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  1. mmc51264- I think the poster is referring to certain medications used to treat autoimmune diseases (eg methotrexate) can be used as abortives and therefore it's getting hard to get methotrexate due to current policy/ law. (just a guess)
  2. I feel stuck in my nursing career!

    I don't really have any advice other than the CM I usually have worked with are often understaffed and seem to be "pulled in 10 different directions". It's just 10 different directions than bedside nurses.
  3. Do grades really matter in nursing school?

    When it came time for senior placements for whatever they called a 2 week internship in various clinical settings...your GPA determined what place in line you got to choose your clinical. So if you reeaaallly wanted one of 10 peds positions...
  4. "Discrepancies" In Epic Documentation

    are you saying they were pulled and not given under your ID?
  5. ETOHer...(and other slang)

    I hate the term 'expired'. Food expires. I prefer to use 'celestial discharge'. 🙂
  6. No Ethnic DIversity

    No experience with it, but I'd say both lack of diversity is a problem but also a company that is heavily staffed by family and friends? Run far far away. So many potential problems with that business model.
  7. Do you need certification for the Modified NIHSS?

    It's going to pose more of a problem with a re-certification if y'all aren't assessing the deficits. If your mNIHSS is only assessing LOC and extremities but the deficits are sensory or speech, what good is it going to do? How do you catch a patient ...
  8. Hourly vs Salary Position

    I have also not heard of salaried bedside positions. I would say the answer depends on the position. Hourly- you should be getting compensated for any overtime. Salaried jobs tend to be more you may work late Monday and take off a...
  9. Keep it in. In other fields it's completely normal to leave out stuff you did years and years ago to condense a resume and keep things relevant, or leave out short stays, however nursing likes to pay people based on years experience. (Learned that t...
  10. That turkey, is in fact, meat. Couldn't figure out why we never had vegetarian options for work lunches. Turns out the person ordering the food thought turkey was considered vegetarian.
  11. Eating/ drinking in patient care areas is an OSHA regulation. Gotta take it up with them. TJC enforces OSHA.
  12. Healthcare And Birthdate Imperative

    Who is going to remember a PIN number to recite back? I can't even remember 90% of the passwords I'm required to have for literally everything these days. Been in the field for ~20 years, no patient has ever complained to me about asking for the...
  13. Virtual hug!!
  14. Being replaced?

    Agreed, the job I'm currently in had a completely different job description when it was posted (the title didn't match the description at all). HR does weird stuff.
  15. See, I wouldn't call that left-wing, Emergent. Sounds like standard Right-wing corporate "cut as much cost as possible" junk. ? I wasn't aware people were being denied employment, I have only seen insurance rates getting charged to the employee ...