Does Joint Commission have any credibility left in 2022?

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I love to get on Youtube and watch nurse stuff. Nurse Blake is one of my favorites. He somehow manages to be funny without being cynical (I am a total cynicist myself). 
But this video points out the real failure JACHO has been in the last two years. It also makes me wonder if JACHO is more like hospitals paying for accreditation than actually attaining something. Kinda like how food manufacturers pay for the American Heart Association logo for their food products to try to sell them more, but it really isn’t the healthiest thing to eat…

Anyway here is a link to the video of Nurse Blake JACHO vs Water Bottles. At the very least you will have a good laugh! And just for fun I also sent an email to The Joint Commission letting them know how much they let us down with a link to this video as well. I hope they enjoyed it. Feel free to do so as well.😃


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Not a fan of nurse Blake. I gave him a good try, I find him mediocre. 

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His overall point is well taken, though I don't think the F-bombs added much to the delivery. I bet the JC won't miss a beat and will come back as obnoxiously irrelevant as ever.

I do love the fact that he named his tour "The PTO Tour"...

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I couldn't agree with Nurse Blake more about the water bottles, and most of us probably feel that TJC has been more of an unnecessary stressor than ever recently. I'm just not a huge fan of either one, personally. Sometimes Nurse Blake cracks me up; most of the time...I dunno, it kinda falls flat for me.

Does anyone know if he currently works as a nurse, or if he has during the pandemic? Or has he moved over to his other pursuits full-time? I know he's got his Youtube channel, his podcast, his shows and touring, and a children's book coming out soon.

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Well I am all up for suggestions on other comedians. But my point wasn’t to specifically spotlight him. In this one particular video I feel he struck a nail on the head. TJC is a farce. And now it no longer causes me stress that they are coming because they mean nothing.

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     The Joint Commission is indeed a scam and akin to the much coveted, prestigious (insert eye roll), JD Powers, "Best in ______ Class" award.  Haha!  Pretty much just pay the money, patronize the auditors and you'll be rewarded with the accreditation.  Afterwards, once the auditors leave the building, the facility go goes right back to its usual dysfunctional and unsafe ways.  Nice!


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Joint Commission has been a joke for (at least) the last 25 years! A total waste of money and time. Hospitals already need to comply with gov agencies and inspections so not sure why JACHO is needed when not mandatory,  is redundant and not cost effective, not to mention stresses everyone out. They should go away!

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To answer the question in your title, KalipsoRed, JC lost its credibility with me years and years ago.


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Eating/ drinking in patient care areas is an OSHA regulation. Gotta take it up with them. TJC enforces OSHA.  

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We have JC coming back to my facility to follow up because we aren't charting follow up pain assessments properly.  Really?

Still I don't blame them for the lack of PPE during the beginning of the pandemic.  

I do blame them for not caring about ratios.

I love Nurse Blake and his satire.


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TJC came to my old hospital when one of the surges died down.  I was on the list of people to talk to them.  I was ready for it and said so. I dated for them to come at me for one damn thing.  Guess who was taken off the list.

I watched that video the other day.  Nurse Blake had it right.  They abandoned us.  Imagine 3 years ago going into a TB room and having them see you reuse your N95 or your gown?  The hospital would have been fined and my unit would have been forced to come up with a plan to correct my behavior.

So yeah, come talk to me about tape and giving my tube feed meds when the order says PO.  I was so ready to go toe to toe with any surveyor.  Too bad they did it virtually and my manager had to wheel around a talking lap top.


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They had none in the 1990s when I became a nurse.