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I'm giving this forum a preemptive warning so that you may notify your local police departments ahead of time:

I am all set to murder the national council licensure examination tomorrow at 8 am central daylight time.

I refuse to be held responsible for any power grid failures in the Southern United States caused by me overwhelming the computerized testing with my sheer awesomeness.

I'll see you guys in two days as an RN. No luck, no superstition, no appeals to higher authorities required. Just me and my favorite cranium-residing organ.



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Wish You The Best!!!

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Can't wait to hear the news...


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You're such a nut :D

Have some coffee on me before the Big Test!

Go get em!

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Slay the beast :D

morte, LPN, LVN

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hope you had your star bucks of choice, and are on your way to testing site.......75 questions and outa there!

Jolie, BSN

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It is now 7:55am CDT. Sending good thoughts your way!


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Hope it went well!


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Hope you did well beginning and ending in RN.

(Maybe a little less caffeine??lol)


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There gonna have to retire the NCLEX after your done with it :smokin:


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