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Keeperofbandages has 6 years experience as a LPN and specializes in School Health.

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  1. Keeperofbandages


    How is everyone handling the isolation room from the CDC? My school has no extra space and building an isolation room in my current office is not feasible.
  2. Keeperofbandages

    Supplies for Next Year

    Is anyone ordering anything different or additional for their offices due to covid-19?
  3. Keeperofbandages

    Do you think schools will resume this year?

    I am in Florida too and feel the exact same way! I miss my kiddos
  4. Keeperofbandages

    2 weeks closed

    I am closed for 2 weeks as of now, we have not been told if we are getting paid or not. I am also paid hourly, so I am at work trying to gather up things I can do from home to get some hours put in. I am hoping we are not out more than two weeks at this point.
  5. Keeperofbandages

    Stolen supplies

    My PTA gave me 6 large bottles of hand sanitizer that I have written nurse's office only on, which are also kept locked up where I have the only key to where they are locked up.
  6. Keeperofbandages

    Stolen supplies

    ALL of my supplies except bandages, lice sticks, etc. are always under lock and key... Not because of my coworkers, we have a cleaning company that comes in and cleans our school each night.
  7. Keeperofbandages

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    At work I am nurse/secretary/end of the day late car riders watcher. At home, I enjoy archery and fishing.
  8. Keeperofbandages

    How do you get a sub?

    If I know I am going to be out, then I find my own sub ( I only have 2 subs), if it is an emergency then if I cant get a sub, my secretaries will cover for me and call me/the parent if needed.
  9. Keeperofbandages

    Supply Question

    How does everyone get an idea of how much to order for next school year? I feel like my biggest things I go through are Gloves, Probe covers for my thermometer, 2x4 bandages, and cleaning wipes. I feel like I never order enough for the entire year and then i'm scrambling to get more of those items for the remainder of the year. Storage IS an issue for me ( I share an office and I'm pretty sure it was a conference room before I started so it is EXTREMELY small). Any tips or tricks you have would be greatly appreciated!!!
  10. Keeperofbandages

    School Nurse Pay

    I am paid hourly and not paid for the summer. So I work my schools summer camp for a couple of weeks each year and make sure to save money out of each check for the summer.
  11. Keeperofbandages

    Diabetes Question

    When doing a diabetic dosage calculation, do you use the correction formula + carb ratio (ex. 2.2 + 4.3 = 6.5 ( 7 units) or do you round the 2.2 (2) + 4.3 (4) = 6 units? I have heard that the first way I showed is the way they are calculating insulin now. How does everyone else calculate?
  12. Keeperofbandages

    Do you keep clinic door open?

    My office is small with one door that leads out to the main office. I leave my door open unless I am speaking with a parent privately or doing a lice check.
  13. Keeperofbandages

    Good PRN job for school nurses

    I have worked my districts ESE Extended School Year (which I loved!), done home health, waitress, worked my current school's summer camp over the years for some extra cash. I took this past summer off from any work (besides moving across my town), which made me realize how much I needed to be "busy" during the summer.
  14. Keeperofbandages

    School Nurse Pay

    I am in Florida, I work 8 hours a day, 186 days a year. I get paid $16.48 an hour as an LPN.
  15. Keeperofbandages


    I have some nursing students assisting me with my screenings. Does anyone have ideas on thanking them? My school has always done a tray of cookies, with juice and fruit. However, last year the instructor got upset with us providing treats AFTER the screenings were completed. This year, I have the same school sending me different students with the same instructor. I do not want their hard work to go without being noted.
  16. Keeperofbandages

    Parents be like...

    My kinders cannot start until all the necessary paperwork is on file, my 7th graders who were in the school for 6th grade get 1 week to bring me in a copy of their updated shot records with proof of tdap immunization. All new enrollments (besides kinders) get a 30 day window to bring in physical and immunization record.

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