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  1. Can an ADON be an unlicensed Person?

    Are they and ADon or assistant to the director of nursing? I'm willing to bet that if they are calling themself an assistant to the director and they are doing clerical tasks, that it might be okay. Using the LVN title is fraudulent and should be...
  2. Strategies for HAPU prevention

    LTC nurse's view.... I second the previous posters. Look at the entire patient and get the entire team involved. Braden scores are helpful but only if completed accurately. Repositioning is important but only if it is done correctly. What are you...
  3. Inserting Indwelling Catheter with No Foley Kit

    LTC nurse and infection control preventionalist here..... I agree! The waste of opening up other items to make it work isn't effective and is very risky. I help with ordering supplies. Most of our items can be ordered by the case or per item.
  4. Organization tips as RCM

    if you keep the 802 and 672 up to date, those forms have a good bit of information on them. I will also make lists from there.
  5. TB testing 2020, good riddance?

    All new employees must do a two-step (unless they had a two-step done within the last 6 months and then it becomes just a one-step) We do annual screenings and annual facility risk assessment evaluation. This is for LTC.
  6. Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    Why do some choose med surg, ICU, ER, L&D, home care, Peds, OR, Pacu ??? Um...because! Pay....RN's are well compensated in my area in LTC. I never thought I would choose LTC. 20+ years ago I graduated from a major teaching university that w...
  7. What am I missing?

    I've guessing section means to do an involuntary commitment to a psych unit? Lotsa questions? What was the resident's background? History of physical aggression? Behaviors? Was this random or something that escalated? What precipitated this ac...
  8. When residents want you to save thier food.....

    What is the dietary department manager saying? Where would you store it?
  9. If I say "how stupid are you" will they take it as a challenge??

    The floor nurses obtain consent for the psych meds in PA. It can be done over the phone with a family member too. I don't have the form in front of me, but it lists the class of meds and general side effects. We list each med and the targetted beh...
  10. Blood cultures from a PICC

    Hmm. I will def go and check our P and P but we do draws off of the single lumens. In this case, maybe they are looking at the iv as the source?
  11. I'm confused. How is this not your resident/ patient if you are the charge for all 40. If the aid was assigned to that resident and knowingly left the unit without reporting off then there should be a write up.
  12. I'd start by getting a copy of what is needed for an admit, a transfer to the hospital and a discharge. There might not be many actual papers since most things are done on EHR and then just printed out from there. Labs are done online too. xray...
  13. When They Don't Want To Pay

    OUR BOM/ social worker meets with the family regularly and lays out the expectation of private payment and also starts getting the discharge plan ready. There is an expectation of some form of payment or they start working on applying for medical as...
  14. Infection Preventionist

    I'm doing the one from the CDC and it was free.
  15. Documentation Inservice

    I was planning on changing information so as to not identify the resident or the nurse. You are very correct, public shaming isn't professional or effective. I've also started a collection of great nurses notes. We had a complaint visit a while ...