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  1. halohg

    Resume question

    I would lump
  2. halohg

    My very first squad call

    You did amazing!
  3. halohg

    Return after flu

    Not in all states
  4. halohg

    Return after flu

    That is my thought, since it is not a mandated vaccine you cannot exclude. another thought I wonder if the return date recommendation varies due to influenza A verse influenza B diagnosis?
  5. halohg

    Just sent my first via ambulance....

    Since I am sure the student was on activity restrictions, is it customary to allow these students out for recess? Maybe it’s the age of this specific student as I also allow some of our restrictions to sit on the bench for some fresh air, but if they cannot be trusted to comply with the doctors orders than no recess period.
  6. halohg

    Faith restored

    “Without POP (proof of puke) back to class you go!”
  7. halohg

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    I started getting so frustrated by the high number of staff coming in for temperature checks for themselves that I told them I only do rectal temp checks now. Well that request came to an end real fast.
  8. halohg

    Encopresis KG age

    Thank you, yes I am aware of the last resource. Mom has not shared, she is umm...challenging in many aspects. As far as the HIPAA privacy rule, that is interesting and would love this as a separate thread to discuss. We require as a district policy to gain consent but in this case Mom has given instructions to the gastro not to discuss medical findings...I know I know. The only part she states was part of the care plan was ex-lax.
  9. halohg

    Encopresis KG age

    I actually printed those for Mom to use as a reference. They might be too large for his size, but yes this is what I was thinking as well. Thx
  10. halohg

    Encopresis KG age

    No, he does not realize it is happening and question 2: Mom is expressing a desire to not use diapers or pulls ups. I’m thinking a ‘pad’ would expedite the changing process.
  11. halohg

    Encopresis KG age

    I am trying to manage a 6 year old finally diagnosed with Encopresis under the care of a gastroenterologist however no parental consent given to discuss with MD. Parental involvement is still at a denial stage and somewhat view this as a “little” problem. However Mom states she is giving Ex-lax as prescribed by the doctor. After working with this child for a period of time, I am realizing he is constantly leaking stool. I shared my findings with Mom, she does not want to put him in a diaper, but I am wondering if anyone has seen a type of fecal Incontinent pad that could work in a pediatric size for his underwear? If so how do you see this playing out? Could the child be self directed to change the pad himself? How often? TIA