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  1. Resident Thinks I’m A Fake Nurse

    As a fellow HOH nurse, make sure your aides are in top fir., and you have your hearing checked frequently, and adjustments made.
  2. Poor MD Problem Solving With GI Problems

    You are attempting justify her poor treatment, you are ordinarily better than that.
  3. Why some nurses use the word "endorsement"?

    It literally means to hand over, which is what passing report is.
  4. And water born illnesses, if the farm has a pond.
  5. Was I in the Right Here?

    They were past do, and yes, I would
  6. Was I in the Right Here?

    Take someone with. You do not ignore someone like that. It will only cause them more agitation. And is totally unprofessional.
  7. Was I in the Right Here?

    If you did this to my loved one, I would consider reporting you for delay of care.
  8. Mandated to work Saturday?

    Smiling, you are better than that Jr High snark
  9. Mandated to work Saturday?

    Wrong, some are being mean. AND the OP has specified what she was looking for. And that was oft ignored.
  10. Get checked for celiac
  11. Citations needed.
  12. Irrelevant
  13. Not one of your sources is legit.
  14. Proof, please. And an officer later died of his injuries
  15. Correlation is oft moot