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Margaret K. Stephen has 8 years experience and specializes in emergency.

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  1. Margaret K. Stephen

    Parents be like...

    Mom at IHP meeting: I am soooooo worried about my precious angel and her disease management at school. Mom on first day of school: Nah, I don't have any glucagon. And I have a thing this morning so I can't bring it. Feel free to add on, everybody.
  2. Margaret K. Stephen

    cell phones in clinic

    This is my first full year as a school nurse so I might be posting a lot like this. I appreciate any feedback. How do you manage cell phones in your clinic? I work at a high school. Students often use their phones while "resting" with an ice pack, a heating pad, etc. (If they are there for a headache, I do tell them to put it away.) I want to crack down on this. Some kiddos are getting too comfortable and I want to get them back to class. What are your policies? How do you enforce them in your clinic? What hasn't worked for you in the past? Thanks! MKS
  3. Margaret K. Stephen

    Exclude for vomiting

    How do you exclude for vomiting? Our state guidelines say to consider exclusion for vomiting more than once in 24 hours. The nurse I work with tends to exclude after one episode of vomiting. This is for high school, BTW. Input appreciated!