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I'm a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. But first I'm my own person!

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  1. truern

    Sick Of Co-workers Calling In ALL the Time

    Unfortunately where I work we get "dinged" per if you're out one day that's an occurrence...if you're out one OR MORE days that's an occurrence. If you're out one day, try to come back to work, relapse and are out again that's more t...
  2. truern

    Mini Rant about Unruly Kids

    As a mom and grandmother I have to say: "WTH are you mad about?!? It IS a pool, after all." Seriously, if you don't your books to get wet why on earth would you take them to a public pool where kids go to have fun?
  3. truern

    Are nursing instructors really that bad?

    I learned a LOT from my NS instructors...some more than others, but all of them were terrific. Nursing school is what you make of it. Be prepared, study, know when to ask questions, and be respectful and you won't have problems.
  4. truern

    Scandal...I may have my license revoked? help

    You did assess the dressing at 0800 because you documented that it was D&I!!. Once you found out it was soaked two hours later, you changed it and notified the MD. I'm not seeing a problem here?!? And having a coworker that was actively involv...
  5. truern

    Question: Why don't hospitals color code the scrubs?

    We have a larger blue tag that goes behind our name tag with RN in large letters. There's no mistaking who is the RN :) I think color-coding uniforms would only be helpful if it were universal.
  6. Let's have a raise of hands here: how many nurses have seen their patients nervous, writhing in pain, upset, etc UNTIL the family members go home?! Nerves begat nerves!
  7. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? Basically you dismissed her nurse and said that you, the about-to-graduate nursing student would take care of your mom. I don't care if you're graduating or even if you have a MSN, *I'm* responsible...
  8. truern

    Letter to My Manager

    I'm so sorry, Music...a manager can make/break your day. We just got new management on our unit, and so far I'm very impressed and thanking God.
  9. The only med questions I had on the NCLEX had NO clue (suffix, what it was used for, etc)...and I guessed on them. I'd never heard of the meds and couldn't tell you now what they were. For example, a question may have said: Your patient is taking ...
  10. truern

    Would you get the vaccine? There's a research group here in Raleigh testing the vaccine....y'all line up now!!
  11. truern

    Materials allowed in the testing center

    Honestly, the only time I used the dry erase board was for questions where I could eliminate an answer so I'd write it down (without any identifiers) to remind myself not to consider it again. Then I'd mark a single line thru it after answering the ...
  12. truern

    Materials allowed in the testing center

    They provide you with a dry erase board and marker or paper and pen..depending on the site and you're asked if you'd like earplugs.. You're allowed NOTHING else in the test area...and I mean NOTHING. Not your watch, not a drink, not a snack...nothi...
  13. truern


    You're such a nut Have some coffee on me before the Big Test!
  14. Hekate, you've been nothing but insulting and rude on this thread. I'm wondering where all the hostility comes from??
  15. oh, my