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CrufflerJJ has 5 years experience as a RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. CrufflerJJ

    Defibrillators that charged to 400 J

    On my fire department, we had an ancient MRL defibrillator with an aluminum case stashed in a closet ever since it had been taken out of service years prior. It would go up to 400 joules.
  2. "Female mean moral distress scores were 112.75 compared to 60.43 in males." I wonder if the results might be skewed by the possibility of men not being willing to admit their true level of moral distress (out of fear of being perceived as "weak"). I dunno.
  3. CrufflerJJ

    VA tentative offer to final offer

    I believe, but DO NOT know for a fact, that as long as you complete Vetpro & Equip in the time constraints provided, your tentative offer is almost a guaranteed final offer. Should a hiring freeze occur at your local site, your "onboarding" would be delayed, but it should just be a delay. Good luck!
  4. CrufflerJJ

    Who's afraid of the ICU?

    I wouldn't say "be afraid" so much as "be paranoid." If you're part way through your shift and everything seems to be going too smoothly, consider whether you're missing something.
  5. CrufflerJJ

    VA Reputation vs Private Sector

    I've been a VA nurse since February, after having worked as a (2nd career) RN for 4 years in the private sector. The hiring process is long & drawn out. Plan on about 4-6 months from application to actually working at the VA (assuming that you're hired following application). The patients are amazing. Very appreciative. Yes, there are some who are a pain, but such is life. My coworkers are generally dedicated, with a few mega-slackers added in for spice. In my ICU, I have seen no shortcuts compared to the patient care offered at my prior hospital. Yes, the VA did have a horrible reputation for pt care years ago, and the patients will tell you about it. My current pts, on the other hand, will tell you how the quality of care has improved over the years.
  6. CrufflerJJ

    Er nurse vs icu nurse

    I LOVE your ADHD/OCD contrast. I've not done ER (but did volunteer in EMS x 19 years), and can see how the ER might be a triage/stabilize/move-'em-out environment, vs the ICU "What??? You don't know when your pt's last BM occurred" environment.
  7. CrufflerJJ

    New ICU nurse

    Congrats on graduating, and even more congrats on securing a job as an ICU nurse as a new grad!!!!! Your feelings of knowing "so little", yet being "eager to learn everything" are perfectly correct. You're miles ahead of the folks who assume that they already know it all, and will wow/impress their fellow ICU nurses with their schoolwork-based knowledge. You might want to check out icufaqs.org, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their book available at Notes on ICU Nursing: FAQ Files from the MICU: Second Edition by Mark Hammerschmidt (Author) . Another good resource (deeper, more technical details) would be Paul Marino's "The ICU Book", available at: The ICU Book, 3rd Edition: Paul L. Marino, Kenneth M. Sutin: 9780781748025: Amazon.com: Books ...although I dread paying $65 or so for a used paperback.... Congrats, good luck, and all that jazz!
  8. CrufflerJJ

    Cursing on the job

    You can always learn to curse in a new language. This might serve to relieve stress & is less likely to cause problems at work, unless your coworkers happen to speak Russian or Japanese or...
  9. CrufflerJJ


    Despite what your preceptor says, SWEAT IT. Each & Every time you access a "controlled substance" from the Pyxis, make double-darn sure that you account for the amount used, and the amount wasted. To do otherwise leaves you WIDE OPEN to diversion suspicions. Take care!
  10. CrufflerJJ

    Barrage of Terrible Cases: Remembering to Feel

    People live. People suffer. People die. As you stated "my job is to be there." Share both your joy and your pain with those whom you trust. Life is short and precious. Hold it...reluctantly let it go. As you have seen, what's here is only "here" for a short while. Hold it, cherish it. Let it go. Life remains... ((HUGS!!))
  11. CrufflerJJ

    nursing after a near death experience

    Nope. Not weakness, but being open & honest about your feelings. Best of luck to you!:)
  12. CrufflerJJ

    Interview and future plans?

    I'd be careful in talking about stuff other than your immediate med/surg opportunity. If you mention CDE (??Certified Diabetes Educator??) as a goal, then the med/surg folks might feel that you're just "using them" to get your foot in the door so that you can achieve your ultimate goal. I'd recommend that you be somewhat vague in discussing long term goals. Good luck!
  13. CrufflerJJ

    interview help

    Every unit will have a different style of interviewing. You may very well not have any clinical questions at all. Then again.... Be able to tell about the sickest pt for whom you cared during your clinicals. Be able to discuss the disease process, what you found interesting. They may throw questions at you regarding DKA, DIC, renal failure, sepsis. Obviously, the type of questions would depend on the type of ICU. You might just take a quick look at icufaqs.org . Good Luck!!
  14. CrufflerJJ

    Need opinions, thinking of working in the ICU

    Your idea of shadowing is an excellent one. Contact the ICU's manager, expressing your interest. Good luck!
  15. CrufflerJJ

    Reference check

    Apologies in advance, but this is going to sound a bit harsh.... Congrats on having been able to be considered for a position. It sounds like you're being seriously considered, given that you've made it through phone screenings, a phone interview, and you have multiple people submitting references on your behalf. If you are NOT serious about taking a job 4 hours away from your current location, then please stop wasting people's time. It takes time/effort to interview candidates for positions. It takes time/effort to give honest, meaningful replies regarding reference checks. If you were not willing to make the effort/spend the $$$ to interview for the position, then why did you even apply for it in the first place? This decision should have been made loooooong ago. If you decide to go ahead and interview tomorrow, and you do manage to get the job, would you be able/willing to uproot yourself, move, and establish a new residence 4 hours away? If not, then please stop the interview process now.
  16. CrufflerJJ

    How to save my hands

    I'm a big fan of Gold Bond lotions. They are thick, not watery. Once they dry, your hands don't even feel oily. Good stuff!