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I'm giving this forum a preemptive warning so that you may notify your local police departments ahead of time:

I am all set to murder the national council licensure examination tomorrow at 8 am central daylight time.

I refuse to be held responsible for any power grid failures in the Southern United States caused by me overwhelming the computerized testing with my sheer awesomeness.

I'll see you guys in two days as an RN. No luck, no superstition, no appeals to higher authorities required. Just me and my favorite cranium-residing organ.


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Just got home from a long day (NCLEX was only a small part of it).

General thoughts:

  • It shut off at 75 questions and the pearson vue "trick" is promising, but the post-test anxiety has set in from taking such an odd test.

  • I didn't keep a strict count, but I had roughly 8-10 SATA. They were actually easier than most of the SATAs I've had in school and practiced with.

  • No math or dosage calculations. I didn't pop open the calculator once.

  • Holy salmon, the infection control questions were never-ending! Maybe it didn't like my answers (I didn't particularly like the answer choices), but I swear I had at least 10 on this subject.

  • The Saunders CD question format was near identical to the real thing for anyone studying. The problem I see is that answer choices aren't nearly as obvious. On quite a few questions, I don't think the answer choices were worded well at all-- I had one question regarding beta blockers and considering I just helped my hospital rewrite core measures policies based on latest research and recommendations, I found myself questioning the test and wondering if the question was written prior to the national guidelines review or after it, as it would change the answer. It sucks to know too much some times. A curse I'll live with. :p

All in all I feel a bit anxious waiting for Friday (at the earliest) to see my results, but I'm generally leaning towards confidence in passing.

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Well at least it is now out of the way. Good luck

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May I have the OP's attitude when I go take my test :)

Hope it went well!

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I passed, as predicted. :p

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Congrats.. :smilecoffeecup:

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I passed, as predicted. :p

big ....hmmm.....surprise.....lol, congrats none the less

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Good for you, way to go.

I was in knots pre-test ... especiallly after work on Wed. Couldn't sleep for crap, I did do a handful of questions thinking it'd ease my mind or atleast allow me to rest ... didn't work. Felt like crap all AM on Thurs until about noon when the fog lifted, headed to the testing center for the 2PM test ... was gone from there at about 3:30 and at my favorite watering hole by 3:45, I don't know how many questions I wasn't there to count questions, I'd guess 80ish.

I still don't know and feel 50/50, though I got the pop-up msg from the pearsonvue "trick. As HypoCaff said, wasn't real tough just that the selections were very close. I had quiet a few SATA and infection control/ room placement type questions.

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"Holy salmon, the infection control questions were never-ending! Maybe it didn't like my answers (I didn't particularly like the answer choices), but I swear I had at least 10 on this subject."

First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd. I had about the same infection control scenario on my test too. I was amazed how many of these suckers were on there!


Hypo, I shut off at 75 today when I took it. I thought I'd have a few more than you since you barely beat me on the HESI @ school. I hope you're having a great summer so far. Mine will be if I get my license!


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I passed, as predicted. :p

Congrats! Apparently, your serum caffeine level was within the therapeutic range.

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