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Jedrnurse has 29 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in school nurse.

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  1. You. Get. BREAKS???? 😱
  2. Jedrnurse

    Back problems-unable to do heavy lifting

    If you can't have a Hoyer because you're an ALF, not a SNF, you sure as shootin' shouldn't be having max transfer/incontinent "residents" (a.k.a. patients) because...you're an ALF, not a SNF. The contradiction astounds me...
  3. Jedrnurse

    Tips, tips, tips? :)

    Any chance (or interest) is working at a Summer camp this year? It's very much like "school-lite" and would help you get into your new job groove...
  4. Jedrnurse

    Tips, tips, tips? :)

    The Northeastern University School Health Academy has some good online classes that would apply to your situation. Some details are state specific as regs differ from place to place, but many things are "universal" in school nursing...
  5. Jedrnurse

    Nursing Staffing Post COVID Quagmire...

    Is the management doing everything possible to get the facility staffing up to par?
  6. Jedrnurse

    Interview Panel, riddle me this?

    As the nurse is part of a team, I guess I don't have a problem with other team members being in on it, at least at some stage of the process. Did the non-nurses ask many questions?
  7. Jedrnurse

    Not So Sure

    I would seek out references for a good counselor.
  8. Jedrnurse

    Not So Sure

    The general feeling of burnout might follow you wherever you go, I.e. it might not be completely (this) job related. Maybe work on that before making a drastic change?
  9. Jedrnurse

    Setting my orientee up for failure?

    Not everyone who passes the boards should be a nurse, nor is everyone who passes the boards able to be a nurse. It sounds like you've gone above and beyond- why do you think you've failed?
  10. Jedrnurse

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    Do Biter Nurses tend to loose there licenses?
  11. Jedrnurse

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    Biter Nurses sounds too...violent (and tetanus shot inducing). Maybe Bitter Nurses instead...😜
  12. Jedrnurse

    Work Schedule

    Will 10 hours truly be 10 hours...? If not, you're better off with three 12 hr shifts.
  13. Jedrnurse

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    Okay. However you weren't the only respondent to tease out that part of the post, making me think that folks were assuming ageism at play. My original comment mentioned how I thought the person's age could be a factor in the way the nurse could/would/should respond to the behavior, and that that might be the reason age was brought up. OP said that was not the case. I stand corrected.
  14. Jedrnurse

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    I hear you. I interpreted it to mean that there might be a perceived power differential due to her seniority that might make it more difficult to confront the issue. It looked like some commenters were looking for ageism where there wasn't any.
  15. Jedrnurse

    Worried about socialising

    Where are you such that it's still difficult to get vaccinated?
  16. Jedrnurse

    Can I still be a nurse if I quit a graduate entry program?

    In MA, I knew of a direct entry grad program. After two years, you'd be eligible to take the boards. The remaining schooling got you an MSN and NP eligibility. (Not sure if it's still set up that way...)