Do You Have Down Time?


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Hi all! Just wondering how much down time you guys have?

I have a good amount in between illnesses, flu shots and such.

Right now my main focus is filing since all my kiddos are up to date with immunizations.

Time to get CEU's done on my behalf :)

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Use your down time to do your screenings, unless you are done with that as well. I am entering week 6 of school, so no down time yet. Around week 20 or so I did have down time, maybe 2 hours total per slow days, but you never know when lice checks will be in need or there is that one case that is all involving all day long. I reorganize, put mailers together for following year requirements, follow up with vision and hearing referrals, go through calendar looking for to dos that never got done, etc. Almost always something to do and if not, catch up on facebook saved posts, Pinterest, allnurses, or Netflix. ;)


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My downtime comes mid winter if flu season isn't bad. Still busy right now trying to get screenings done. And be careful with social media. Our school board watches to see if anyone is on Facebook during the day and reports us to the superintendent. It's happened to teachers more than once.

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What is down time?

GmaPearl BSN RN

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Preach, Old Dude. Paperwork and data entry up the wazoo...

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I have a large number of students who are on catch-up immunization schedules so my down time is sparse. Usually after the screenings in October/November it gets better.

What is down time?

I was thinking the same thing. I never seem to have any down time.


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We had Harvey, so my screenings aren't until in 2 weeks. I do paperwork on my downtime, listen to music and facebook.


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I have "not busy" times and then "down time". When I'm not too busy, I'll file papers, work on inputting screenings, research topics for my newsletter, organize or clean the office. If I have "down time" - everything is done (or I just don't feel like doing it) I will do personal things - pay some bills on line, mealplan and write my grocery list, come here ect. We can't get to facebook on our work computers, but I do look at it once in a while on my phone. I don't post or even like a post while at work though - that's a big no-no.


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I have a large number of students who are on catch-up immunization schedules so my down time is sparse. Usually after the screenings in October/November it gets better.

Same here, I'm a clinic assistant for 3 different campuses... after Harvey one of my campuses has a 12 page report that I managed to reduce to 6 pages. I've sent letters, called parents, searched for maybe missing records in the registrar's office. registrar is new as is the nurse, i'm the only staff member that has been around for awhile so they look to me for advice. I hate to say it but i'm only an assistant. How do I help her understand these missing records etc cant wait til I get there! ( only there once a week)


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Since I only am contracted for when the students are here, I don't get much downtime except at the very beginning and end of the day but even then it gets chewed up with a staff meeting, or IEP meeting, or some student that needs something done before or after normal school time (these only really back up at the beginning and end of the school year or right before/after Christmans break). If she's not covering an absence of another nurse, the area supervisor sometimes comes over to meet and spell me for some time for me to catch up on paperwork.


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Anyone who is posting on here during school hours has down time.