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KalipsoRed21 has 14 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Currently: Home Health.

Cardiac Step Down, Telemetry, Travel, ER, Intake Coordinator for Home Infusion, Home Care

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  1. Life After Probation

    Sorry no one has had any answers for you. My guess would be time and tenacity.
  2. Yes. HSHS Saint Joseph’s in Highland, IL is a good example of fiscally responsible, adequate technology, good care institution. The only “problem” I have with their institution is that since it is catholic based it did not provide fertility care or p...
  3. Nurses: Would any of you think it normal to get sent a patient from the ER with a comminuted tibia head fracture that was not splinted and had not been seen by the ortho team yet? Oh, under 60 and on eliquis when they fell?
  4. Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    Do two years of any hospital specialty (m/s, tele, psych) and then do travel nursing. No benefits, but lots of money weekly.
  5. Are you a Nurse just for the money or do you do it from your heart?

    I kind of think this is a stupid question….or the person who posted it has no experience in a healthcare role that actually requires being responsible for a person’s well being. We would not suffer the *** we do if we didn’t care about other humans d...
  6. Home health is not without theirs. No way I’d go back to the pissant pay of “salaried” home health or per visit home care. The charting is dramatic and the drive miles on my personal vehicle inordinate compared to the compensation. The one good home ...
  7. Yeah, I posted it on my professional facebook (which is just 300-400 previous co-workers) and no response at all. When are others going to be as angry as I am?
  8. I do wish we in the US saw healthcare as a public service and not a place to profit. Just like a good solid education, basic healthcare leads to a better country. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I posted it on my facebook page too. I’m tire...
  9. I saw this and it just spoke to me in a thousand ways. I want hospitals to be profitable enough to be stable, and to expand services, but the goals for profit are FAR beyond those meager goals. Your healthcare sucks because of capitalism. And the rea...
  10. Peri-care without gloves?

    Lost in current education today, hand washing is more important AND effective than wearing gloves. In my home health position there were a lot of wound care that I did without gloves, but I washed my hands.
  11. While I liked your story, I would say the staffs’ reaction and support were more feed back from you than anything. Yes, being a nurse ,in general, does run the risk of being less empathetic at times, but I find that frustration to be do to overwhelm ...
  12. Does Joint Commission have any credibility left in 2022?

    I think it is kinda funny that everyone has posted how much of a lie TJC is…and management in general. Like I am so long in this field that every time another smoke screen gets blown away I get more apathetic about getting fired.
  13. Does Joint Commission have any credibility left in 2022?

    Ha! You are always so wry. What I continue to struggle with is why we put ourselves through this at all? I honestly wished I had become a plumber or like got a degree in horticulture. Since I support my husband and kid, I’m kinda stuck. I hate debt m...
  14. What Is Wrong with These Students?

    Quit telling this person how great flexibility is. Good lord, this is how people die. Yes, acceptance of change is necessary. Weekly/daily change is just butt-effing dangerous. Mostly because people are just spewing their best attempt to get it right...
  15. Clear Lake Texas (Houston area) $43.50/hr day shift medical surgical unit. Weekend differential $2.50. I don’t know what nights make. 14 years of nursing experience.