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  1. Amethya

    When do you call?

    When I called the Harris county number they gave me an email to ask for a log in to send in reports instead of calling, no response yet. I only have 3 cases.
  2. Amethya

    Do you run any special groups?

    I have opened the first anime club here in my school. I mainly went with the way I went in my high school. I would google information and if you can, maybe find other schools in your district that has had one and ask them too.
  3. Amethya

    C'Mon Now!

    In my side I already have 3 cases of the flu, one A and one B and another one unknown. Lots of fun!
  4. Amethya

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    I am planning to get one but I'm not sure which one would be fine to get. Any good recommendations in a good price?
  5. Amethya

    Diabetic question!

    I do send home if he's super high and won't go down no matter what intervention I do. I have only one TD1 kid in my school, and one time his ketones and BG was super high. I kept him in my office, and checked him every 15 mins and did what I could, but no fix. I called mother and said, pick him up now and take him to the ER, because he's not going down. She did and they said he was close to be DKA, if not already. He stayed home for a few days and came back better. That's my instructions from MD as well.
  6. Amethya


    You guys kill me, but yeah more information is needed before you do anything for that kiddo.
  7. Amethya

    Sub Notes

    Yes. I have a drawn map, information where everything is, a med schedule. I also have my med binder with the sub binder, so I color coded my students that are scheduled meds, and have their class schedule in their tabs, highlighted and written what times, so she can call their rooms.
  8. Amethya

    C'Mon Now!

    Yes apparently so. I run out of pads so quickly!
  9. Amethya

    Pacer Test (May the odds be ever in my favor)

    It started.... I got my first kid right now. He fell during class and was breathing hard. I calmed him down. Vitals are normal, just took him to my room, gave him some water and let him rest. Informed his parents. He is fine right now, just sleeping. I'll check him again before I let him go.
  10. Amethya

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    Oh yeah, and I try calling all numbers but NO one answers and I try again later. Poor kid was in my office so sick, and I couldn't give him anything. All I can do is make him comfortable. I made it extremely clear to his mother that she needs to keep him home until it goes away. She did listen to that, thankfully.
  11. Amethya


    I just told by my head nurse that it's been declared a outbreak by the DSHS. So what does that mean for us? I only have 2 cases of the flu here, that's it.
  12. Amethya

    Seriously not my week... flu!

    It's been declared a measles outbreak from the CDC to us in Houston, So I need to watch for issues too. So yeah... so not my week or month to be honest.
  13. Amethya

    Seriously not my week... flu!

    Plus I have Vision screenings to do this week.... it's crazy today.
  14. Amethya

    Seriously not my week... flu!

    We got two confirmed cases of the flu, one is A. Then I have a little girl with pink eye, she ran from my office early today and I come to find out she wasn't here today? I think I'm going crazy because another girl came in with pink eye and same class, and apparently she's the only one with pink eye? help?
  15. Amethya

    Were you a frequent flyer in you’re own school days

    My mother was a teacher and we are Hispanics. The one thing I learned early in life is that my mother thinks I'm faking and sends me to school. So I learned that unless I'm super sick, I shouldn't go to the nurses office. In elementary I only remember going to the nurse maybe 3 times? And my mother worked there, so I was a plus. The only time I could be considered a FF was when I was in middle school because of migranes I would get due to the chili in the chili and cheese fries I would eat and I would get sick. Came to find out I was allergic to the chili. And I was a FF in college due to medication causing me to be sick but that's it. Nothing else.