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hypocaffeinemia is a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. Dunno if you guys remember me because I barely post here since graduating, but I've been an S/MICU RN since May 2009, recently became the full-time charge nurse for the next door combined stepdown/MICU unit, and their manager just stepped down due to...
  2. When drawing push meds, do you draw the med first?

    What I do for ativan: 1. Take a 10 cc pre-filled flush syringe. 2. Place blunt needle on it. 3. Expel 1 cc of fluid. 4. Draw up ativan so that total volume = 10 mL. 5. If I need to only give 1 mg I waste half in the sink.
  3. Need help on drug dosage problem

    1000 mg dopamine in 250 mL. You're giving 13.5 mL/hour. Cross multiply this and you find that you're giving 54.16 mg an hour. 54.16 mg divided by 60 minutes in an hour divided by the patient's weight in kg yields 12 mcg/kg/min.
  4. Identifying yourself as an RN when flying commercial

    Dunno. If I were placed in such a situation, I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission, though. I do know that AZ is a compact state as is TX where my license is, but I dunno if taking an order from a doc in AZ means I'm practicing in AZ as well. D...
  5. initial burn care in the ER

    Cover it with something sterile, get baseline labs, and start fluid resuscitation per the Parkland formula. I know ER tends to prioritize the active wound, but the burn will be nothing compared to the problems from possible rhabdomyolysis, hyperkale...
  6. Can someone please help me answer this question?

    That's just brilliant. "Excuse me, sir. May I interrupt your dying to find out your relationship status so that I can properly assess your psychosocial needs? " On top of that, it doesn't even address the question asked. Key words in bold: "...Whic...
  7. Those that prefer to work with men

    Less passive-aggressive behavior, for one. If people upset/disappoint/anger me they know about it from me.
  8. "Clinical Decision Unit"

    CDU is the politically correct term for "serial troponins until negative = discharge or positive = cath then IMU/ICU or stress" unit. Also known as "Fancy Observationland" or "Med/Surg Overflowland".
  9. Can someone please help me answer this question?

    I'd go with D for excess sodium / fluid intake. And I'm only partially joking. The problem is the answer choices all avoid asking directly relevant questions merely to throw students off. If I ask if someone's been out of the country lately here in ...
  10. Identifying yourself as an RN when flying commercial

    While I've never witnessed any need for medical intervention on a flight, I used to work with a nurse who was also a flight stewardess. She once mentioned that while obviously you're concerned with "scope of practice" issues as an RN responding, pret...
  11. Prescription fish oil? You have got to be kidding me!

    You guys realize a good many of our medicines come from extracted, purified, and concentrated natural sources, right? And you understand the benefits of having that process regulated, right? The two obvious examples are belladonna and foxglove. How...
  12. Chief of staff stood up for us ... a total "WOW" moment.

    If it was merely IVF and not a medication (heparin, etc), I'd like to ask the resident how 150-200cc of extra intravascular volume would jeopardize his surgical plans. In detail.
  13. Hanging myself out to dry

    This isn't the freaking military, guys. This clearly was an ongoing issue for years and she decided to, as an employee for the hospital, voice her frustrations to the person most directly capable of seeking out a resolution. Chains of command are a...
  14. Hanging myself out to dry

    Clearly you're in a toxic work environment and it'd probably be in the best interest for your mental health to cut your losses and seek employment elsewhere. You could even seek some cathartic bridge-burning on the way out by letting said CEO know e...
  15. Nursing myths. Stories that you know cannot be true

    While there may very well be a correlation between barometer and labor, there may be just as much of a correlation between stress of an imminent hurricane and labor. All mammals tend to go into labor when their environment is threatened as it increa...