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Mexarican has 4 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Intensive Care, Urgent Care.

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  1. Mexarican

    New Georgia Nurse Practitioner looking for a job.

    keep trying!! Don't give up. I just graduated (May 5th), took ANCC 5/10...had a job back in March (so imagine the pressure...lol). Actually had a handful of interviews/job offers. In fact in the past five days I've had two practices send me an email via Indeed telling me they'd like to interview me. Have you posted your resume on Indeed.com??? If not, do so...75% of the contacts I had (interviews & job offers) came from potential employers who contacted me thru Indeed.com, although the position I accepted did not come from there but I had actual offers that started thru Indeed.com...so keep looking...or perhaps start looking differently. hope it helps! Mex Somewhere in Georgia
  2. Mexarican

    School should help with boy's insulin pump, mom says

    correct me if i'm wrong...but in order to be a candidate for a pump isn't the child supposed to be old enough to manage the pump himself...?!?!? seems to me like this pump was handed out in error. mex
  3. Mexarican

    "stale" new grad

    No offense, but i always laugh when i read something like this...why do you think those residencies are in place today???? It's because they realized that the new grads of yesteryear were NOT as prepared as they needed to be and that hospitals couldn't continue to put new grads into that position. It's not that you were better prepared...it's that nobody cared that you weren't... Mex
  4. something tells me that these nurses were prolly given the chance to sleep at the hospital as most hospitals offer this opportunity...they offer here in atlanta and we almost never get snow...so that renders the "how do i get to work argument moot"...at my hospital they make it clear...if you choose not to sleep here and you can not make it to work...you will face disciplinary action, period. Mex
  5. but YOU ARE one of those "emergency workers" and therefore you MUST show up to work!! Mex
  6. If you didn't want the responsibility of HAVING to show up to work even during horrible weather then you shouldnt have become a nurse! We are critical staff!!! Thats like signing up for the marines and never wanting to be deployed... Nurses are not "regular" employees. someone braving unsafe weather to get to an office job is ridiculous, but a nurse's job is actually critical at times like these and we must show-up to work! no exceptions...or very very very few and this ain't one of them. Mex
  7. Mexarican

    Brenau Part Time BSN Program

    The BSN program is only offered in Gainesville, both fulltime and part-time. The Graduate Nursing Programs are based on their Atlanta campus. Mex
  8. Mexarican

    Question about HIV patient

    Yes, that's correct...as healthcare workers we are often put in difficult situations where decisions are not black n white but rather a sea of gray...such is the profession. If you wanted black n white choices then you definately shouldn't have chosen nursing... Mex
  9. Mexarican

    Question about HIV patient

    Having a background in HIV education, testing and counseling i notice many of you are confusing what "reportable disease" means and how it relates to the health department and the criminality of this person's actions. When a person tests positive for HIV, the provider who tested them and provided them with those results is required to "report" to the health dept that "a positive" test has occurred. this is done to maintain an accurate count of HIV cases in the nation and it's what "reportable disease" means. "reportable disease" only refers to the responsibility of the provider who tested this person and only means that the provider MUST report that "a positive" has occured to their local health department. That is the extent of what "reportable disease" is and means. Now, if the person cooperates (yes they actually have the choice) it can facilitate notifying sex partners that may have been exposed. This depends on whether the person consents to have their name attached to those results in the first place which determines whether the health department is able to get in contact with the person and work with them in notifying sex partners that they may have exposed to HIV. At no time is the persons name divulged to any potential partners although im sure the persons partner can find out through process of elimination especially if that person only had the infected person as a sex partner. That's the extent of "reportable" and it ONLY happens when the person initially test positive. Now, if this infected person later meets someone and becomes intimate with that person without divulging their HIV status then in many states that is considered a crime which means there are laws that require them to divulge their status prior to becoming intimate with someone, but those laws DO NOT protect you as a healthcare provider in "facilitating" the divulging of this persons status. Which means you can't think, "well since this person is "committing" a crime, i can tell on him/her." Unfortunately these laws are only in place to prosecute after the fact. You can and you will lose your license for violating a persons HIV status confidentiality and it is considered one of the severest violations of HIPPA! In fact their is no more severe violation of HIPPA than divulging a person's HIV status! Their may be some HIPPA violations that are comparable but no other violation surpasses it! So much so that many medical information release forms have a special box where the person has to specifically consent to an HIV status/HIV medical record so that those too can be included in the passing on of medical information. In other words, when you sign a medical release form it does not automatically include any and all HIV medical information including status, you have to sign an additional release specifically for HIV medical information or check the appropriate box. So even making the private MD aware of the persons status without the consent of the patient is a violation of HIPPA. Although one would think that a persons private MD would already know this but don't be surprised as many people will go get tested at the health department in order to purposely avoid involving their MD. As for if this girl was my sister...I would hope that my sister had enough sense to have herself and her partner tested for HIV before becoming intimate with this person and to use protection until then. We all make choices here and even with paying due diligence to our matters (ex:getting tested, using condoms) we can never be 100 percent sure the other person is being true to us...life's a gamble. Mex
  10. Mexarican

    Question about HIV patient

    This is a classic scenario used in medical ethics discussions. As it stands, as a healthcare you are bound by HIPPA first and foremost! I would definately get the charge involved but thats as far you are allowed to take it. Mex
  11. Mexarican

    My first code... ever

    Great first experience...you were able to watch the process! thats great...now wait until you are an RN and your expected to do something! LOL Mex
  12. Mexarican

    When to start looking for a job?

    Absolutely!! You really should have started researching possibilities back in December...many new grad residency applications open up this month and unless you have your resume in order and all that stuff your going to be left out in the cold, like many people here who waited much too long to start looking!!! I graduated in MAy of 2009 but started looking in December 2008 and actually filled out my first new grad residency application in early (now) January 2009... Mex
  13. Mexarican

    HELP! Bombed the HESI Entrance Test

    it was also timed for me as well... Mex
  14. Mexarican

    HELP! Bombed the HESI Entrance Test

    It is best to wait until you finish most pre-reqs...like All A&P courses, chemistrys, maths, etc... Mex
  15. Mexarican

    More Violence in Another Mass Hospital

    shouldnt have come into the hospital acting a fool...if you come to my workplace and act in a threatening manner and it comes down to either me or you...its gonna be you...i will not become another statistic or sad news story...period! mex
  16. Mexarican

    Fall 2009 Graduate school roll call!!!

    Don't fret...your pursuing your goals!! I'm a new grad also, although i've been working in a PICU since i graduated and got my license. I'm also pursuing my FNP. Mex