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Keeperofbandages is a CNA, LPN and specializes in School Health.

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  1. Keeperofbandages

    diabetic question

    follow the diabetic management plan from the doctor. If it is not clear in the orders, I would call for clarification.
  2. Keeperofbandages

    Recess/Gym Restrictions - Where do your students go?

    I'm K-8. I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I have had a student just outside my office due to an injury and cannot participate in Recess/PE. Most of the time my PE Coaches will have the student keep score or some other task so that the student still feels involved with the class. For my Elementary students, my teachers will bring an Ipad out to recess for the student to do cool math or some other educational game.
  3. Keeperofbandages

    Good PRN job for school nurses

    I have worked my districts ESE Extended School Year (which I loved!), done home health, waitress, worked my current school's summer camp over the years for some extra cash. I took this past summer off from any work (besides moving across my town), which made me realize how much I needed to be "busy" during the summer.
  4. Keeperofbandages

    School Nurse Pay

    I am in Florida, I work 8 hours a day, 186 days a year. I get paid $16.48 an hour as an LPN.
  5. Keeperofbandages


    I have some nursing students assisting me with my screenings. Does anyone have ideas on thanking them? My school has always done a tray of cookies, with juice and fruit. However, last year the instructor got upset with us providing treats AFTER the screenings were completed. This year, I have the same school sending me different students with the same instructor. I do not want their hard work to go without being noted.
  6. Keeperofbandages

    Parents be like...

    My kinders cannot start until all the necessary paperwork is on file, my 7th graders who were in the school for 6th grade get 1 week to bring me in a copy of their updated shot records with proof of tdap immunization. All new enrollments (besides kinders) get a 30 day window to bring in physical and immunization record.
  7. Keeperofbandages

    Parents be like...

    Are we in the same state??!?!?!? I start my TDAP notifications AFTER winter break! We also have a parent newsletter that goes out every 2 weeks which I put all important information coming up in!
  8. Keeperofbandages

    Must Have Supplies

    What are some "must have" supplies that you have in your office? Besides first aid supplies, my go to is bread ties! The wire makes a great "temporary fix" when my student's with glasses lose a screw.
  9. Keeperofbandages

    School Nurse or Health Aide

    For those of you with nursing licenses, does your school refer to you as the school nurse or health aide? Last year on the website I was referred to as the school nurse. This year I am referred to as the health aide (I am an LPN).
  10. Keeperofbandages

    Medication Storage

    My meds are in bins. I have them labeled Daily Meds, As Needed Meds, Emergency Meds. Inside each bin the medication goes in its own ziploc bag with the students name birthdate.
  11. Keeperofbandages

    Clothing Storage

    I have tried several times to get out of being the "clothing department" but it still stays in my office...
  12. Keeperofbandages

    Clothing Storage

    For those of you who store clothing in your office, how do you store them? I currently have two ( 1 for girl's clothing, 1 for boy's clothing) 3-drawer carts that are kept in the bathroom. I feel like it constantly stays cluttered and looks bulky in the bathroom.
  13. Keeperofbandages

    If you have switched schools/districts

    I left my public district last May and moved to a Charter School. I do feel like the first year of any new job is always a learning year. I am waiting now to meet with the Principal in regards a contract for myself next year. I am a nervous wreck waiting to find out;
  14. Keeperofbandages

    I might have asked this before but not sure

    In my district, we make 3 attempts. All are documented with the date they are sent out. Once they do not respond after the 3rd attempt, we mark them a non compliant.
  15. Keeperofbandages

    Field Trip Notification

    My bookkeeper lets myself and the secretaries know what field trips are planned as they are approved. They go on my calendar, my secretaries calendar and then our "parent calendar" that is at the front desk. We also do bimonthly parent newsletters home for the entire school with a calendar of upcoming events for the next 2 weeks.
  16. Keeperofbandages

    Another new school nurse

    I love the relationships I get to build with my students and their parents. My least favorite is the beginning of the year mound of paperwork to go through. I have been in school health going on my 6th year now (with some home health on the side) and I honestly never want to do anything else.