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nkara has 2 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Med/Surg/Pedi/Tele.

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  1. nkara

    Having Hard time with A&P 1.

    I've been out of school for over 20 years... the Anatomy class is killing me! but I have been using flashcards, I bought the anatomy coloring book and anatomy for dummies. I also bought a little recorder and I'm recording my lectures. I'm taking all the help I can get.
  2. nkara

    Am I just not smart enough?

    I'm almost in the same boat as the OP. I'm just starting my Anatomy class and I'm already stressing. I just see all the information and think.... "OMG can I really memorize all this stuff". I go to class twice a week and have lab once a week. Plus I work 40 hours Evenings at a hospital. So I'm going out and buying the coloring books and flash cards as soon as I can to help me. I'm dreading the whole semester already!
  3. Does anyone have knowledge on the respiratory therapy program at CCRI? I know it's a 2 year program but what is the semester's like? I am currently taking my pre-req's and just was curious how I'll co-ordinate my work/school schedule once I get into the program. Thank you
  4. nkara

    RN or radiology technician

    radiology is a career that you are needed and also nursing. I have heard that radiology pays a little more than nursing but I'm not 100% sure. I would ask yourself this. Do you want to treat the patient for your 8 or 12 hour shift with what they need? ie: meds, cleaning, paperwork. (you will deal with more than blood and vomit) or Do you want to perform a test and send the patient back to the floor or home? It really is a big difference and only you can decide. Both are good choices for a good career and pay.
  5. NO! I am able to sign a declination letter for both the regular flu shot and the H1N1 vaccine.
  6. nkara

    What's the Baylor Program?

    that's how it is where I work but they have done away with it. Few RN's are grandfathered in and if they leave it they don't get it back.
  7. nkara

    CNA Salary?

    I'm in RI and it ranges anywhere from $9 hr for ltc to $15 hr for hospital work.
  8. This is pretty funny. Well once you obtain your RN license don't think you won't be doing CNA type work. You will. I currently work as a CNA in a hospital and the work is still back breaking. Nurses still change patients as well as pass out meds. Make sure you can handle ever aspect or you won't like nursing very much.
  9. nkara

    Job search for a new grad

    I am very happy I decided to change my major to Respiratory Therapist. I have a seasoned RRT who I work with who is relocating to FL and he has been offered a min of 10 jobs. I will have no problem when I graduate with my degree. Good luck to all of you and I do hope it get's better for everyone. :heartbeat
  10. nkara

    RRT vs RN

    Yes I know there are other threads about this but I wanted more opinions from you on this. I am enrolled in a nursing program but I am seriously considering switching to the respitory therapy program instead. I am currently only taking my pre=req's so I want to make a decision pretty soon so I don't waste more time on classes I might not need. I have researched salary, job satisfaction, environment, and job prospects and from what I've found all of them of equivalant to nursing. The starting pay is equal to new grad RN's, job prospects seem to be a little bit easier for new grad RRT's than nurses right now and I work in a hospital and have asked the therapist's who I see working on some of our patients how they like it and they say the same thing.. it has it's pros and cons. What I like about it is the flexiblity to move through out the hospital and work on a different type of patient as apposed to being "stuck" on one floor and only caring for a certain type of patient. I also like the idea of being knowledgable and proficient in one aspect of health care instead of knowing only a "little" about each aspect. To all the RRT's and RN's out there what is your honest opinion of this? I appreciate all feedback and thank you for your honesty.
  11. nkara

    Lost about becoming an RN.

    I would also do alot more research. This doesn't sound like the best place to obtain your education. You can use the pell, fafsa, etc at a community college. Most of the colleges now, at least where I live, aren't using the wait list anymore. They are going on you GPA and entrance exam score. Please don't get conned by this school.
  12. nkara

    Want to make my own scrubs...

    Walmart has patterns. I work with a woman who has her mother make scrubs for her and they are cute.
  13. nkara

    I cant decide on nursing or not please help

    1. How much can I expect to earn with an ADN degree fresh out of school with no experience here in Houston TX. I beleive the answers above cover that question 2. Is it possible to ONLY work days? I dont think I can handle a night shift. I have sleep issues. It all depends on where you look for work really. 3. Will I be seeing alot of GORE? This also depends on where you decide to work. I've worked in med/surg and have taken care of a fresh amputation. Not closed mind you - he had a blood infection. I also just had an appy kid just pull out his NG tube on me. 4. How many days out of the week will I be working? Again this depends on where you work and what you can work. 5. DUMB question.. But Will I be cleaning alot of poop and pee? If your not taking care of alot of pee and poop your the lucky one. It's part of the job! So in other words will you be able to handle it? It's hard to say if you can't handle gore and pee and poop. You might be good with volunteering or getting your CNA license or job shadowing. This will let you get a more hands on experience to see what your getting yourself into.
  14. nkara

    Contaminated Scrubs..do you wear scrubs to the stores

    ah yes.. germaphobes becoming nurses. gotta love it. I personally work till 7:30 am.. if I don't run errands before I get home forget it. I'm too damn tired to do it after.
  15. nkara

    Mercy Killing

    What a horrible experience for you and your family. I sure hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. I personally would investigage the incident. I'm not in a position to give legal advice however. I know in my families case the doctors and nurses taking care of my brother when he had a stroke were very uncaring and once we pulled every rank in the book by bringing down my Aunt who has been a nurse and nursing instructor for over 30 years they finally ordered the test's needed to help him. I hope you find peace with the knowledge that he is no longer in pain. I know it isn't much but my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  16. nkara


    I'm glad you received some clear cut answers to this question. I know for me personally it's not worth me getting my LPN first. My state doesn't hire LPN's anymore unless I wanted to go into a LTC facility which I don't. I'm currently a CNA at a childrens hospital and love it. I am pursuing my RN -associates first and will then pursue the BSN online possibly once I'm done and working. Good luck to you and congratulations.