until October! I don’t have that kind of time. I wanted to give my two weeks and start applying for hospital jobs but he said I have to wait to be released. Has anyone heard of this? In my contract it states that “if Nurse resigns without advanced governing board approval, the resignation will be deemed to be an unprofessionally act that may subject Nurse to disciplinary action by the State Board of Education, up to and including suspension and revocation of the teaching certificate.” Does the board of education have any power over my license? I don’t even have a teaching certificate... anyways, any advice? Have you known of this happening to anyone? Have you known anyone to just put in two weeks and leave without a replacement? I really need help. Everything has become a mess.
  3. StormyRN95

    School Nurse Opening in Tolleson AZ

    West Point High School in the Tolleson Union High School district is hiring a school nurse, LPN or RN. I work in the district and make $35.00/hour as an RN with three years experience in Med-Surg so it’s safe to say that my district pays pretty well. Contact me if you want to apply, I’ll send you the link. And tell me a little bit about yourself and I can forward your name to our HR rep. This is a good opportunity if you want to leave bedside or come back from retirement or whatever!
  4. StormyRN95

    New School Nurse Feeling Overwhelmed...

    Hi everyone, I have been an RN for almost three years. My background is adult med/surg and a little bit of adolescent psych. I recently started as a school nurse for a brand new high school close to where I live. I know the school year just started and I have to give myself time to learn but I just feel like I'm not doing anything right. I am trying to collect and sort through supplies that have been ordered, even when I'm not really sure what I'll need more of, I am trying to chart correctly on every student that comes into the office, and enter immunizations/health card info. I just feel like I am not yet confident in my decision making. When I was working in the hospital, a patient could go home once a d/c order was written. It's like I will call the parents to pick up a student with recurrent diarrhea or vomiting or a fever and the parents ask me to get them back to class, but students come in for other issues that I don't think warrant going home and their parents will come get them. I had a recent experience when my principal asked me why I was not reporting kids who had gone home after stating they ate food from the school cafeteria (and whose parents are blaming the cafeteria food) but there were no kids who reported to my office saying that. I learned a little later that those kids had not come into my office at all and called their parents on their own to be picked up. Another thing I have had happen today is that a guidance counselor told me that I need to be developing 504s and IEPs/IHPs for the kids who transferred to our school but I have no idea how to do that. She even went so far as to say that she has 17 years of experience and her previous school nurses know what they're doing. Like okay??? I'm trying my best. If someone could have just given me a crash course in what to do then I would be able to do whatever needs to be done... A big problem is that I received no training. I had a feeling this was the usual from reading posts on this thread but I just feel like I am failing. I try to do right by the students and I have confidence in my nursing skills but I am starting to find myself surrounded by admin staff who don't take me seriously. Maybe I'm just being negative because my engagement ended this morning and my feelings are just all over the place but any words of encouragement or advice you could send my way would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi there everyone! I graduated from nursing school in May and I've been a nurse for 3 months where I've been working on an oncology/med-surg floor. I was a student on the floor in April and I completed a preceptorship there so when I applied to the hospital for the New Grad program I was told "it's this position or nothing" so I accepted the position because it's an opportunity for experience, even though oncology is not where my heart lies. I thought this was a bit strange from the start because two of my best friends from nursing school landed their dream jobs because they were given a long list with many different facilities and floors (we work for the same company). So even though I wasn't completely elated about my position, I accepted it with appreciation and told myself that I may learn to love it and gain confidence as I go. I'm now off of orientation, 3 months have past and I'm still unhappy. I have nothing against oncology but my floor is oncology/palliative/med-surg overflow and it's a lot to deal with. I've been receiving patient loads with patients requiring chemotherapy and 5 patients without an aid. I feel like instead of my days getting easier and becoming happier, I'm finding myself becoming burned out and dreading work everyday (which scares me because I've only been a nurse for 3 months!). Lately my managers have been pressuring me to become chemo certified, which is something I don't want because I don't see myself working there past a year. Now that my rant has ended, I'm really looking for some advice. I'm wondering if I could possibly transfer to a different floor or unit now that I'm done with orientation? My heart lies in wound care and ED nursing but I never got the chance to voice what I wanted. I just don't know what to do. I'm tempted to just ask to see what my options are if it means my happiness and the worst they can say is no! Then I would just stay on my current unit for a year and then quit and find a different job but I don't know how much longer I can last. Any advice?