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"Living life on far too little sleep" - Jason Boland.<br /> "Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkein. Except middle schoolers...sometimes they wander until they get lost.

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ruby_jane has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/community health/school nursing.

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  1. ruby_jane

    Annoyed Parent

    Oh my goodness - I have missed you all so much - but NOT THIS! You documented what you did. I likely wouldn't have done anything differently. Let the teacher field the ER bill...
  2. ruby_jane

    Epi pens and stomach pain

    My experience was that the kid had almost projectile vomiting as the GI response. Stomach ache - not so much BUT it's not impossible. But if the kid denies ingestion...what do you do with this? In a perfect world I'd monitor. Covid has messed with m...
  3. ruby_jane

    Under the Influence Assessment

    I hate the "can you check him out? He smells like pot" assessments. Our old form had me assess nystagmus like five different ways..... Seriously, unless you have a doctor's order and a pee test, you are only documenting vitals, what you observe...
  4. ruby_jane

    Menstrual changes following vaccine?

    Well this is interesting! I don't have a uterus anymore so I am no help. We are in phase 4 trials, folks. That's when all the unusual side effects show up.
  5. ruby_jane

    doubting myself...

    You don't want to be "that nurse." The nurse who wanders away from handing over the inhaler because the symptom is unclear. My general practice is that I assess (PSO2, RR, auscultation for a good long time) and if I don't hear the wheezing and the RR...
  6. ruby_jane

    COVID-caused conjunctivitis

    I learned yesterday that in (less than) 5% of our kiddos, goopy bloodshot eyes may actually be COVID-related. As in, this is a new symptom we've discovered. But that opened up the can o' worms: If I send a kid out for diagnosis and the doctor do...
  7. ruby_jane

    Drug Cost Assistance- Flovent

    Is the teacher's doc aware of the fact the teacher isn't compliant because of the expense? Is there any other med that they can take? My beloved Dr. Singhania (if you're in the NTX and need an allergist or care for your asthma that is allergy-re...
  8. ruby_jane

    Anyone familiar with this training...?

    It DOES look interesting....but looks like it would be for newer school nurses. I think you could speak effectively to (if not teach) many of these topics.
  9. ruby_jane

    SECOND nurses office?!

    This is a great suggestion, for several reasons. Including....if the main office got contaminated or otherwise unusable there is a back up and it's stocked with supplies!
  10. ruby_jane

    504 T1D, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, food allergies.

    Not....necessarily. Pretend you don't know anything about SPED and ask for the evaluation.
  11. ruby_jane

    504 T1D, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, food allergies.

    In my district in north Texas he would likely meet the SPED category emotional disturbance, or possibly Other Health Impairment. The SPED assessment process is lengthy but we need to answer the question: Does this student need modifications to be su...
  12. ruby_jane

    Letter of completion?

    Did you go through a lawyer or just by yourself? If you lawyered up, have them ask for you. Otherwise I would call the case manager...TXBON is not known for happy surprises but I hope yours is a happy surprise.
  13. I'm just dazzled that they thought to invite you. Nurses and nutrition staff work hand in hand a lot but a lot of people don't know that. Scenario: You have a kid who has a negative lunch balance, and parent has been informed but has not made an...
  14. ruby_jane

    Med Usage

    Generalized anxiety disorder? Dexmethylphenidate is a stimulant and I cannot imagine my anxious RJ Junior taking that to "help" the GAD she has. Yeesh. Because the brain's biochemistry is so individualized and because our psych models work like ...
  15. ruby_jane

    Stroke Sx’s....Complacent Teachers

    Days like this I miss OldDude. BAM! Snatched from the jaws of death!! Or not. But you have NO WAY OF KNOWING! So, based on your assessment - a prudent nurse would not have allowed that teacher not to go to the hospital. She looked like she was h...