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    Elementary/Middle School Lunch Guidance

    "Forced" feeding has no place in a public school, and making someone get a lunch that they're not going to eat has some moral implications as well. If they're just being picky, well, the hunger experience should be a good teacher.
  2. Jedrnurse

    Should good health be a requirement for certain positions?

    I love this!
  3. Jedrnurse

    DNP but still a staff nurse?

    Never be embarrassed to be doing actual nursing instead of paper-pushing...
  4. Jedrnurse

    Mistake? Maybe?

    It seems that this "addendum" would need to be in the main order section (as a flag) in order to have a chance to be seen. Having it separate from the order and consent that say you can give the meds doesn't make sense.
  5. Jedrnurse

    Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    At least the management is coming out on the unit to help cover the breaks...right??
  6. Jedrnurse

    Why is there a shortage of pediatric nurses?

    C'mon, when you see something like this you just can't say know...
  7. Jedrnurse

    Why is there a shortage of pediatric nurses?

    Okay, now I'm definitely threw with this!!
  8. Jedrnurse

    Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    Yeah, but getting the day off takes some of the sting out of it...
  9. Jedrnurse

    Why is there a shortage of pediatric nurses?

    Don't get so angry that you act out and loose your license...
  10. Jedrnurse

    What do you do when parents scream at you?

    It's also helpful to have a witness for those "he said/she said/they said" complications that can come out of these interactions...
  11. Jedrnurse

    Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    I think that this is a side issue, ie the socio-economic aspect of the post that you're referring to. We ALL know of nightmare patients and patient families that will resist every attempt at resolving issues. They simply gain too much from their...
  12. Jedrnurse

    Personal Cellphone Reliance at School?

    Hello, all. I work in a private school in which (to put it nicely) the organization blurs the lines between job and personal life. They use walkie-talkies for dismissal coordination, but during the day they rely on staff calling each other (or t...
  13. Jedrnurse

    Working as a CNA in SNF vs. Assisted Living

    Are there ANY accreditation bodies responsible for licensing ALFs? If so, how can they ethically allow this to continue?
  14. I don't think you have anything to lose. Right now, they're not hiring you. What's the worst possible result of contacting them? They don't hire you.
  15. Jedrnurse

    To The Nurse Recruiter: Nope

    Good for you!
  16. Jedrnurse

    To The Nurse Recruiter: Nope

    What was her response to you ending the interview?
  17. Jedrnurse

    One Year in and I’m done

    Out of curiosity- do you happen to know if bonuses are taxed at the same rate as "regular" income? Thanks!
  18. Jedrnurse

    How to spot a bad nurse

    Here's one thing- They manage to (always) have a leisurely breakfast in the breakroom after report instead of hitting the ground running...
  19. Jedrnurse

    Wearing Mask Incorrectly...

    I almost think that it'd be better to tell him he has to take it off if he's not going to wear it properly as he's modeling incorrect technique for the students who choose to continue to mask...
  20. Jedrnurse

    Daily Rant Thread

    Maybe they're really nice pins; the kind of pins that all other pins aspire (and fail) to be...
  21. Jedrnurse

    What Does My 2022-2023 Wishlist Need?

    I find the saline spray bottles work fine. Plus, they're cheaper and there's no chance of an allergy issue. I distract the little ones by explaining to them how close saline is to the "recipe" of their blood...
  22. Jedrnurse

    Working as a CNA in SNF vs. Assisted Living

    Like in almost any other situation, a lot will depend on how well managed the facility is. If you're looking for the most exposure to skilled nursing issues, e.g. dressings, tube feeding, equipment etc, a SNF will generally be better for you.
  23. How many write-ups for looking tired constitute a termination? I'm thinking I should have been let go a few months ago...
  24. Jedrnurse

    Putting Your Health First

    Interesting way of looking at it- I've never heard framed like this.
  25. Many hospitals have (already employed) nurses who are on waiting lists to switch to days. The OP should think about that as well. I 100% agree with you that this could be interpreted as a bait-and-switch. The OP is applying for a nights position...