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Keeperofbandages has 9 years experience as a LPN and specializes in School Health.

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  1. Non FDA medications and school

    Our policy states if it is not FDA approved, that we do not administer the medication.
  2. Things I should not have to say...

    Your pass does not belong on my desk. Ice does not help things that happened x days ago.
  3. We use these ones for big-deal stuff:

    (the wheels light up when it rolls.)  I'm not sure where we purchased from, as they get added to our district bid list and then companies bid on filling it at the lowest cost.)  All our offices pack it the same way for continuity and it is essentially a bit of anything we would want to operate a station outside of the office. Some assessment tools and items we would want if stationed outside in an evacuation.  It's pretty large, and VERY organized if you have a label maker.

    Otherwise I have a small fanny pack that just has a SAM Splint in it with an ace wrap for it, some ABD pads/packing gauze, roll of tape tourniquet, and I'd grab a stock Epi on way out to stick in it if that's part of the call. I think streamlining 'go' bags is really important, since most scenarios end in stabilizing or comforting until EMS arrives or treatment back in health office.  The nurse before me was lugging neosporin and splinter kits in her 'go' bag. It was massive. 

  4. Go Bag

    Does anyone have an Emergency Go Bag recommendation? The one I ordered does not work for my school. I would love something with pockets and ability to find what I need in a situation easily. I have looked at School Health, School Nurse Supply and ...
  5. Thermometers

    I use the Welch Allyn Otic thermometer for my kids K-8.
  6. Stock Epipen's

    I checked with them and they will not.
  7. Stock Epipen's

    How does everyone get their prescriptions for their stock Epi's? I work at a charter school in Florida and the doctor who used to write our prescription moved out of state. I have checked with local providers and they will not write the prescriptio...
  8. Do you participate in Spirit Weeks?

    We have spirit weeks maybe twice a year. What my school does is jeans and a type of shirt day as a fundraiser. Sometimes its a jersey, sometimes its a fall shirt, etc. I do participate in those. We are doing a book character parade on Thursday whe...
  9. Head Lice

    We have a no-nit policy. If a student is discovered to have lice during the school day, they must be sent home and treated. Students returning after having lice are to be brought in by a parent/guardian for evaluation from the nurse before returnin...
  10. Clinic Staffing

    It's just me at my school. I'm in a K-8 Public Charter School with about 880 kids and about 90 staff.
  11. Who's almost done???

    The kids last day is the 27th and my last day is 6/1.
  12. Nurses Week Gifts that Knock You Off Your Feet

    At my job, I was not even recognized for National Nurses Day or Nurses Week.
  13. Medication Expiration Dates

    In my district, we have to go by the pharmacy label's expiration date.
  14. End Of Year Medications

    I send a medication pick up letter home, and also put a reminder in our weekly newsletter. Thankfully, I would say about 98% of my parents pick up the students medication.
  15. Supply Storage

    What does everyone use for storing their supplies? I currently have 2 small kitchen cabinets in my office and 1 cabinet (locked) in the back of the main office. I have alot of my supplies stored under my cots. I have been given permission from my ...