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  1. Jedrnurse

    Per diem as a new grad

    Can you pick up some overtime instead?
  2. Jedrnurse

    No More TB Tests?

    Thanks! (Although the test sounds like some new Power Ranger...)
  3. Jedrnurse

    No More TB Tests?

    I've never actually heard of the blood test, just PPD and X-ray. What is the test called?
  4. ...at the very least I don't end up using those nasty, worn and stiff bristles. I also change it the 1st of every month. Maybe I should buy some stock in Oral B or some such...?
  5. Jedrnurse

    Bring back our childhood diseases!

    She's happy about having had the disease? Well, one can only hope she also experiences shingles...
  6. Ah. I also change my toothbrush after anything like that as well.
  7. What do you mean by oral care in this instance? Always good to learn a new trick...
  8. Jedrnurse

    When to quit/start looking for a new job?

    I'd say do the research on the steps for the new state's licensure now, and (unless there's a pointed reason to start earlier) give yourself a three month window to get it prior to moving...
  9. Jedrnurse

    Part Time Job

    I agree with the suggestion previously made that you pick up some OT (once you're eligible) at your primary job. It can save you some hassle, not working for a second employer... (Just watch out for burnout.)
  10. Jedrnurse

    ADN-BSN or CC-Transfer to BSN

    You could start off as a liberal arts major at a community college and focus on the pre-reqs you'd need for nursing, with the goal of switching majors. If you do well there, your high school GPA won't matter as much. Also, you won't be extending yourself nearly as much financially.
  11. Jedrnurse

    Measles!! No MMR #2 advice

    "Claim religious" - so they just pray their kiddos don't get sick...?
  12. There are some employers who use credit scores as part of their hiring assessment. If this problem has severely "dinged" your score it may affect future job prospects. (I think this phenomenon is extremely unfair, BTW. Making it harder for people with money problems to find work? Yeah, that really makes sense... )
  13. Jedrnurse

    Do You Still Believe These 6 Shingle Virus Myths?

    Thanks for pointing this out!
  14. Jedrnurse

    What is your procedure for passing ice water?

    It helps if you have the water blessed, though. That way the inevitable soakings are with holy water. That helps the occasional patient. Nsg DX: Altered mental status due to demonic possession as evidenced by 90 y.o frail woman having the strength of six grown men...
  15. Jedrnurse

    I have decided to retire!

    I'm curious- will you still keep your license, or let it 'go'?