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  1. MelEpiRN

    Employer refusing to provide even verification

    Can you show them a pay stub? I've heard of things like this existing, but usually it's on the manager/director side of things- as in HR can verify your employment but policy says managers do not speak to outside agencies. I do see in your comment that HR is being unhelpful, I'm sorry!
  2. There are more than 4 types of venomous snakes in the US. Because apparently you can buy cobras very easily off the internet. And then because people are irresponsible, they get loose. Cuz that just happened in NC this week. (sigh)
  3. MelEpiRN

    I just lost it!

  4. MelEpiRN

    Whats next after the pandemic?

    Agree with LovingLife123. We have been consistently full with hiring needs.
  5. MelEpiRN

    How Technology Can Solve the Nurse Staffing Shortage

    My brain hurts thinking about this.
  6. MelEpiRN

    Your Help Needed: Give A Tip To A New Grad Nurse

    You're not going to please everybody, learn to let it go and move on.
  7. MelEpiRN

    So my supervisor won't pay me...

    Agreed. If HR won't address it within in a timely fashion (should be pretty immediate) then contact labor dept.
  8. MelEpiRN

    Moyamoya Disease | Knowledge Brush-Up

    In the southeast part of the US we tend to see more of it in those with downs syndrome or sickle cell. (Although the last case I saw had neither). Cerebral bypass surgery is fascinating.
  9. MelEpiRN

    Should I call the doctor for a BP of 175/72?

    Not enough info...are there listed parameters? PRNs if above a certain number? Unit standards?
  10. MelEpiRN

    Nursing Uniforms: From Skirts to Scrubs and Beyond

    The nurses at the first hospital I worked at had to wear white since the "elderly population were accustomed to nurses wearing white". The patients had no clue. I didn't look my age and nobody believed I was their nurse even though I was in white. I do like color-coding the different disciplines- not because it's easier for patients, but because it's easier for me!
  11. MelEpiRN

    Hardest Thing to Learn

    Picking battles. You can't please everybody, nor can you get patients to do everything you need them to do. I remember getting so stressed out about patients wanting to leave the unit to go smoke, or trying to get them to take their meds (especially if they refuse for absurd reasons). Why take on that stress? Educate, and if they still resist, then let them. Just document/ escalate as appropriate/ follow policy. People are entitled to make poor decisions.
  12. MelEpiRN


    I'm under the impression there are different types. Ones that stick with back/ neck issues, and ones that believe they can cure any ailment with readjustments. In the stroke world, we generally stay away from chiropracters 🙂
  13. MelEpiRN

    What else can be done about a nurse sleeping on duty??

    What about the medical director of the ICU? They usually have enough pull to get management to listen to them.
  14. MelEpiRN

    Switching nursing schools

    I transferred after 2 years at one school. It depends on the schools. The school I was at didn't start nursing specific courses until year 3, but the one I transferred to did so I ended up in a track specific for transfer students that accelerated some courses. I also ended up taking Summer courses to catch up. So I ended up graduating a semester later than normal. It's completely do-able, you should just talk to an admissions person to see how that would play out for you, depending on what each school requires. (I am speaking from a 4-yr BSN perspective, I don't know what an AD program would be like).
  15. MelEpiRN

    Neuroscience Certification(CNRN EXAM)

    What about the review course from AANN?
  16. MelEpiRN

    Input appreciated about job

    I have no insight on that job, but I like M-F, no weekends, no call. I never really minded working holidays/ weekends when I wasn't married/ had kids. But I get to enjoy that now. It was also easier socially since most of my friends work M-F "normal" hours. I do miss things like running errands in the middle of a Tuesday since fewer people are at the stores but it isn't that big of a deal. My job is flexible enough that I can schedule Dr appointments and stuff during the week and not have to take an entire day off- but I don't know if you'll have that same benefit.