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CMA for the past 5 years, working at a school for the past 4 years.

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Amethya has 5 years experience and specializes in Cardiology, School Nursing, General.

My name is Amethya!

I been working a Public School District helping out nurses as Clinical Assistant! I have 5 years of exp of working as a CMA and 4 years of working in School Nursing!

I love my job and my students!


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  1. Amethya

    How some kids are being raised...

    Sometimes it's the teachers! And I'm like, they're fine!
  2. Amethya

    C'Mon Now!

    I been getting so many non-emergent things lately and it's driving my nurses and I bananas.
  3. Amethya


    If you were able to bring your dog with you to the camp you are working at, how did you make that work and how was your dog and where was it kept? The camp I'm working at said I can take my 2 year old dog, small breed, 15 lbs. Loves kids and lov...
  4. Amethya

    Anyone worked at this camp before?

    I understand, but I rather let people know what they are getting themselves into before traveling miles from home and being stuck at a camp for 2 months with no way out. If you have questions, please ask me. I'll gladly tell you my experience. ...
  5. Amethya

    Anyone worked at this camp before?

    No Camp Starlight... never again
  6. Amethya


    That many? That's horrible!
  7. Amethya


    I had to sub today for my nurse in one of my schools and we had a positive. I had to send 5 kids home today... so much paperwork. Then I was doing it wrong, so I had to redo my paperwork like 5 times today. The protocols are so confusing!
  8. Here in my district in Texas, we been telling teachers that if any student is acting sick to bring them to us straight away. Basically, we will find out pretty quick, because we have 3 options for parents, either A) they go to the doctor and get a n...
  9. I'm barely doing my pre reqs but that's the plan. Hopefully get some of these done before next year so I can get into the programs near me. They are going well! Getting good grades, just having a hard time with math but I'll get there! You...
  10. Amethya

    Frequent Flyers

    I remember when I had my FF. I wasn't playing around with them, I would ask them why. They would sometimes tell me something was going on at home or in the class, so I would send them to the Dean of Students to handle that and I would call parents to...
  11. Heyy.... I'm back again! I miss you guys! I hope things are okay... I'm happy at my job, 6 schools is alright to handle... currently doing classes for Nursing School. Vent time! I'm back from Thanksgiving break... guess what? In my first sc...
  12. Amethya

    First week done. I'm overwhelmed

    First day of school and I was sent to help out a nurse at a school with more than 50% of students in person permanently until they decide to send me back to my float position. The nurse is very kind and we get along really well, and we are just fille...
  13. Amethya

    Now that we are working from home . . .

    My job is using us to check teachers and workers during this time in our schools. We are doing curbside food and school packets. But once it's like 1 or 2 pm, we just leave. So It's not bad. Some days I have no school to go to, so I end up just stayi...
  14. Amethya

    C'Mon Now!

    I had a kid tell me that he wanted a pet chicken for Christmas, name it Gabby and hatch a baby chick army.
  15. Amethya

    Microbiology course online?

    I saw some posts from 2009, but I wanted to ask if anyone has had any luck lately with any online courses for microbiology? If so, any links? I'm looking for the class to do my pre-reqs.