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Happy Go Lucky is a BSN and specializes in ER/School Nursing.

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    ? for those paid on teacher scale

    Thank you for all the replies, you've really given me a better perspective on this. I really enjoy substituting and it seems like the demand is very high, so I'm thinking I'll just chill for a year or so & see how it goes. I found out so far that agency substitute school nursing pays about 2.5x more than being a sub nurse hired direct with the school, and so far the agency is giving me plenty of time. I'm direct employed with five school districts in addition to agency and sadly, I can see why it's tough for the schools to find staff nurse subs. As much as I think I'd love to have my "own" school (instead of subbing), it doesn't make much sense for me at this point.
  2. Happy Go Lucky

    ? for those paid on teacher scale

    Hi, I've been substitute school nursing and love it. I am considering doing the school nursing certificate required by New Jersey in order to do it full time, but am wondering whether it makes sense. There is such a need in my area that I can work every day if I want to through the agency I work for, and the pay is good. Can anyone tell me how NJ schools pay staff school nurses? I understand for public schools it is on the teacher pay scale, which would be ok if they place me on the step scale according to my years of total RN experience (13), but not so okay if they place me on the step scale by how much school nursing experience I have. If anyone could give me some insight into how it works, I would appreciate it. I hate to spend the money & go through getting the certificate if it would result in being paid less and more restrictions on time off, when I am pretty happy with the agency flexibility and pay. I don't need the health benefits, and while the option to get into the pension system is attractive, the pay scale thing is definitely the deciding factor.