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KH_RN6 has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. KH_RN6

    Seizures! Diastat!!

    It's been good. All this information transpired end of the last week, this kiddo only comes Tues and Thurs. He came back to school Thursday and looked great, we just had kept a watchful eye. The teacher didn't see anything alerting that day. I had given the bus drivers a bus card with information on the kiddo and what to do in the event of a seizure. They are just having the bus driver aid sit near him. They're prepared to stop the bus and call 911.
  2. KH_RN6

    Seizures! Diastat!!

    Hello! I'm a preschool RN (kids ages 3-5) I have a 3 year old, that has history of stroke, that is now having some new seizures. He had one Tuesday and stopped breathing for 3 minutes (at home- this was after he got off the bus). I spoke with parents today when they dropped him off, they brought the emergency diastat for me to have at school. Now here is my very (im sure :)) stupid question! Because I am from the hospital setting and 90% of my ped population that had hx of seizures were trached! If they stopped breathing we would bag them. SOOO if this kiddo were to have a seizure at school, and mom said he will stop breathing, after 3 minutes to go ahead and give diastat, but do you do mouth to mouth while their seizing? OR do you wait for them to come to? I'm not used to being the sole medical professional making all the decisions and I think im just over thinking and nervous.
  3. KH_RN6

    Parents sometimes...

    I have a stupid question. I'm familiar with rectal Diastat. However, I've never given it. Do you use lubricant before administering?
  4. KH_RN6

    What now!

    I don't think Missouri requires CE hours? But I also don't know much about that. No bulletin board, I just decorated my door as a mummy for halloween last Friday ( we only have 2 classes on Fridays so didn't have much to do ) I'm going to check about a newsletter! that's a good idea. Any good or fun ideas to add into it!?
  5. KH_RN6

    What now!

    I feel like I'm missing something. I just finished all my hearing and vision screens for my preschoolers. I have 224 kiddos to care for. I see 1 tube feeder, and I see one kiddo for daily med. Everyone else is just seen as needed. I was thrown into this job with minimal training. I didn't know what else to do my first week before kiddos started, so I just made all my files. Inputted all my immunizations. Files are done. Immunizations are done. Meds are sorted. Screens are done. What do I do now?! just relax!?
  6. KH_RN6

    School Nurse Job Offer Help!!!

    I am in MO and I didn't take a pay cut from the hospital I was at. The pay scale in my district is great, i'll be making more a year for school year 20/21 than I would have if I stayed full time at the hospital i was at for 5 more years!. Granted I'm sure I could make MORE if I moved to another hospital, but to have a better quality of life and work/life balance definitely outweighs pay at this point in my life. The good pay in my district is just an added bonus!
  7. KH_RN6


    Hello! I am new to school nursing (this is my first year). I keep seeing things on here about becoming certified school nurse. Does anyone know if this is a requirement for MO. A friend from my previous employer left at the same time to become a school RN also, but in IL. She said she has to get certified and then will get a raise. I haven't heard anything about this for Missouri. Feel like I'm missing something
  8. KH_RN6

    How long was your training for school nursing?

    Very slim! I started in August as a new school nurse. My school was banking on their at the time Part time nurse to train me but she quit a few weeks before school started. Soooo I got minimal. They threw me in the office and said " we don't really know what the nurses did before you, but here you go!" I'm a quick learner, and luckily school nursing seems to be a "make it your own" type of deal. Our lead RN came in and showed me some of the charting stuff. By the time she actually got over here though I had pretty much figured it out. I'm going to suggest at our next nurses meeting is to have some sort of "day" where they can go over the very basics in one day. I was soooo overwhelmed my first few days (before kids even showed up) that I caught myself crying in my office wondering if I made a mistake changing jobs. BUT it got better and now I can't see myself going back to the hospital. I stayed PRN at my previous job but really am having a hard time picking up shifts. lol
  9. KH_RN6

    How many?

    My district has 10 schools. I work in the early childhood building, I'm the only nurse for 224 kiddos. 6 elementary schools-each have 1 nurse. 2 middle schools- each have 1 nurse 1 HS- they have 2 nurses None of the schools have a health room assistant or aide. We have a district "lead" RN who floats around and helps, and mostly subs for the schools when the district can't find an agency person.
  10. KH_RN6

    Holiday Decor

    I accomplished this today lol. Hopefully it doesn’t scare my preschoolers! My 2&3 year old would love this.
  11. KH_RN6

    Hearing & Vision screens PRE-K

    well, the guy on the tape. lol
  12. KH_RN6

    Holiday Decor

    Do you guys decorate your offices or doors to match the upcoming holidays? I am finding myself with quite a bit of time on Friday's so these days I would be available to decorate would NEVER happen M-Thr! Just wondering what everyone was doing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas!! I thought about wrapping my door to look like a Mummy and put some kind of word play of "wrapping up boo boos" or something! any Ideas?
  13. KH_RN6

    Hearing & Vision screens PRE-K

    Ugh!! It takes me about 10 minutes! Pending on the kiddo. On top of running the clinic at the same time, my AM session classes take even longer because I get pulled for tube feeds or AM meds inbetween screens. It's calibrated yearly during the summer. It works fine there just HAS got to be a better and easier way!! A lot of my 3 year olds are scared of the headphones, or they will agree to wear them and then get bored waiting for the guy to start talking.
  14. KH_RN6

    School Nurse Pay

    I am in St Louis MO
  15. KH_RN6

    Hearing & Vision screens PRE-K

    Hello all! Any preschool RNs here !? (3-5 year olds) I am required to do hearing and vision screens on all my preschoolers and whoever else diagnostics is bringing in to screen as well. We have an ancient audiometer. It is SOOOOOO old. and the tape plays sooooooo SLOWWWW these preschoolers will lose focus. It's taking me forever to finish 1 classroom just because hearing takes so long and you know, 3 year olds have great attention spans Just trying to gather some info on what audiometers you use. do you use audiometers on this age range, or do you use the OAE devices? Which provides a better result ? Ive spoken about this to our district nurses and administration over the RNs and they said they will look into it but right now they are in the process of taking inventory and replacing some AEDs in the district (priorities, i get it) but it may be years before they start replacing these audiometers. so far this is my least favorite part of this job I'm only 7 weeks in! I would be happy if I never hear that recording "show me the toothbrush, show me the cowboy, show me the firetruck" EVER AGAIN!!!! .
  16. KH_RN6

    School Nurse Pay

    Hello! I am new to school nursing (first year) 7 weeks in!:) yay I work 196 days (10 paid vacation) so I guess 186 days. 7.5 hour days. My annual salary is $46,030 which comes out to be about $31.31. Not apart of union (yet) but I believe nurses in my district can join the NEA.