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I'm a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. But first I'm my own person!

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  1. truern

    Sick Of Co-workers Calling In ALL the Time

    Unfortunately where I work we get "dinged" per occurrence...so if you're out one day that's an occurrence...if you're out one OR MORE days that's an occurrence. If you're out one day, try to come back to work, relapse and are out again that's more than one occurrence.
  2. Seriously, posters should STOP doing this student's homework. Obviously they need to learn the rudimentary basics of nursing.
  3. truern

    Mini Rant about Unruly Kids

    As a mom and grandmother I have to say: "WTH are you mad about?!? It IS a pool, after all." Seriously, if you don't your books to get wet why on earth would you take them to a public pool where kids go to have fun?
  4. truern

    Are nursing instructors really that bad?

    I learned a LOT from my NS instructors...some more than others, but all of them were terrific. Nursing school is what you make of it. Be prepared, study, know when to ask questions, and be respectful and you won't have problems.
  5. truern

    Scandal...I may have my license revoked? help

    You did assess the dressing at 0800 because you documented that it was D&I!!. Once you found out it was soaked two hours later, you changed it and notified the MD. I'm not seeing a problem here?!? And having a coworker that was actively involved in the situation on the panel?!? A definite conflict of interest! THAT is their only charge against you. An informal written complaint that you were never told about should have no bearing in this matter. Besides, at most that was a med error...not reason to lose your license.
  6. truern

    Question: Why don't hospitals color code the scrubs?

    We have a larger blue tag that goes behind our name tag with RN in large letters. There's no mistaking who is the RN :) I think color-coding uniforms would only be helpful if it were universal.
  7. Let's have a raise of hands here: how many nurses have seen their patients nervous, writhing in pain, upset, etc UNTIL the family members go home?! Nerves begat nerves!
  8. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? Basically you dismissed her nurse and said that you, the about-to-graduate nursing student would take care of your mom. I don't care if you're graduating or even if you have a MSN, *I'm* responsible for my patients and *I* monitor their sats and give their care. And face it: daughters don't want to see their moms in ANY pain and unfortunately I've never seen a post-op patient (esp post-hysterectomy) with ZERO pain even with the best of meds. Surgery hurts. If that nurse didn't have to wade thru several family members to attend to her patient maybe she could have tried repositioning her or relaxation techniques to help ease her pain. I can't begin to speak to the third chair issue. Goodness, I'm grouchy this morning, but this rubbed me the wrong way
  9. truern

    Letter to My Manager

    I'm so sorry, Music...a manager can make/break your day. We just got new management on our unit, and so far I'm very impressed and thanking God.
  10. The only med questions I had on the NCLEX had NO clue (suffix, what it was used for, etc)...and I guessed on them. I'd never heard of the meds and couldn't tell you now what they were. For example, a question may have said: Your patient is taking this med...what teaching would you do? a. take with food b. take on an empty stomach c. take in the morning d. take at night Seriously, nothing like a -pril, -lol, "pt is being treated for hypertension", NADA.
  11. truern

    Who is Responsible for Discussing End-of-Life Treatment Options?

    As a new grad I had to deal with this issue. My patient trusted me..and confided in me regarding her last wishes. I had to take on the doctor AND her family, but dangit I fought tooth and nail to see that her wishes were respected. Sometimes WE are all they have on their side.
  12. I have liability insurance thru the company siri mentioned and it's $99/yr for the highest coverage they offer. Nobody at work has ever asked me whether or not I have insurance....I just think it's the prudent thing to do!
  13. truern

    Blood Transfusion and Infusion Pump use

    Only time I've ever NOT used a pump was during a code when I ran in a L of IVF wide open. Everything else has been on a pump...even blood. Never had a problem.
  14. truern

    What to do to help endure consecutive work stretches

    Agree with most of your post, however, she'd get canned in a New York minute if she got caught napping at WakeMed. NCGRN, see if you can get those Thursday hours down to 8. That would be your "reward" for getting thru the previous shift and maybe leave you some energy for the weekend. Btw, check your PMs....
  15. truern

    How do you center yourself before a shift?

    To get "centered" I always try to get to work early. Nothing worse to start your shift than coming in late and not having time to catch your breath before jumping into the fray! I also get my scrubs, etc ready before going to bed so I don't have to scramble trying to put something together.
  16. truern

    Insulin Regimes?

    You absolutely would have a MD's order for what type and when to give it. As an insulin-dependent diabetic, I can tell you nothing, and I mean NOTHING, makes me crazier than to go to the hospital and they want to screw with my insulin regime. My doctor and I worked long and hard to get to a place that works for me. LISTEN to your patient, especially if they're not newly diagnosed, and advocate for them.