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truern specializes in Telemetry & Obs.

I'm a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. But first I'm my own person!

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  1. truern

    Sick Of Co-workers Calling In ALL the Time

    Unfortunately where I work we get "dinged" per occurrence...so if you're out one day that's an occurrence...if you're out one OR MORE days that's an occurrence. If you're out one day, try to come back to work, relapse and are out again that's more than one occurrence.
  2. Seriously, posters should STOP doing this student's homework. Obviously they need to learn the rudimentary basics of nursing.
  3. truern

    oxygen and vaseline

    Well, vaseline IS a petroleum-based product..... I had a patient once that was on home O2 and SMOKED!! She had scars all around her mouth and nose
  4. In October I had a complete hysterectomy and the WORST part of recovery was the bladder spasms from having a foley overnight!! Add to that the continuous feeling of having to void while the foley was in and you have a completely miserable experience
  5. truern

    Reflux - Laying right vs. left side

    It would appear so.
  6. truern

    Reflux - Laying right vs. left side

    Laying on your right side would hasten gastric emptying, but laying on your left keeps gastric contents from backing up thru the cardiac sphincter causing heartburn or reflux. I know if I'm nauseated I always lay on my left side. I didn't even answer your question, did I?!