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  1. Keeperofbandages

    Typical schedule.

    I'm in a K-8 Public Charter School in Fl. I have roughly 890 students. My hours are 7:45-3:45. Student hours are 7:50-2:40 for 6-8, and 8:30-3:05 for K-5. I help cover the front desk in the morning till around 9:00. Most of my days are filled with immunization reviews, med admin, filing and CLEANING!!! My student's think its a "little excessive" how much wiping down of the cots, counters, phone, door handles and sinks I do on a daily basis.
  2. Keeperofbandages

    When do you call?

    Mine is 3 in the same class or 4 total in the school we have to notify our local health department.
  3. Keeperofbandages

    Sub Notes

    Does anyone have anything typed out for subs on where they can find certain items, who covers you for lunch, who the med trained back ups are?
  4. Keeperofbandages

    Care Plan Forms

    Does anyone have a specific form that the use when creating care plans? I did find one for food allergy. But I am struggling to find something for diabetes and asthma.
  5. Keeperofbandages

    Charter School Nurses

    Has anyone made the switch from a public school to a charter school? What were the biggest changes you noticed in switching?