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  1. The Israelis swear by Sambucol (elderberry). I think it works to minimize but not prevent. I also have bronchitis. Hang in there.
  2. ruby_jane

    School nursing?

    Cats, you have a lifetime worth of skills. Many of us bring weird stuff to the school nurse table. There are ER nurses, OB nurses, med-surg nurses who've grown weary of the bedside. I have limited acute care and a ton of public health experience. I suspect but cannot prove your lived experience (all of it) would make you an asset here. One of the things we're struggling with in school nursing is an adequate, comprehensive approach to the mental health needs of our students, and those needs are great and manifesting themselves at younger and younger ages. You may well have something desperately needed at that school.
  3. ruby_jane

    Measles!! No MMR #2 advice

    It is not beyond the realm of possibility that she got the measles, then. But surely those docs would have titered her or something. At any rate...titer will prove forever she had it. Medical exemption yearly can exempt her as well. My least favorite option here is the conscientious exemption becuase the parent will not have to think through it every year.
  4. ruby_jane

    No More TB Tests?

    WHAAAT? Wow. My boss when I worked in TB used to say "a decision to test is a decision to treat." What was the return on testing investment?
  5. ruby_jane

    My very first squad call

  6. ruby_jane

    Nursing school has pushed me to the edge. Anyone else?

    It is true that nursing school is a beat down, even for those of us who are "good students." Because friend, at this point you're likely in the room with some of the BEST students and not every student is coming in first. I learned three months in that I did not have to make an A in everything. It is also true that you are not accepting the criticism coming your way. Whether it's valid or not - in nursing school you need to accept constructive criticism humbly and without reacting. Nursing school is not the rest of your life, but if you are removed from the program for being late and skipping lecture (or worse, not passing), that's pretty much your life. Does the program have a counselor you can talk with?
  7. ruby_jane

    Mannequin Phobia

    So...when you go to practice the skills on a real person, is that going to creep you out? Because we practice on the mannequins so we don't mess up in real life. You don't have to interact (much) - but you'll need to figure a work-around to get you out of the skills lab and into real life. Good luck!
  8. ruby_jane

    Dealing with emergencies

    It's about practicing what you know. Maybe you haven't had a lot of opportunities to practice the process of running a code. There's nothing that stops you from learning your institution's process and running it in your head, right? Look for scenario training. Can you shadow the RRT one day? And realize that just because everyone else looks calm, that doesn't mean it's true. Hang in there!
  9. ruby_jane

    C'Mon Now!

    I love you. I'm under my desk, wheeze/giggling.
  10. ruby_jane

    Suicidal Thoughts in School

    I am glad that the counselor "stopped the line" to come to you. I am glad your background is in EMS and ER!!! You are preparing yourself for next time - because there will be a next time and we need a plan in place and consistency! GdBSN's Columbia screening tool is the one I was thinking of. Best of luck!
  11. ruby_jane

    Why two weeks?

    I am wondering if this is one of those sacred cow things that none of us question. Of course when RJ junior had the lice in the 2nd grade we got rid of a lot of stuffed animals she never wanted but refused to give up. They all just....disappeared during Licemageddon.
  12. ruby_jane

    Suicidal Thoughts in School

    Do you have a rapid assessment tool in the district to use? That question may be one to ask the head of counseling, just so counselors and nurses are using the same tool. If no: you want one - and googling rapid assessment suicide or mental health will land you a few good ones. It is my personal practice to assess for lethality and ability. "I feel like killing myself" is not by itself lethal. "I'm going to jump off the bridge onto the highway," "I have pills at home," "My dad has a rifle" are all examples where I'd never leave the kid alone, not for a minute. Not even if I had to summon the superintendent. Brief physical assessment - any cutting marks, evidence of past attempts? I'm only looking at what I can readily see. No taking off pants to look at thighs (someone else can do that). I call a parent every time and discuss assessments, observations, and referrals. If I believe the student is actively going to harm him/herself I will get district assistance to transport that student to the parent's place of choice- it's ridiculous for me to send a parent and kid to the ER if the kid is going to jump out of the car at a stoplight or some such. Do you have a resource officer to help with an involuntary placement? What's your local intake/inpatient place like? I look forward to hearing more about what some of our former MH nurses would add here.
  13. ruby_jane

    When do you call?

    Sweet baby Moses.....
  14. ruby_jane

    When do you call?

    We have both A and B strains here in the NTX, along with the virus that looks like the flu but is neither A nor B. PLUS a wicked stomach bug. When I went to the doc in the box on Sunday to treat what had become reactive airways (perhaps caused by a viral illness but almost certainly exacerbated by the drunk weather here in NTX) the nurse tried to swab me for flu. Lady...it's been five days. What does this tell us? I'm just telling everyone to wash their hands!!!!
  15. ruby_jane

    When do you call?

    We report weekly to the county. So the county already theoretically knows. It's a dual report- mine and the PEIMS clerk's actual body count. What does your policy say?