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Valerie Salva has 19 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Valerie Salva

    Tips for New Graduate Nurse Starting a job

    I used highlighters to color code on my report sheet various things that needed to done and info about pts. I designated different colors for different things. For example, a pink highlighter dot means the pt is diabetic. A pink check mart next to th...
  2. Valerie Salva

    which offer would you take?

    The hours and pay at the SNF do sound really good. A SNF is a really good place to hone your skills- as long as it is a good place to work. Lots of various different kinds of pts @ a SNF. Not all are elderly.
  3. Valerie Salva

    HCA Hospital

    I was a floor nurse @ an HCA facility, not mgmt, but I agree with your opinion of them. No ethics at all- just a miserable place. I especially agree with this statement:
  4. Valerie Salva

    Nursing market becoming oversaturated?

    Parts of Texas have been saturated with nurses for a long time. There were plenty of jobs in the large, metro areas in the past, but that is changing now.
  5. Valerie Salva

    HCA Hospital

    I worked at an HCA in Texas. Worst experience of my career. However, every place is different. Just be careful. Watch your back, CYA, and mind your Ps and Qs. Be friendly, but don't reveal too much about yourself.
  6. Valerie Salva

    Any VA Hospital employee's here familiar with the system?

    I would think that the best thing to do would be to approach your doc again, telling her that this is very important to you, and you really want her to take some action on this. If she is a good doc, she will surely be responsive.
  7. Valerie Salva

    I cried somewhat over a minor incident with a patient...

    It sounds like the pt had a vasovagal episode. She may need a stool softener to prevent this. I still get teary after all these years when I see a pt suffer. Don't worry- it's normal.
  8. Valerie Salva

    Can RNs really make this much?

    I have been offered travel jobs to HI, but the pay has never been more than $19./hr- less than half of what reg staff makes per hr there. The agencies' take on it is that travel nurses in HI are "paid in sunshine and beach." Sorry, but sunshine and b...
  9. Valerie Salva

    How do you know if you're cut out to be a nurse??

    I showed your list to my dh and he said "Did you write that?" Lol!
  10. Valerie Salva

    Can RNs really make this much?

    I've never met a staff RN making more than $24./hr in Texas.
  11. Valerie Salva

    Can RNs really make this much?

    I agree, but I'd take the $50. !
  12. Valerie Salva

    NO LUNCH??? NO BREAKS??? Is that common in nursing?????

    About 1/3 of new grads leave their new jobs. According to this article, 41% of new nurses (less than 18 mos experience) regret their decision to become a nurse.
  13. Valerie Salva

    What do RN's make in California?

    Even travelers make about half that. I did not know any nurse anywhere was making that much, I do know that the cost of living is high where you are, though.
  14. Valerie Salva

    Conflicting test question...

  15. Valerie Salva

    Tenet/CNA Election Procedures Agreement


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