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ruby_jane BSN, RN

ICU/community health/school nursing

"Living life on far too little sleep" - Jason Boland.<br /> "Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkein. Except middle schoolers...sometimes they wander until they get lost.

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ruby_jane has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/community health/school nursing.

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  1. ruby_jane

    C'Mon Now!

    BeckyES - you are MAGICAL. Just not that magical.
  2. ruby_jane

    Clearing bathroom odors

    Neutral Febreze until I realized the aerosolized product was exacerbating my asthma. Also bagging the Depends in a double bag and moving it out of my clinic helped. Good luck!
  3. ruby_jane

    School Nurse: Managing a scene/coworkers

    You did a great assessment. For the bystander who wants to clean the floor - "Can you call the custodian please?" or "There are some chlorox wipes on my desk, please feel free to get them and some gloves if you'd like to help." I have never actually had to say "back off, I'm assessing." I just assessed and anyone around me knew I had my game face on and backed off. A side note- apparently my game face looks really mean. I love the debriefing idea. Especially if you can indicate that the well-meaning bystanders got in the way of actual nursing care.....
  4. ruby_jane

    Patient/Resident Identifiers

    Realizing it's their home- Do they have any kind of ID badge? I only ask because I float into a day-hab setting a few times a month and I have to give medication. They may or may not be able to tell me their name/birthdate. I rely on an independent identifier not tied to staff. If you have very steady nursing care it may not matter. If you have drop-in nurses or subs, it's challenging for us to do the six (or however many) rights.
  5. ruby_jane

    New Occupational Health Nurse! No experience

    There is an organization for occupational health nurses, just as there is for about every other kind of nurse. Join yours. Ask for a mentor. Find another company with occupational health and ask questions. I find it hard to believe there are no policies in place - do you respond to a medical director? As an aside - in ambulatory care, never EVER be unhappy about calling EMS. And never second-guess that call. We don't have what hospitals have, and we never will.
  6. ruby_jane

    Failed pre employment screen

    Can you retake the test at your own cost? Someone with better knowledge about how long THC hangs around in a blood test may weigh in here....
  7. ruby_jane


    Yes, and I ask them "Do I need the wheelchair?" That makes them stop and think about it...
  8. ruby_jane

    When parents are barriers to care

    Sweet baby Moses. Whelp, one thing I learned this year is that while parents can make all the demands they want, with both 504 and SPED, we need doctor's orders for anything out-of-the-way medical. I cannot help what admin does in the way of personal care services but if it gets to nitty-gritty medical admin seems to acknowledge me as the expert. And that schizoid mom....has this risen to a level where you are concerned for the health and welfare of the child? I know you're documenting the pants offa this. I found that a simple "I'll be happy to consider all your requests when I have documentation from sweet baby's provider. Here's a consent form for me to chat with him/her - please sign it and I'll get right on it" seems to help. Hang in there. It's real and for whatever reason it seems to be worse here this year.
  9. ruby_jane

    Letter to teachers re: cleaning classroom

    Something along the lines of "Our janitorial staff is being proactive in cleaning but here are some things that you can do in real time to help the deadly outbreak"? Also be prepared for them to come back on you and ask for Chlorox wipes... May the odds be ever in your favor!
  10. ruby_jane

    The rules apply...until they don't...

    NTX is North Texas. Lawnmower parents are the new helicopter parents. Instead of swooping in to fix their sweet babies' stuff, they precede sweet baby with an invisible lawnmower, so sweet baby never has to stumble over rocks. Unfortunately, that leaves us with a bunch of college kids who've never had to stumble and pick themselves up.
  11. ruby_jane


    Close the clinic to all but emergencies. With a sign. You don't interrupt the teachers during testing....
  12. ruby_jane

    Private or State school?

    I am giving you the same advice I gave RJ Junior. The private school may offer you more scholarships but at the end of the day the tuition's higher. She ended up at the state school that will cost her 1/3 of the lovely private liberal arts school where they offered her a scholarship that amounted to 1/4 of the total tuition. Never, ever go into substantial debt for a private label. I might also suggest that instead of pushing on at this point that you get a CNA, patient care tech, or MA certification (whichever will get you a job in a hospital). Then you can work for a minute and see if this is really where you want to invest your time and effort. You're 21. You're doing fine. There's no rush. And the odds are that in five years you'll be doing something else, and in 20 you may have a whole different career.
  13. ruby_jane

    Is this weird? New employee occupational health.

    One time back in the 90s I had to demonstrate that I could lift the 25 pounds I said I could lift in my interview... The pharmacy thing? Hm. The gown thing? Ew. Another level sounds like it - actually it sounds like life insurance policy screening.
  14. ruby_jane

    Cat allergy anaphylaxis

    Sweet Baby Moses....and wow! Just wow. Hang in there. I bet he's good at telling people what he can and cannot do/have....
  15. ruby_jane

    Heimlich Queen

    Yay. Ms. MrNurse!! High five!! It's moments like these that I miss OldDude - BAM! Snatched from the jaws of death!!!
  16. ruby_jane

    Eyelash Lice

    Ew Ew EWWWWW. Seriously? How? Those can't be real hair....can they?